Something to By the Time Between Now and 7 p.m.!

December 8, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 17 comments

Written by: Hubby

The First Line Contest is at it’s best,
A chance to earn an editor’s request,
Emotions so high they must repress,
For soon they will all certainly obsess.
For while there is excitement abound,
Too many begin to bark like the hound,
Chasing their tails, round and round,
Answers in the directions, so easily found.
The clock keeps ticking and the hour near,
And these novices begin to fret and fear,
Hoping their words will soon endear,
Though none are close to being Shakespeare.
Yelling at family and friends at hand,
No time to cook dinner they command,
Horizon’s in writing they try to expand,
A destination in publisher’s dreamland.
Oh the torture that soon will consume,
The hours between the bright and the gloom,
Those who will fall to the dark of the tomb,
And those who’s writing continues to bloom.
Many will cry and surely protest,
That their submission was the best,
But only the few will continue the quest,
To try and win the First Line Contest!


  1. HollyD

    Gary – Awesome as always.

  2. Tiffany G Lawson

    well . . . hot diggity! Thank you Hubby for entertaining all of us!!

  3. trashyknits

    What a gift for verse 🙂

  4. Donna


    Thanks for the poetry, or was that a sonnet? I don’t know the difference.

    You’re a hoot!

  5. Vivian Arend

    Very nice, only he forgot the part about having two computers lined up in case the laptop freezes…

  6. sarah

    That’s great! The line about not cooking dinner is what got me… I just rushed my girls through the bath, with lots of bribes, so that they could get in bed before the deadline!
    And Vivian… so totally with you.

  7. LaDonna

    Gary, you surely do write a terrific verse! Thanks for the coming attractions, before the party. 🙂

  8. HollyD

    I’m spending the next 17 minutes deciding between two wips.

    Two of the kids are in bed and the other three don’t go bed until 11:00 eastern time.

  9. Marilyn

    How neat! I just finished NaNoWriMo and my DH was a gem. He fended for himself all month and even suggested I maintain the breakneck writing pace to finish the book.

  10. Mai Christy Thao

    Love it! Karin, you lucky girl. You should clone the DH. 🙂

  11. KyAnn

    I’m excited and just doing a test. 🙂 thanks for the opportunity Karin


  12. Dianne Gibbens

    Mardi Gras was in full celebration in New Orleans, but Alexander Xavier Montclair, one of the most eligible bachelors in the Queen City social circles, and by far the most handsome, found himself in very cold, very wintery, Charleston on a business trip.

  13. Dianne Gibbens

    OOPS!!! Sorry……wrong slot!!!

  14. Dianne Gibbens

    Love the poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Edie

    The poem is perfect for Karin’s contest!

  16. Nina Pierce

    Hubby — you’re the best!

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