Kally Jo Surbeck!

Hey, everyone, I’d like to hand the floor over to my friend Kally Jo Surbeck!  Her high fantasy, romance, action adventure release: Whispered Promise, Book II Yadderwal Balance hits the shelves this week!   Check out www.Samhainpublishing.com or www.Amazon.com       Lord Fiontenhal Banaghal Gellert, the thirteenth Marquis De LaRounge, heir to Numarea helped save Yadderwal proper, but can he save the world for one woman?     Lord Fiontenhal Banaghal Gellert, the thirteenth Marquis De LaRounge, heir to Numarea is a gifted alchemist who has just helped save the planet.  Tannah ust Nairn, merchant’s daughter, mercenary who is held captive by the vile soul… Read more »

!Happy Halloween!

Hey, goils, I’m over at Murder She Writes today! Actually, hubby is, he wrote a sceery, sceery poem. But, stand by, I have a guest today and as soon as I can get my act together, I’ll be posting her blog Ciao for now, and have a ghoulishly devine day!    K*… Read more »


Officially releases Tuesday!  And the reviewers love Kim and Ricco’s story!!!     Here’s what they have to say:   Fresh Fiction:  “I loved the story of Kim and her “boy toy.” She and her hotty hunk bring some real spice and descriptive sex to keep you wide-awake and waiting for more. This read will definitely whet your sexual appetite and put you in a warm and fuzzy mood. For a woman named “Woman of Steel” by Forbes magazine, Kim’s hotter than a pistol when her libido is turned on. A must read!” cata.com: “Stories by Karin Tabke draw the reader into every… Read more »

Still Recovering

My house is quiet.  The kids are off on their honeymoon and having the time of their life, the guests are gone, and hubby and I have jumped back into our lives, and though we are busy and all is right with our world, we, along with my in-laws have been moping around.   I guess because we have been so busy planning the wedding and all that goes with it for so long now that it’s over we feel like the wind has been taken from our sails.  And it isn’t like I don’t have enough to do!  I’m working… Read more »

It’s Official!!!

My daughter is married and I have a great son-in-law!!!  Right now my brother is making Bloody Mary’s, my next to be son-in-law is cooking a killer breakfast and I’m just kicking back.  Everyone is relaxed and laughing.  Sigh.  My house has been bursting at the seams this past week and I love the chaos of it all.  After the wedding last night, a bunch of the kids came back here, then good friends came by and family.  My living room is full of gifts, flowers and wedding stuff.  The cats are enjoying the hell out of their new wonderland.… Read more »
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