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Everyone say, a big hello to my dear, dear friend, Edie Ramer!!!!


Thanks to Karin for having me here today.  Most people don’t know Karin knocked into my head the most important element in fiction: Emotion, emotion, emotion!  When I started writing fiction, I read all the how-to articles and writing books.  Each book emphasized showing instead of telling.  I followed their directions.  If I couldn’t show it, I didn’t write it. 


This was years before Margie Lawson taught her Empowering Characters’ Emotions and Deep Edits classes.  At the time I was reading short stories, which fit into my crazy life style.  Short stories have to be tight – all muscles and no flab – and I started writing and selling short stories that bulged with muscles.  Writing tight became ingrained in me, something I did naturally when I wrote. 


Then Karin and I became CPs.  At first we were tentative, tiptoeing around each other’s pages.  When I finally told Karin I thought her first scene should be cut (chapters later!), she said, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”  She insisted I tell her the truth, even when it hurt.  When she sent us her chapters, she’d say “Rip ’em up, ladies.”  I did.  In return, she ripped up mine too. 


On my pages, the comment she wrote most often was “How does he/she feel?”  A great question, but I didn’t get it.  I’d think, “Can’t people read this and realize how this person feels?” 


Now I know.  They can’t. 😯 Sometimes, yes, but not always.  And it’s vital to make the reader feel emotion.  As we read, we live vicariously through the characters.  We want to be so deep within them we feel the frightened hitch in their throat, their bodies heating with sexual need, tension fisting inside their stomach.  We want to be one with the characters.  We want to feel their passions, their pain, their triumphs, their sadness.


Now as I write my scenes, I hear Karin’s voice in my head, saying, “How does he/she feel?”


Karin, on the last scene I wrote, my hero is feeling determined and angry.  The heroine is scared.  As for me, I’m scared too. Also excited!  Thrilled!  Fabulous! 


Voting for the American Title V contest starts TODAY! 


For those who don’t know, Dorchester Publishing’s American Title V contest, given in conjunction with Romantic Times Magazine, is romance writers’ version of American Idol. The winner gets a publishing contract with Dorchester! 


The contest has 5 rounds, one round each month, with excerpts and voting instructions posted on the Romantic Times Magazine website.  This year there are 8 finalists.  From today to Nov. 23rd, you can vote for the first line you like best.  The entries should be up mid to late morning, which is when voting will begin.  Voting directions are on the page.


I hope you’ll vote for the book you like best.  Of course I hope that will be DEAD PEOPLE, but all of us entered the contest because publishing is our dream.  Vote and help someone’s dream come true.  Help someone feel fabulous!


What about you?  How are your characters feeling today?  And how are you feeling?  I hope you feel fabulous too. J


Edie Ramer


***Note from Karin:  Personally I love the American Title contest, it’s a great way to get read and drum up name recognition.  I’m inviting you all to ask Edie all about the process, and her journey since being notified she was a finalist.  She’s been a busy little bee ever since! 


***Another note from Karin: I have read DEAD PEOPLE; it’s funny, sexy, and so very unique that I can’t see why anyone would not vote for DEAD PEOPLE!!  Go vote! Now!  This minute.  What are you waiting for?  Goooooooooo!!!


  1. Michelle

    Having read Dead People, twice, I will most definitely be voting for it ;). So proud of you, Edie.

  2. Edie

    Big SMOOCHES, Karin, for your support. This means a lot to me! And right now I’m feeling a ton of emotion. All good! 😀

  3. Edie

    Aw, Michelle, thank you. You, Liz and Karin are a big part of why DEAD PEOPLE finalled. I love all of you!

  4. Melanie Atkins

    Great blog, Edie!! I had to learn to write emotion, too. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, but boy, now I’m so glad my CPs pushed me on it! Great CPs are hard to come by. : )

    Good luck in the contest. I’m heading over to vote now. Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. Donnell

    Edie, I loved your interview with your protagonist; if the book is anything like her, you are well on your way. Your post resonated with me; I’m taking a sexual tension class with Nicole North right now and it’s been an eye opener as well as a senses opener. Karin is right as always, it’s about feeling and the senses. And, my dear, it looks like you got it right! Well done.

  6. Edie

    Melanie, thanks! I love my CPs! Karin no longer crits with us, but once in a while I get a peek at what she’s working on. 🙂

    The excerpts still aren’t up at the RT site. I keep checking!

  7. Edie

    Donnell, you really lift my spirits. It was fun writing the interview.

    I saw that class but knew I’d be too busy to take it right now. Next time.

  8. Edie

    Thanks, LaD! I feel cheerier just reading your comment!

  9. Margaret

    I voted, Edie! And the judges say things to generate the crowd’s emotions. Remember, negative publicity isn’t always bad. 🙂

  10. Edie

    Thanks, Margaret! I’m already feeling better. Despite what the judges say, I love my first line.

  11. Donna Kowalczyk

    Edie, you of course have my vote! I look forward to reading DEAD PEOPLE once it’s been published! Best of luck with the contest, you are truly a sweetheart and I want this for you so much. 🙂

  12. Mai Christy Thao

    Excellent post, Edie! I sent in my vote. Wishing you the very best of luck in the contest!!

  13. HollyD

    Edie – Awesome first line! I just voted for you. Good luck and please keep us posted.

    Karin, you truly rock w/ helping others.

  14. Edie

    Donna, I can’t wait to be signing at a WisRWA conference soon! Thanks for your support!

  15. Edie

    Mai, you’ve been such a huge help to me through all this. Thanks!

  16. LaDonna

    Edie, I’m so excited about your contest final! I’ll be voting today, and most definitely cheering you on!

    And I love writing emotion, all of it! You’ve gotten some fabulous advice from some smart writers. Thanks for sharing today! 🙂 A big hug your way too!

    (Hey, Karin!)

  17. Edie

    Holly, thank you for the “awesome”! I’ll definitely keep you all posted.

    And Karin definitely deserved the “Pro mentor of the year” award. She’s always there for me.

  18. Karin Tabke

    I voted for DEAD PEOPLE, Edie, hubby and the kids will be as well!

  19. Edie

    The entries are on RT now. Two of the judges hated my first line, which is a verse from a song. 🙁

  20. Edie

    Thanks, Karin! You are an awesome friend.

  21. J. Carson Black

    What an interesting and unusual beginning, Edie. It charmed me!

    I voted for DEAD PEOPLE, of course.

  22. Mary

    another vote for Dead People – I loved your first line, of course I am a suspense/horror junkie so that may be why. But anyhoo best of luck!

  23. Edie

    Jake, thank you! That’s a lovely compliment.

  24. Edie

    Mary, I would never have guessed. You’re always so sweet. 😈

  25. Mary

    blogs can be deceiving MUHAAAAAAAA

  26. Amanda

    Edie, I went and voted. Great first line.

  27. Cynthia Eden

    I LOVE the idea for DEAD PEOPLE! Love it! And I voted, too! Good luck, Edie!

  28. Edie

    Mary, it’s true. Some of the nicest and funniest people I know write dark urban fiction. 😯

  29. Edie

    Amanda, thank you so much!

  30. Edie

    Cindy, thanks! We have a skeleton about 2 1/2 feet tall that we hang outside for Halloween. When I sell Dead People, I’m going to bring the skeleton to book signings. 😆

  31. Mary Marvella

    Good interview. You came through like a pro! I voted, too.

  32. Edie

    Mary, thanks! You’re fabulous!

  33. Edie

    Eli, thanks! I’m looking forward to your book coming out soon and your guest blog at Magical. It’s coming soon!

  34. Liz Kreger

    Great blog. I’m pullin’ for ya, Edie. Having read “Dead People” I can faithfully say its a winner!!!

  35. Edie

    SMOOCH! Thanks, Liz!


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