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by Edie Ramer!



Thank you, Karin, for having me here again.  And for having my back since we hooked up in the critique group six years ago. 


“Yes, We Can” is more than a political cry.  It’s a writer’s cry.  It’s our heroines’ cry.  My favorite heroines are “Yes, I can” women.  They do what needs to be done, no matter how life batterred them in the past.  No matter what horrible things happen during the book.  (‘Cause we’re making them suffer, aren’t we?)  They might want to wimp out, but they don’t.  They stick it out, because … well, because otherwise they wouldn’t be heroines. 


Like Karin’s heroines.  Like Allison Brennan’s heroines.   Like Jo in LITTLE WOMEN.  Like Scarlett in GONE WITH THE WIND.


Most writers I know are heroines, too.  Karin leads my list of writers who are heroines.  She’s a wife, mother, successful writer, successful businesswoman, and — I can attest — a fabulous friend.  It’s not easy for her to do so much.  It takes stamina and determination and hard work.  If it were easy, she wouldn’t be a heroine.  But she never whines, she just does what needs to be done.


When J.K. Rowling was 15, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Later, Rowling married a man who was abusive.  She divorced him and was on the dole when she wrote the first Harry Potter book in her brother-in-law’s restaurant.  Though life wasn’t easy for her, she did more than survive.  She thrived!  She was a heroine.


Allison Brennan was married with five children — one a baby — working a full time job when she sold.  She’s a heroine. 


I can go on and on, but we are all heroines or heroes, because we’re <em>here</em>.  We’re writing.  We’re selling or hoping to sell soon. 


Publishing isn’t an easy business.  It’s not easy to get into.  And it’s not easy to stay in the magic circle.  Published writers can’t rest on their backlists.  Charlaine Harris wrote cozies before she hit the publishing jackpot with her Sooky Stackhouse books. 


Disappointment and rejection make some of us drop out.  It makes the rest of us work harder to write better and bigger books. It makes us heroines.


If you are reading this, I know you can do it.  I want you say, loudly, “YES, I CAN!  YES, I CAN!  YES, I CAN!” 


If you’re in a public place, it’s okay to whisper or say it in your mind.  But think it loudly.  Because it’s true.  With determination and grit and hard work, you can do it.


What writer, pubbed or unpubbed, do you consider a heroine?  And why?


Edie Ramer 


PS (from Karin)  Go VOTE for DEAD PEOPLE!!!!  

NOW!  Here’s how easy it is: send an email here: and put DEAD PEOPLE in the subject line.  Send one from every freakin’ email addy you have!  Command your friemds to vote for Edie’s DEAD PEOPLE!  I can vouch for her story!  I’ve read it!  IT. NEEDS. TO. BE. PUBLISHED!!!  Now, go vote!    


  1. Nancy Haddock

    Edie, thank you for a rousing post! You’re so right that there are heroines all around us, in every walk of life.

    I have a lot of writer heroines. One is Lorraine Heath. That classy lady gets more done in five minutes than I can even think about in five hours!

    Happy TGIF eve!


  2. Edie

    Nancy, thanks for stopping by! Lorraine Heath’s books are always good! Karin is like that too. She can write figure eights around me.

  3. LaDonna

    Hey Edie, YES WE CAN, YES I CAN! 🙂 I’m fortunate to know you and Karin, and so many fabulous ladies. I’m inspired daily to do my best, and knowing no one else can achieve our dreams for us but us, keeps me on my path.

  4. Karin

    Edie you’re such a sweetie! Okay, so tell us about this next American Title round. How many get cut? And what’s coming up next???

  5. Robin

    Great post, Edie! Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m going to think I can all day! (Better start writing, quick.)

    Best of luck with the contest! I voted for you already!

  6. Kath Calarco

    The writer who realizes their potential, and then pushes beyond it, is my version of “heroine”. There are other traits, but I don’t want to take up all the space here. This blog is all about YOU Edie; the wonderful writer who never says “die” and always listens when I whine, whine, whine. 🙂

    Best wishes on the contest – greatness becomes you!

  7. Edie

    LaDonna, I know you can! You did it before, and you’ll do it again. This time BIGGER!

  8. Edie

    Aw, Karin, thanks for the PS. Two of us will be cut from this round and four will be left. It reminds me of the “100 Bottles of Beer” song. I don’t want to fall! None of us do.

    Next round will be an excerpt of our dialogue. Two more finalists will be cut, leaving the last two for the last round, which is the sex, er, romantic scene.

    I’m looking forward to those two rounds. The voters will see the characters in a real scene.

  9. Edie

    Robin, thanks for voting for me! I just thought of the little train that could. Remember the “I think I can, I think I can” chant? I like the “Yes, I can!” shout much better. We don’t think we can, we know we can.

  10. Edie

    Kath, I can feel you’re so much happier since you’ve gone back to school. You’re pushing beyond your potential and taking control of your life. You’re a heroine, too. 😀

  11. HollyD

    Edie, I love the topic. Karin and Allison are two perfect examples. I’ve voted for you on the previous rounds and I’m going now to go vote for this one. I can’t wait to read this whole book. I know it will be in a bookstore soon.

  12. Edie

    Holly, thanks! I love your positive attitude. Back at you with your books!

  13. Sandra Sookoo

    Am I a heroine? Depends on who you ask! I wish I was as brave as the women I write about. But I suppose if I’m a writer, I am pretty brave. It takes a lot of courage to send work out in the world for rejection 🙂 I have my first novella coming out in June and I’m so excited about that.

    But can I take up a sword and fight off dragons? You bet, it just comes in the form of a pen 🙂

  14. Edie

    Sandra, you are a heroine. That’s so exciting about your first novella. May it be the first of many great things to happen in the publishing business.

  15. Melanie Atkins

    Karin is my heroine. She is a great role model and an inspiration. : )

  16. Michelle Diener

    I’m loving Karin’s exclamation marks. Go, Edie! DEAD PEOPLE most definitely deserves to be on the shelves.

  17. Edie

    Melanie, I agree! And in the midst of all she has to do, she’s there for other writers. She is a great role model.

  18. Edie

    Michelle, big SMOOCH!

  19. Mary Marvella

    Edie, I know you will. You make us believe in our efforts. Seems I remember Debbie Macomber also several other authors were almost at the bottom before they sold.

  20. Edie

    Mary, with friends like you and Karin and my other writer friends, I don’t feel nearer the top of the pile. There have been times when I could see that bottom. But not today. 🙂

  21. Cele

    Excellent and spot on post Edie. Yes We Can! We find strenght in ourselves, and when that is ebbing we get it from the people around us. It is inspiring words (like yours) and the recognition of women committed to strenghtening themselves and those around them that makes it easier to be strong in rougher times. Yes I Can!

    One specific author? I will have to say the authors who perseveres and refuse to take no for an answer…at ever speed bump brick wall in her life. The authors who inspire those around her.

  22. Cindy Carroll

    Great post Edie. It’s hard to come up with one author. So many of the ladies I’ve “met” are heroines. Everyone on GIAM is a heroine to me. You guys rock. I voted for Dead People! I’m off to vote using another email address!

  23. Edie

    Cele, I love what you said about other writers strengthening us when our strength is ebbing. I see that all the time on my GIAM loop. It’s great to belong to a group with so many supportive writers.

  24. Edie

    Cindy, so funny. I just used GIAM as an example of support. And you’re right, we’re all heroines. 😀

  25. Liz Kreger

    Anyone who puts themselves through the agony of this profession is a heroine in my opinion, Edie. Still we continue, despite everything, because there’s a gold ring to be caught.

    Great blog. Good luck with the ATV. I’m cheering for ya.

  26. Scarlet

    Edie and Karin,
    Mary Marvella is a “yes we can” type of person. And she does! Everyone loves her spirit and her caring manner!


  27. Edie

    Liz, you’ve been a hero of mine for years! All you need is a cape an invisible helicopter, and you’re ready to go. 🙂

  28. Edie

    Scarlet, I agree about Mary! She’s always supportive. And funny, too.

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