Game On!

December 8, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 156 comments

The first 100 legit first lines that post will make it to the judge!  I’ll probably let it go well past the 100 mark but understand that doesn’t mean you made it. I may not get them disseminated and posted until later this week (I’m on a very tight deadline to get my revisions in to my editor Friday morning and that takes precedence).
Also there is one huge change this year:  Once you post your line that’s it. No tweaking then going back and resubmitting before the deadline.  It became too confusing for me last year.  Once you hit submit that is the line you live with.
Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Mai Christy Thao

    48 seems to be the lucky number for comment. Nearly everyone saw 48 comments after the server crashed and came back on, lol.

  2. Vonda Sinclair

    Fantastic lines! Thanks for this wonderful contest, Karin! And good luck to everyone!

  3. Lynn Raye Harris

    Wow, there are some GREAT lines here!!!! I came over this morning, wanting to see what had been posted, and I’m blown away by some of these (recognize a couple, too). Good luck, everyone. I look forward to reading the new lines every week. 🙂

  4. Bonnie Dee

    Wah! Why do I find out about these things too late? Here’s my line anyway.

    Although the steamer cut steadily through the waves, it seemed it wasn’t moving at all””as though Huiann would spend the rest of her life standing on this deck, waiting for her new life to begin.

  5. Robyn Wren

    I was actually surprised I made it in time with mine

  6. Nina Pierce

    I wasn’t home last night, so I couldn’t join in the insani… er umm … fun. 😉 There are some awesome first lines. Good luck to everyone. Hope you have some fingernails left by the end of it! I know I didn’t the couple times I’ve done it. Karin, you’re awesome for hosting this contest.

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