The 100 First Lines!

December 9, 2008 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

Congrats, ladies and gents!! Below are the 100 First Lines that made it into the contest.  They are, as I type, in the scrutinous hands of my first round judge.  She will cull 20 lines from these, the standing 80 will be posted some time next Monday.  The owners of those 80 lines have until midnight (Pacific time) Friday to add a second line.  Be sure to type your first line as well!  You must keep the same first line that got you here, no changing words.  Also, once you hit enter that is the line you live with.  No going back before the deadline and changing it.  Sorry, but it drove me crazy last year trying to keep track of which line you really wanted.  So no mas this year.

and heeeerrrrree are the lines!


1.He came to her in the deep of the night as he always did, a breath of sea-tinged mist along her skin, whisper-soft and damp like a lover’s lips.

2. The culinary Casanova was at it again.

3. Ziva’s tongue unrolled from her mouth, the forked end tasting, smelling the environment.

4. Even after he was dead, my father’s obsession with magic continued to color my life.

5. Thick clouds of steam puffed out of manhole covers and sewer grates, making it extra hard for Henry to see while driving in the dark.

6. Your sperm canister will be shipped…

7. “Did you just have an orgasm?”

8. “He’s not creepy.

9. RB: Okay, so the date today is August fourteenth, and right now the exact time is 1342 hours.

10. Yeah, I talk to animals.

11. “Okay, if everybody’s here, we’ll head on down to Betsy Ross’ house where she lived and worked when she–”

12. “You want me to do what?” Ainsley asked, nearly choking on her tea at her mother’s announcement.

13. I wish alcohol didn’t exist.

14. The mansion loomed eerily through the swirling mist, a sinister shadow against the backdrop of a storm darkened sky.

15. It was going to be a dark and stormy night once Hurricane Lex stopped flirting with the coast and got his hands down Savannah’s pants.

16. Sin in stilettos hunted him.

17. The piercing pain in her chest grew worse, but she couldn’t stop running.

18. I squeezed the trigger, the noise of the gun deafening in the confined space of the elevator.

19. Kudzu ran rampant along the hillsides of the Ozarks as it stretched its leafy tendrils engulfing everything in its path, choking out the native plants.

20. Traveling through time hurts, at least for the broker.

21. His life consisted of death.

22. “That man would have taken you off my hands had you shown one iota of intelligence.”

23. Showing up to host a top-rated morning drive-time radio show nursing the mother of all hangovers Shepard Stein could handle, carrying on a coherent conversation with a husky voiced, sexy-as-hell sounding listener was going to cost him.

24. The man slouched on the edge of the bed, his fingers clutching the deadly syringe hidden in his jacket pocket.

25. Fate had painted a bull’s-eye on my back.

26. “We have a visual on the boat,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander Jake Carver reported.

27. Seven lockers down, my boyfriend was making out with Cheryl, the way-too-perky head cheerleader.

28. Sometimes even a bounty hunter needed a night off, especially one on the hunt for a wayward Gypsy prince.

29. There was no smashing of vases or maniacal yelling.

30. Blood dripped down the courthouse steps.

31. Nadia Reynolds’ cheatin’ SOB of a husband had dumped her for a twenty-something with plastic tits, telling Nadia he didn’t find her attractive any longer.

32. The last servant brought tea that morning arranged on a lacquered tray before fleeing.

33. Sitting in a graffiti-smeared cell on a Sunday afternoon wasn’t what Molly Hicks would call a good way to end a weekend.

34. Dominique woke to the souls of her Carib ancestors demanding payment in food.

35. It was the best day of Phyrne’s life, even before landing on earth five days ago.

36. Silence in the idling Cadillac grew as stale as the gunpowder in the air.

37. It was feeding time and humans were the only thing on the menu.

38. Looking back, my mid-life crisis began on a Tuesday in March, right there on aisle twelve of the local supermarket between the laxatives and the condoms.

39. Megan Trent jerked out of a deep sleep at the sound of her clock radio turning on and off by itself in a rapid beat of white noise and eerie silence.

40. Blind dates were the work of the devil, and Presley Gordon’s best friend was the devil’s apprentice.

41. She was going to die.

42. “King James wishes Lady Angelique brought to him forthwith,” a muffled male voice said outside the closed door.

43. I wobbled into my apartment, legs wide, as if I’d spent the last seven hours on a horse.

44. How could her friend bring her to such a barbaric event?

45. Jill tried to stand straighter, though the handcuffs bit into her wrists.

46. The best thing about being an heiress – the low expectations.

47. Only a few cars remained outside “The Hood,” the Sacramento dance club Bryn Donovon and her best friend Christine Lucas had decided to try out along with a bunch of other college kids.

48. Ephraim MacNeill would kill anyone who stood in his way.

49. It may sound odd, but sometimes moments in life seem to have a distinct smell.

50. Jackson Taylor’s toes clenched as he came abruptly awake, the left side of his body shivering.

51. “Hey, Sexy! Want to get naked with me?”

52. “Zeus has summoned you.”

53. “What do you mean I’m not on your list?”

54. It came to Nick Holloway, gradually, that he was lying on cold, hard concrete.

55. Her limp hands distended toward the small waves and then she went under.

56. Ghostly images floated before her eyes as the light over Sandie’s head flared and went out.

57. Darkness did not fall gently this day.

58. Lacey knew the moment she opened her eyes that something was wrong.

59. He brought four items to their first date: a spray of orange roses, because he knew they were her favorite flower; a duffle bag containing a change of clothing; three condoms to capture any stray DNA; and a freshly sharpened hunting knife.

60. That’s where the body is.

61. The warmth of the desert vanished under a shroud of bone-chilling twilight.

62. The man holding the gun to her head didn’t know what she was capable of.

63. Christine’s night took an unexpected turn.

64. A thousand years of unrest shall pass, while evil lurks and those on the outside must live without refuge.

65. Cold trembling fingers reached out to trace the letters engraved on the headstone, the chilly marble slab the only tangible link to the family Jolene still missed.

66. “Who—What—oh God!” Susan shouted, bolting up in bed.

67. Grace Carlton cocked the rifle and lodged it against her shoulder.

68. Even two hundred yards away in near-whiteout conditions, Locklen Roane saw the red Accord careening too fast down Highway 145.

69. “They have a two-hundred thirty year head start and I thought I could find them?”

70. “I suppose there’s no turning back now,” Lady Emma Caulfield whispered.

71. There was not much that could shock Nathan Ryder, the current Earl of Kingston, or so he had always thought.

72. She expected the ragged skeletons that thundered through the orchard on their will o’ the wisp chargers, expected the slow parade of pale eyed ladies with their gossamer hair and butterfly wings, expected even the raven with the broken tail feather that flew among them, darting and swooping through their insubstantial forms to send them whisking skyward like so much smoke, but the heavy hand on her shoulder, the warm breath tickling her ear and the soft, masculine voice whispering “Jane” – these were the trappings of nightmares, the first indication that her life was about to change for the worse.

73. The only super natural thing in this salt-water town is the crazy lady on Center Street who claims she can predict the future.

74. You knew Maudie Cooper was really dead when you read her funeral invite listed in the Boggy Bayou Chronicle, “The oldest family run newspaper in Louisiana,” or so they say.

75. I hissed when I saw it, my gut coiling, hide crawling in alarm.

76. The young prince was going to die.

77. If she’d been a bad girl when she had the chance, she probably wouldn’t be dying right now.

78. “I am the Keeper of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell.”

79. I expected to be jittery, that was only natural under the circumstances, what I didn’t expect was to freak out in front of thousands of TV viewers.

80. The hate mail started Monday morning.

81. Guilty or not, Leonardo faced a death sentence.

82. A lone figure stood in the shadows of an abandoned warehouse, watching.

83. A large eye gawked at Mae Simon.

84. I had boarded the boat for Hades.

85. My name is Isadora Macleod and I am haunted.

86. “He’s dying.”

87. Mardi Gras was in full celebration in New Orleans, but Alexander Xavier Montclair, one of the most eligible bachelors in the Queen City social circles, and by far the most handsome, found himself in very cold, very wintery, Charleston on a business trip.

88. A hand–oh God, she hoped it was a hand–gripped her ankle like a vise and tugged.

89. “Oh, hell,” Brit Roberts snapped when the ringing phone on her kitchen wall stopped her in her tracks at seven AM.


90. The fair crowd trickled in, trapping the Alabama mug between tightly pressed bodies, and Liberty Belle Tipton figured a whisper of air would have to fight for freedom.

91. “What do you mean, ‘You can’t be alone with me?'”

92. I will not bore you with the myriad details of precisely how my situation came to pass, and the various indignities of my day-to-day-existence.

93. “Have you ever had sex in an elevator?”

94. So very close, Nate Benson thought to himself, trying hard to keep his mind on the purchase contract he was proofing.

95. The blood on her hands trickled down between shaky fingers.

96. A political fundraiser was the last place to find Benicio Alvarez, so why was her ex in attendance?

97. “Even Jane Eyre found her Mr. Rochester.”

98. Daisy wasn’t real.

99. They had been in the interrogation room for twelve hours straight.

100. The Lord of Harmeswood was a madman and a murderer, and Alexandrina Whitsett was headed straight for his house.

Good luck!!!



  1. Missy

    Next Monday – ARRRRGH, no just teasin can’t wait to see who makes it. Again, thank you for all you are doing to help those of us just getting our feet wet.

  2. Donna

    While reading some of the entrants first lines, I thought that if you deleted proper names, you could almost write a conhesive story, or at least an amusing one.

    And no, I’m not taking on that task!

    Thanks so much Karin for doing this for us.

  3. Sandie

    Monday seems sooooo far away at the moment. LOL. Thanks Karin for thaking the time to run this comp again.

  4. HollyD

    Karin – As always, thank you so much for doing this. Good luck w/ your deadline.

  5. Robyn Wren

    Can’t wait till next monday. Was a blast putting it up.

  6. bria

    Karin – this is wonderful! Thanks so much for doing it.

  7. sarah

    I’ll add my thanks, Karin — for all your time and effort! Very exciting.

  8. Marion Gillespie

    Thank you, Karen. This is soooo exciting once again.

  9. Marion Gillespie

    Errr, I meant Karin.

  10. Amanda Murphy

    Karin, another great start to your contest. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  11. J. Carson Black

    Karin, thank you for this great contest. And a big thanks to the judge, too. She’s got her work cut out for her. So many really fantastic lines—it’s going to be tough.

  12. Karin

    Donna, you may not be taking on that task, but the hubster has had little extra time on his hands this week, so stand by everyone!

  13. Jennifer McKenzie

    Wow!!! I don’t envy the judges. Good luck everyone.

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