First Line Contest Update!

But a few other updates first:  MASTER OF TORMENT and HAVE YOURSELF A NAUGHTY LITTLE SANTA are still at bookstores everywhere.  Didn’t read the reviews? Scroll down to Save an Author Buy a Book and take a gander!  Then go buy!  J  Buffie, one of our regulars here at The Write Life and who also happens to review for just posted a review of TORMENT, go on over and check out the site, lot’s of really good stuff.  This is a place you’ll want to add to daily blog tour! Okay so here are some things to consider with… Read more »

Save an Author, Buy a Book!

MASTER OF TORMENT releases today!!!!! Here what the reviewers are saying!! “Karin Tabke creates a dark but oh so compelling ambiance in MASTER OF TORMENT. It was refreshing to see an author not gloss over some of the issues of that time period and yet still write a tale of hope. Karin Tabke shows the strength of character and personality exhibited by women in the medieval times. She doesn’t make Tarian a hapless victim of circumstances but neither does she ignore the worldview surrounding her. Instead, Karin Tabke provides a picture of a strong woman in a very trying time.… Read more »

Did I Ever Mention Who Stefan

hunky knight in MASTER OF CRAVING resembles? Here ya go! Be still my heart, ladies, pop this headshot on hunky cover guy’s shoulders and is there anything else more, well, knightly?  I printed this and had it taped to my lap top while I wrote CRAVING.  Needless to say, I spent a lot of time writing… K* PS, keep checking back this week for updates on the First Line Contest!… Read more »
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