In a Funk

November 12, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 16 comments

I think it’s hormones.  Hate when it’s hormones.  Hormones mess with stuff that doesn’t need to be messed with. 


I think it might be this economy and the fact that I have two fabulous books releasing smack dab in the middle of a crisis and there is nothing I can do about it.  Maybe I’ll put on my writer sweats and fuzzy slippers and icky green shirt my son hates and sit on a busy corner with a PLEASE BUY MY BOOK sign.  Maybe not.  It’s depressing when something you have worked so hard on gets caught up in a storm you just have to ride out.


I think it might be MASTER OF CRAVING is taking me longer than I expected and I’m at the, “This pile of pooh sucks big time,” phase. I’ll get over it but it’s not fun while it lasts.


The one bright spot is I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and beyond.  Despite all of this craziness around us, I’m going to enjoy the holidays.  I’m looking forward to the First Line Contest, which will launch in a couple of weeks.  The bright spot for me today is, I’m over at Title Magic, ready and willing to chat up a storm!  C’mon over and say hello!


In the meantime, my funk may be gone by the time y’all read this.  Or maybe not. 


What do you do to get out of a funk?



Funky K*


  1. Edie

    Karin, I try to think of the good things in my life. Sometimes I just go one until the pendulum goes the other way. I have friends who are going through a lot of big stuff right now, and the way they handle it with smiles on their faces makes me think I should handle my little stuff in a more positive way.

    Good luck shaking the funk. I’m sending happy vibes your way.

  2. Karin

    Edie, the second I read your third sentence I felt a huge wave of woe-is-me-no-more! rush through me. You are right!

    Amanda, the Tabke household coffers are still suffering from the catastrophic hit by Hurricane Wedding Day.

    I think though when I venture out this weekend I may do a wee bit ‘o shopping…

  3. Edie

    🙂 Glad I helped. I wondered if you were going through the ‘after the wedding’ blues.

  4. Mary

    I am on the same wave as Edie. I get terribly depressed sometimes and have the “woe is me’s” going on. Then I take a minute to think about all the people in the world that don’t even have food, warm clothing or a roof to put over their childs head and it stops me in my tracks and it’s like WTF are you boohooing about. How lucky am I that I have all these things and a wonderful family too.

    Hang in there sweetie you will conquer!!!!!!!

  5. Amanda

    Unfortunately, I spend money when I’m in a funk. But, fortunately, I have cheap tastes. I can cheer myself up with a good book, a new sweater, or a nice lunch out with a friend.

  6. Karin Tabke

    Edie those after wedding bell blues are long gone. Now it’s slow sales blues! But I’m feeling better.

    Mary, I’ve done the same thing today, thinking of those less fortunate then myself, and boy do I feel like a heel!

  7. Mary

    well gosh I did not want you to feel worse LOL have a good one

  8. B.E. Sanderson

    If it’s hormones, chocolate works for me. Lots and lots of chocolate. Brownies work best… covered in ice cream and hot fudge… but I digress. ;o)

    If it’s slow sales, remind everyone that if they skip lunch for one day, they can afford one book (or more, depending on how much lunch is). One of your books is certainly worth more than eating lunch (and often leads to forgetting to eat at all). Or they could think in terms of tuna instead of hamburgers. In no time, they’ll have made up the book money.

    For everything else, I recommend a nice warm bath and a glass of wine. Oh, and a :hug:

  9. Cele

    It would have been nice to get a picture of your book pan handling get up and sign.

    When I’m in a funk I cry on Natalie’s shoulder. Hmmm, maybe that is why she’s never on IM anymore. I use to buy myself a bottle of nail polish, now I don’t know what I do, I’ll have to pay attention.

  10. Jane

    Junk food works wonders. I also like to watch Comedy Central of TV Land. Laughter really helps.

  11. Edie

    I just went to Poppy’s puppy cam! I could get hooked on that.

  12. Amanda

    Ohhh, puppies! I love puppies. They are soooo cute.

  13. Cele

    So I go to watch Poppy’s puppy cam, get side tracked and forget to turn it off. In the middle of the evening this horrendous screeching noise comes from my sun room. Apparently the puppy with the red collar pounched on the puppies with the yellow and light blue collars. Well let me tell you, my bassette and I need a moment to let our hearts quit racing.

  14. Karin

    Those pups are too damn cute!

    Thnx, POppy!

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