Does Everyone Know What Time of Year It Is?????

January 14, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 23 comments


It’s American Idol time!  First stop Phoenix, AZ!  And I have to say right out of the gate my money is on Stevie!  Loved her!  But, I’m not too sure how I feel about the new girl, Kara.  Hubby and I looked at each other at one point and went, “Huh, uh.”  But, I’m trying not to be too judgmental so soon, so I’ll give her a few more shows.  But I do love Paula, Randy, and my man Simon.


So, before the show, the hubster and I along with my in-laws went to see Gran Torino.  Oh. My. God!  I am writing Clint Eastwood a letter of appreciation!   I loved this movie.  The characters were amazing, and well, when it was over, I just sat there in the dark theater crying and did not want to leave.  Poignant, funny, and heartbreaking.  I want to see it again.  And again.  And again. Sigh.  It was so good.


What good movies have you seen lately?  And raise your hand if you’re watching AI this year!





  1. Margaret

    I’m watching AI. Love Stevie, too. Hate to say it, but I want bikini girl to have a MAJOR breakdown during Hollywoood week. She needs to get taken down a notch.

  2. Edie

    I watched the last hour of AI (the first hour I was watching NCIS, which is now my favorite show). Last year’s AI was so bad, I wasn’t going to watch it this year. I just turned it on to check out the new judge. But I enjoyed it. I think I like the audition part better than the regular shows. And Paula seemed to be coherent this year.

    I want Bikini Girl to go down, too. She didn’t sing that good, either. If she’d been wearing clothes, I don’t know if either of the guys would have sent her through.

  3. bria

    Alright – you just knocked me off the fence in wanting to see the new Clint Eastwood movie. That’s some high praise!

  4. Jaci Burton

    Well of course you know I’ll be watching AI.

    I hope bikini girls gets her butt shoved out the door first day of Hollywood week. I think what Simon finds amusing during auditions changes drastically during Hollywood week. So she better pony up some serious talent then and put on some clothes.

    I saw that there are going to be a few changes to AI. Will be interesting to see how it goes. And I liked Kara…she’s ballsy. 🙂

    I’m so far behind on movies that hubby and I are catching up via DVD. Watched Hancock and Iron Man recently and loved both of them in a major way!

  5. Sandy

    Me. Me. I watch AI. Love Stevie, too! Bikini girl is like a freak-show joke. She’ll never last in Hollywood much less make it to the top 24. Still on the fence about Kara.

    And you’ve sold me on Clint’s new movie. I think I might have to go see that with hubby this weekend :-).


  6. Mary

    Hands waving and jumping up and down. I love AI and waited with anticipation since Jan. 1st.

    I agree about Stevie, she was good! I also liked the girl with all the tats and piercing (although I did not like the look) I loved her voice. I guess I’m just a Janis Joplin girl at heart – love that voice quality.

    Kara – I didn’t mind her at first, but when she tried to out sing bikini girl that blew it for me!

    I mean come on your a professional singer/songwriter and your trying to out do some little twit in a singer contest – GET OVER YOURSELF.

    Waiting with anticipation for tonight.

  7. Jennifer Bianco

    Mary wrote: Kara – <>

    This is exactly how I felt and when my opinion (what little there was) of Kara took a major nosedive. She’s gonna have to do a lot for me to start liking her. 🙂

  8. Karin Tabke

    (diabolical Snidely Whiplash laughter) Margaret! You’re such a mean girl!

    Edie, last year’s AI did get off to a slow start, but I’m worse than a crack addict. I *must* have my fix!

    Bria, you will be thanking me after you see it. And, you must report back here.

    Jaci! I knew you’d be watching too! Hey, I liked Kara until she got all weird and competed with bikini girl. That was just so, well, pathetic to watch. And do you and the hubster a favor. Have a date night and go see Gran Tornino. You will thank me.

  9. Poppy

    I liked pink-haired Emily’s voice the best, but, she was a little too professional to cheer for.

    Bikini Girl won’t make it through Hollywood week. The boys just put her through to poke at Kara and Paula.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Sandy, you’ll love Gran Torino!

    Hey, Mary, I am so with you on the Kara issue!

    Jennifer, I’m with you. Kara better show me she has more depth than competing with a Idol wannabe on the very first night of the competition!

    Poppy, I liked pink-haired Emily too. Tats and all! I can’t wait to see her tell her band she’s goin’ to Hollywierd!

  11. Judi Phillips

    Big AI fan here – or to be more honest, a big Simon fan. He really knows his stuff. AI isn’t that different from writing. If you can’t stand the heat, keep out of the kitches. While my Crit partners aren’t near as rough as Simon or as sappy as Paula can be, and they’ve never said, “Rock on, Dog,” I can take criticism, use it and understand it makes me a better writer. I didn’t watch the second half ’cause I really like The Mentalist, but I thought the pink/orange haired girl will go a long way as well as the cute young one that Simon thought might be too nice. I didn’t see Bikini Girl, but IMO you need more than that to win AI

  12. Kendra

    I love Idol. But it takes so much time!! Time I should be doing other things! I don’t watch much TV except during Idol season. I thought Kara could really sing. I wanted to hear more.

    Gran Torino looks great. I’m glad to hear it’s as good as the commercials.

  13. sarah

    I’m watching. I love the auditions the most and usually stop watching after a couple of rounds in Hollywood — can’t stand the corny cover-songs or the results shows.
    Liking the changes they’ve made — it was like the mental-defective-hour last year, and they seem to be showing more halfway-normal people… 🙂

    And I liked Kara…

  14. sarah

    Oh, and Simon is ALL about appearances during the auditions… I think he’s more about the singing once it hits Hollywood.
    I’m surprised no one has tried out in a bikini before, personally. That was creative and required such a hoopla?

  15. Robin

    I’ve never been a huge fan of AI,(not for any other reason then there’s usually something else on TV I want to watch too) but did catch some of it last night, and well, it’s kind of addicting.

    Have you seen Slumdog Millionaire, Karin? It’s terrific!!

  16. Cele

    I am an NCSI fan so I miss the first hour on Tuesday night. A Ghost Hunter’s fan so I missed the second hour on Wednesday. But I don’t tend to really start watching until Hollywood Week. I find the train wreck episodes embarassing.

    Kara’s singing? What the heck? Is she a pro or insecure? I thought it was a definate mark against her.

    I love Jason Castro, but his brother is as big an airhead as he.

  17. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, so excited AI is back! Watched it, and loved a few right off. The guy who lost his wife broke my heart, and he’s a good singer. Loved seeing Jason C. again. The seeing-impared guy was great, and pretty much moved everyone I think. And the guy with the cheerleaders… hubby and I think he might have made it if the judges hadn’t been so turned off by the gals. And bikini gal won’t last another round. They’ve seen everything, and she’ll have to rely on her voice.

  18. Karin Tabke

    Judi, I agree 100%!!!

    Hey, Kendra, Kara could sing! Maybe she should be on the other side of the judge’s table?

    Sarah, I like the changes they’ve made, but boy there are still some really sad folks out there. That one guy who said his mother doesn’t support him, then when asked why he said, “She said I can’t sing.” Then he sang. he should have listened to mama.

    Robin Slumdog Millionaire has been on my to be watched list. As soon as I get these copy edits out of the way…

    Cele, what *is* up with those Castro boys? Yikes!

    LaDonna, the cheerleaders were so broken hearted! I wanted them to go to Hollywood!

  19. Kristi

    Just saw GT and loooooooooved it! Man, Clint just gets better with age!

  20. Ames

    Karin…I have to ask, is Gran Torino like Million Dollar Baby good or…..really good. I know that sounds wrong but I hated the end of MDB.

  21. Ames

    Oh and AI. I hope bikini girl gets her ass kicked! I hated her! I like Tara…Kara…whatever 🙂
    Loved St. Louis too–I think they found some good talent. I’m really hoping this is as good as season 6–overall 7 was SUCH a disappointment talentwise!

  22. Karin

    Kristi, I want to see it again! and Clint *was* awesome. I loved all of the characters!

    Amie, Gran Tornio had a wonderfully poignant bittersweet ending. it was perfect and I’m glad they ended it the way they did.

    now, how do you *really* feel about bikini girl?

  23. Ames

    If she had fallen down, I would have laughed, and watched it like FIVE or SIX times. 😀

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