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Busy weekend!  Today I met a great group of readers and hung out with them for the afternoon at a local Borders, I did not want to go home, but alas the family kept calling.  Actually, I really didn’t want to go home, I, um, kinda sorta scraped up the hubster’s Escalade.  It’s a good thing he loves me, but boy was he pissed when he saw what I did.  It was an accident!  Of course, now the kids have something on me and have been making fun of me all night, but well, I screwed up.  I’m taking it. Sigh.


Still working on CRAVING.  The plot keeps thickening, which is good but I have so much to go back and rewrite to catch up, I feel like I’ll never finish, and my time is up. I’ll be burning the midnight oil again tonight.  I’m right there, almost to The End, but more stuff keeps happening!


I have a lot of stuff that’s in my pending file that I just have to keep there until this book is done, so bear with me.  I have books to mail, emails to respond to, and signings to organize, but I can’t do any of that until CRAVING is written. 


What’s on your plate for the week?






  1. Edie

    Karin, hugs on the scrape. Hate it when that happens. Why are we so much less upset about things like that than our husbands?

    I’m guest blogging 3 places this week, and have to do more ATV promo this week. I need to drop off flyers at all the area libraries. So far I’ve only done mine. I’m so pathetic about this stuff. Otherwise I’m going to squeeze in at least an hour a day writing. I’m determined!

  2. Brandy W

    Morning…I don’t have anything as pressing as you, but I have 2 school Thanksgiving lunches to go to, girls scouts, cub scouts and 1 hubby to get off to his Mommy’s for Turkey day and a nice visit. The kids and I are staying here.

  3. Mary

    wow guess hubby’s gonna have to give you a good spankin, which I am sure he would have no objections too LOL.

  4. Buffie

    Oh Karin, so sorry about the accident. Don’t ya just hate when that happens. I can remember scrapping up the side of the hubby’s car a couple of years ago. I thought he would scream and yell, but he just shook his head and smiled at me. Sweetie, he is!!

    Now on to the book. Girl, just superglue your a$$ to that chair and do it!! LOL!!! You’ll get through it and it will be brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you!

    As for me and my schedule this week. Busy as usually. Need to work 3 days in the office & get 20 hours of work in at home. Kids have scouts & community service projects this week. I have two books I need to read for reviews (Torment is one of them!) and a myriad of other things to do. Never stops at my house!

  5. HollyD

    As long as you’re not hurt, and noone else than that’s all that matters. I’ve made that very clear to my hubby over the years.

    Two years ago I met my new neighbors across the street, the day they were moving in, by backing into their daughter-in-law’s car. They have become practically family.

    You have a wonderful talent and I have no doubt you’ll nail it. Just like always.

    Oh, and on the 5th of December hubby has to have surgery on his collar bone again. He needs a new metal plate, screws, and a bunch of other junk. If everyone could please keep him in your thoughts or prayers.

  6. Buffie

    Holly, I will definitely remember you and your hubby on 12/5. Hope all goes well!

  7. Karin Tabke

    Thanks, Edie, I hate when that happens too. It made me sick to my stomach. Good going on the guest blogs! It’s a great way to meet new friends and get the word out.

    Brandy, I’m staying put this Thanksgiving too. This is the year we have a more intimate Thanksgiving dinner, and I prefer it that way. The kids will be here, along with a couple of their friends. Low key. We might even break out some of the Christmas boxes.

    Mary, no spankin’. He was PISSED!

    Buffie my ass is super glued! I am not getting up until I type The End (except to pee and get more coffee).You sound bizz-ee!

    Holly, when we bought the truck, hubby had the dealer install a back up video camera so I wouldn’t bump into things, I guess now we need a forward and side feed. And Yikes on your hubby! I winced when I read it. Is this normal to put new hardware in or was there a problem? And will he always have it or will it eventually be removed? But I am sending prayers! lots and lots!

  8. Hubby

    I have a very busy week planned:

    Study 4-3 defense
    Call Oklahoma regarding camp
    Kill my wife for damaging Cadi
    Make hotel reservations for clinics
    Approve web site changes
    Bury wife’s body
    Make recruiting calls for college
    Prepare speech for clinic’s
    Report wife missing to police
    Make changes to this year’s camp brochure
    Deny knowledge of wife’s disappearance to police

    Yep, a very busy week ahead…

  9. HollyD

    Now Gary, if Karin disappears, we’ll come after you.

    The metal plate is permanent. Unfortunately, the screws in his are coming out. He’s only had this thing a couple of months. They are considering a bone graft and some medication that encourages bone growth.

  10. J. Carson Black

    I’m writing a drive-by shooting.

    I’m sure Hubby’s happy that only the Escalade was scraped up. Escalades may be good to drive, but how many women can write 11K?

    So far this week, I haven’t scraped up any automobile (that I know of). But forewarned is forearmed!

  11. Buffie

    LMAO at hubby’s response. Too funny!!!

  12. Lee

    This week is busy for me, but I can still manage to write. I have to get my house in order for Thanksgiving, the tribe comes to my house every year for it. My small business is keeping me busy, so I’ve got to take care of that, and write as much as I can in between…

  13. Mary

    Gary you are hysterical LMAO!!

    Looks like he has found his sense of humor about the “accident” could be time for that spankin? 🙂

  14. LaDonna

    Karin, hugs to you on the scrapes to hubby’s Escalade. Man, I feel for ya. This week my plate is looking pretty fine. Last week was too busy, but this one is a long road of writing. I’m getting into the groove again, and lovin’ every second. You inspire me, girl! 🙂

  15. Amanda

    this is a slow week for me. grandson has all-day autism clinic to attend on Thursday so we can decide he is not autistic enough for Special Ed. and can go to a regular class. This is going to be a ‘write as much as my hands will hold up for’ week.

  16. CoCoandZoeakatheGirls

    Has anyone here seen our mommy, Karin? She seems to have disappeared. Every time we ask daddy, who has dirt all over him, he laughs manically…

  17. Jane

    Good luck with the writing.

  18. Hubby

    Now I have to dig another hole…

  19. J. Carson Black

    11K, Gary! This woman is a gold mine! She’s a writing fool! She’s the golden goose, your ticket out of there (whatever “there” is!)

    Go back out there and dig her up. I’ll bet she’s still kicking. 😉

  20. Poppy

    Oh, sympathies, Karin! The very first day my husband owned his new GTO, I backed my car’s left side into his right. The new car was wider and our garage was a very tight fit. Thankfully, he just sighed.

  21. Cele

    So new landscaping at the Tabke’s.

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