Results Are Going To be Late

January 26, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

Sorry, folks, a long day.  I just checked my email to get my judge’s results, and she has been delayed by a family matter.  I’m going to find a back up judge in case this round’s judge can’t get to it by tonight.  Stand by.  Worst case scenario, the results go up tomorrow.



  1. Karen Duvall

    Thanks, Karin, for letting us know. One more day of biting our nails won’t kill us. Ha! 8^) Kidding.

  2. bria

    Thanks Karin — Hope everything is ok with your judge!

  3. Amanda Murphy

    Hope everything is okay with the judge. We can wait, really!

  4. Melissa Blue

    Adding my hope everything goes well for the Judge and her family.

  5. Sandie

    Thanks Karin, like everyone else hope all goes well with the Judge.

  6. Leigh Faver

    Thanks for letting us know, Karin. I kept refreshing the site and thinking my ISP had gone haywire. Hope things go well for the judge and his/her family.

  7. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    Hi Karin! I pray all is well with your judge.

    Btw guess what Amazon has shipped out to me today heehee. Good Girl Gone Bad I can not wait for this one to get here 😉


  8. Ginny Glass

    Oh no! I hope everything will be ok with the judge’s emergency. Best wishes!

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