Six Days and Counting!

October 13, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 18 comments



Until W day!  And this week is going to be crazy busy. Monday and Tuesday I have to slam jam write.  And do it on the stiffest damn keyboard in the world! I hate hubby’s PC!!  Wednesday day is the spa, hair and nail day. Wednesday night all of the girls are coming over to do favors and we’re going to tackle the seating assignments.  Argh! Thursday all of our out of town guests will be arriving.  We have folks staying in every available bedroom on both sides of the family.  Thursday afternoon all of the guys have go try on their tux’s. We goils pick up our gowns. Friday I take everything I need to over to the country club for the reception (cake topper, votives, candles, cake cutter, bride and groom champagne glasses, guest book, some portraits, favors, envelope box, yanno that kind of stuff). Friday night we have the rehearsal at the church, big dinner following (no I am not cooking for 32! people) then the guys are getting kicked out and going to the local hotel and the goils are gonna be here.  The next morning the stylist comes bright and early and does all of the wedding party, and the MOB!  The guys will be over at the grandparents suiting up, then to the church we go!  I really cannot wait for them to be married.  They cannot wait to be married.  


Sunday we’re going to have an intimate champagne brunch for just a few family members and watch the kids open their gifts.  Monday morning we drop my bro’ off at one airport then the kids off at another.  I suspect Monday night I will crash and burn.  Oh, but wait!  I have a book to finish and the kids have an offer in on a house and if it’s accepted guess who will be lining up and supervising the inspections?  Oh, mom and dad coz the kids will be drinking lave flows on the beach!


Mi vida loca.

Okay, so the laptop is still dead.  My computer dude did not come over Friday as I had hoped, and even had he and extracted my hard drive, I don’t have time to go look for another computer until after the wedding!  But I do have a prezzie I’d like to share:  A bound galley of MASTER OF TORMENT!  


So, the question posed for the week is, what has been the craziest time to date in your life? I can’t promise I’ll be by much to chit chat, but this time next week I’ll randomly select one lucky commenter and send you a bound galley of TORMENT!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that story!


Ciao for now, and wish me luck pulling this wedding off! 








  1. virna

    I know, deep down, you are enjoying this crazy time, Karin! 🙂 Family, make-over, alcohol, etc –woo-hoo!! Okay, the craziest time for me was when I’d just started law school and moved out of my parent’s house–it was like suddenly this whole new world had opened up and I could be the real me and date anyone I wanted–and yet the VERY first day I met the guy I’d later marry.

  2. Margaret

    I totally agree with Virna, Karin! You thrive on pressure! And, of course, you will handle it with class.
    Craziest time of my life? Hmm . . . I’m pretty freakin’ laid back and organized that I don’t think I have any freak out memories, but that could be the dementia setting in. 🙂
    How about when I took a week off to work on wedding stuff and I had a cervical disk rupture when I was washing my hair. Would that count? Oh, yeah, and then there was the tornado the night before the wedding, but that doesn’t really count since only the electricity went out. . .

  3. Edie

    Virna and Margaret nailed you, Karin! You’ll have a blast and get your ms. in on time too. Barely on time, but you’ll still do it.

    My crazy time is sad. I was working and my mother broke both hips (not at the same time) and was diagnosed with Alzheimers, and my sister was dying of cancer. That was about a one year peoriod. I like your crazy time much better.

  4. Mary

    Well Kars, I was really hoping a miracle would happen and I would be able to join in on the frantic time at your place. But alas – nothing. Oh well have to take the kid to the oral surg. on friday for wisdom tooth extraction – boy won’t that be fun LOL.

    My most hectic time was the birth of my second child. Had the brand new birthing suite with a beautiful gold cradle for the baby, couches, TV, etc. Everything was going swimingly, then it happened!! Total mass chaos – the cord had wrapped around her throat and she was sufficating – woooshh then I was off (scene out of a medical drama) the doctor was up on the bed with me, trying to relieve the pressure of the cord – his hand was all the way up inside me (ewww) – my poor hubby looked like a deer in the head lights as he was instructed to dress in the white scrubs and was taken in to watch as they performed an emergency c-section. Luckily, everything worked out fine and we had a beautiful baby girl to take home with us.

    Love ya and tell daughter #2 that her auntie wishes her all the best on her special day.


  5. Lee

    I’ve been through this with two of my kids, and it is so memorable and totally crazy insane. As happy as I was to see them get married, I was happy when the whole wedding thing was over. Especially son’s, with over 400 people in attendance. I’m always in amazed how everything just falls into place. The day will be perfect. And you will crash and burn sometime afterwards.
    Can’t wait to see the pics!!!!!

  6. Amie

    I know it’s really crazy right now but take a minute or two to just ENJOY! 😀

  7. Amanda

    My crazy time was when daughter came to us, told us she was pregnant and they wanted to get married in eight weeks so she could wear her dress without a baby bump!!! So it was insane for eight weeks of hiring people, organizing stuff, sending invitations, fixing backyard, getting wedding clothes for everyone, all in just eight weeks. Eek!!

  8. Jane

    The craziest time was when I had decided to quit my job without having another one lined up. I was trying to finish up my projects at the current job and trying to look for a new on at the same time. It was a very stressful time, but it was the right decision for me at that time.

  9. Brit?Judi

    I had a bad time like Edie that went on for over two years. And during that time I did cross country moves three times. Once because the realestate person didn’t tell us the deal fell through until after we’d packed up the entire household. We had to weigh if we should unpack or go ahead and do the AZ to Ohio trek. We chose the trek. Then may daughter got cancer and we moved back, leaving much of the stuff in house I’d bought in Ohio. After her treatment, we came back. Two years of insanity.

  10. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, sending great vibes your way! Can’t wait to hear all the details too. Sorry about your puter too. Had that little experience last year, and about passed out.

    My crazy year was the one we relocated, became grandparents for the first time, started a business, and celebrated our youngest’s engagement. Phew, what a year that was! Later I read an article that listed each of those as major life changes. Guess my ticker is good! LOL

  11. Liz Kreger

    Best of luck to you and the kids, Karin. Sounds wild and crazy, but I’ll wager you’re enjoying it. This is soooo up your alley.

    Crazy time? I’m trying remember of time in the last 13 years when thing wasn’t a crazy rollercoaster ride. LOL. I think the craziest was when we went to China to pick up our little darlin’. The caregiver got off the elevator, handed her to us and PRESTO, we were instant parents. I was never so scared in my life.

  12. Amy S.

    These last couple of months have been very hectic.

  13. Caffey

    Oh you have been so busy Karin! Its been nuts on this side too!

    Oh the date with my hubby where when he was dating me and took me to a horror movie, that I so don’t like to watch! I mean it was like my third date with him ( I even fell asleep to the first movie he took me to. I don’t know why he took me out again, LOL). So with this one, I just kept covering my eyes. It was the movie POLTERGEIST and they had things warping in the movie. After the movie, he took me to a pizza place and I was reading my menu and still terrified from the movie and he tapped my menu. I looked up and he had bent (warped) a fork, and I screamed out loud in the restaurant. Gosh it was so embarrassing.

    But he married me anyways!

  14. Karin

    You ladies put my craziness to shame!

    4 days and counting and it looks like my hard drive is toast. I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

  15. Cele

    Enjoy the nuptual and the cake, oh for the cake… and champagne… heavy sigh.

    Most frantic, hectic, nerve racking time in my life…beyond 10 and a half months of pregnacy and 36 hours of labor….

    Floods of 1996 I had to work a 17 hour shift on air. At first it’s frantic trying to get out all of the information, listening to people tell their horror stories over the air, having people bitch you out because you slipped on air and said you’d pray for them. Beginning to say everything by rote and pass it along in a manor that speak Steppford wife. The two highlights.

    1) Signing off at 11pm and promising that I’d be back on at 3am for those people out there (without power and news-but lots of water) in the dark listening to my voice. Showing up 17 minutes late to the station to the phone ringing off the hook, because people had heard my promise and were worried about me… me who was safe and dry in my studio. God bless them.

    2) During day two of the flooding and telling people endlessly to not drive under the train tressle on Hwy 126 at high tide, the Lt of the Oregon State Police called to ask me say it one more time, they just pulled two drowned, stalled cars out from under the train tressle, to tell people to not drive under the tressle. I opened the mic and in a very frustrated voice said, “You guys are not listening to me, DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE TRAIN TRESSLE.” Lt called back to say not another car even came close the the water after that.

    I love that story, it’s the day I made a difference. ha ha.

  16. Fedora

    Just wanted to say that I hope you and your family are enjoying the madness 😉 My kids are years from this stage, so I’ve got all sorts of other insanity to survive in the intervening years (assuming I manage to avoid killing them myself in the meantime ;))

    As for me, the craziest time I’ve probably had to endure recently has been doing a read-through of a print galley as a favor for a friend. She needed it yesterday and her last person hadn’t done a very good job… of course, I didn’t have the time or concentration to focus on it except for after the kids were in bed. So it took nearly a week of juggling the usual day-time stuff (school, homework, cleaning, food, laundry…) with painfully long nights on the computer with a dictionary and style manuals on hand. Aack… I was so bleary eyed and horribly cranky, it wasn’t funny! The experience told me I wasn’t quite ready to get back into the working thing full blast… eeek!

    So sorry to hear about your computer! Hope you get good news about it soon!

  17. Pearl

    I have crazy times all the time, my life is one crazy ride but the worst was when I was about 22/23. My dad has just passed away, I was working days and nights to put myself through the last year of university, I was trying to get my driving license. Sometimes I really literally didn’t know what day it would be and if it was morning or evening.
    I would go to college, after that go to a driving lesson and from there straight to the night job and roll into bed at 8 AM only to be expected at college at 2 PM….

    Things slowed down when I got my driving license and stopped working the nights. But the craziness has always been a constant in my life after that…

  18. coppins

    It begins as soon as you announce your pregnancy: the unsolicited comments from family members and friends — even strangers — about everything from what you should be eating to which hospital has the best delivery rooms. Here’s how to say “mind your own business” nicely.

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