Can We Talk?

If you’ve noticed, I’ve kind of sorta been quiet, which for me is unusual. Some of it has been because I am just tired.  Tired of the last two years of endless deadlines.  Tired of promoting. Tired of worrying about book sales. Tired of years on different RWA boards. Tired of taking care of everyone, and just flat out tired. I’ve spent more time doing nothing and not wanting to do anything then ever in my life.  Yes, in a funk if you will, but I think, a much needed one.  I have subconsciously been regenerating my brain, my heart… Read more »

Round Seven!

Here we go!  You know the drill!     1. “Zeus has summoned you.” With a growl, Markus rolled over on the giant four poster bed and scowled at Octavious, who stood at the entrance to his chambers, arms crossed over his chest like the arrogant bastard he was. As usual, he wore a long blue velvet robe that trailed to the floor, and his white-blond hair fell straight to the middle of his waist, giving him the appearance of a serene and youthful Merlin. “You shouldn’t be here,” Markus snarled, closing his eyes again. “Zeus will have you by the throat… Read more »

Results Are Going To be Late

Sorry, folks, a long day.  I just checked my email to get my judge’s results, and she has been delayed by a family matter.  I’m going to find a back up judge in case this round’s judge can’t get to it by tonight.  Stand by.  Worst case scenario, the results go up tomorrow. Karin*… Read more »

Oscar Buzz

I’m chattin’ about the Oscars and movies in general over at Murder She Writes, today.  C’mon over and weigh in! Karin*… Read more »


by Edie Ramer!     Thank you, Karin, for having me here again.  And for having my back since we hooked up in the critique group six years ago.    “Yes, We Can” is more than a political cry.  It’s a writer’s cry.  It’s our heroines’ cry.  My favorite heroines are “Yes, I can” women.  They do what needs to be done, no matter how life batterred them in the past.  No matter what horrible things happen during the book.  (‘Cause we’re making them suffer, aren’t we?)  They might want to wimp out, but they don’t.  They stick it out, because … well,… Read more »
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