Oh, The AI Drama!

February 4, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 23 comments

I don’t know why every year during Hollywood week the drama surprises me.  I guess I have an innate belief in human beings to act, well, humane.  Yes, we are emotional driven creatures, but someone like ‘Bikini’ Katrina should not be allowed to play with anyone, except herself.  Yes, she’s gorgeous, has a fabulous body, is bold as hell, and she can sing, but she is as toxic as a can of RAID.  I’m always amazed how people like this mange to have a following. Yanno, the twittering little entourage. Is it fear?  Is it wanting to be a bitch too, by proxy because so many just aren’t bitch material?  And can someone please tell me what is so attractive about a drama queen diva bitch? 


My aunt used to own a salon, there was this one stylist, Mario, he was a bitch. He used to talk down to his clients, all women, and they giggled and laughed and brought him food like he was Queen of the Realm.  I. Could. Not. Stand. Him. And refused to even acknowledge his existence.  Which of course made him want to be my BFF. One day he said something directly to me. I looked right at him and said, “You do not amuse me.”  He was stunned. The shop was stunned. I turned away from him and then of course he had to be even louder and more obnoxious then ever. I was glad when he left.


Now, I realize that most bitches are in extreme pain.  They are fragile, insecure creatures.  But for crying out loud, why does society insist on feeding the bears? 


There are bitches everywhere.  I steer clear of them.  They irk me, they give off bad energy, and their karma sucks.  Tonight watching AI, I saw a lot of good kids trying their hardest to make it to the next round.  That first group was freakin’ phenomenal.  You could tell they were good souls.  They worked together.  Like a wave, when it rises, it raises everything else.  Then you had the god awful diva group who didn’t care about anyone but themselves.  And the other group, with the gay guy and the two girls.  He and the blonde got to stay, but the other wouldn’t even let the blonde touch her, then parted with some choice expletives.


My grandma always told me in her soft southern voice, “Suga, always remember a true lady never chews gum, eats food with her fingers, swears in public (oops) and, Suga, nevah, evah forget even when attacked by those less cultured and less mannered then ourselves, a true lady always maintains her composure and her manners.”  Of course, there were other granisms.  A true lady never drinks to excess, or smokes or gossips, or…well, y’all can see I flunked some of gran’s classes, but she always, always until the day she died maintained her dignity.  Society today lacks dignity.

Yes, we all have to look out for number one, but is it so damn difficult to look out for number two and three and four?  In Hollywood and New York publishing, extending a helping hand comes back three fold while turning a nose up or turning a deaf ear bites back. As my mother-in-law is fond of saying, “What goes around comes around.”  I’ve seen it happen over and over. Sometimes though it takes a while for the bitch to get served some crow.  Not that I’m waiting with baited breath or anything…


So, while I enjoy watching Hollywood week, I don’t particularly care for the cat fights and seeing the contestants who have worked so hard get screwed by ‘Bikini’ type beyotches. 


I have to say, I was so so so so so so so upset to see Alan Osmond’s son go home.  He was adorable and I thought he had it all.  But I thought his uncle Donny had it all too. 

Did you know I was supposed to marry him? Not the kid, but Donny? But I didn’t want to move to Utah, so he married that other chick.  Things have a way of working out.  I found a better guy, and get to write love stories. 


Some thoughts on Hollywood week?  And do you have any faves yet?


Oh, and who did you have a huge crush on growing up? 







  1. Jaci Burton

    I agree about the drama and bitchiness. Oy! I’ve had enough of it already.

    I see some stellar talent in the Hollywood hopefuls. Adam from SF…oh does he have a powerful voice. Wow.

    Danny Gokey, the guy who lost his wife is rockin great. And his bff Jamar has a soulful awesome voice too.

    And 16 year old Jasmine Murray from Jacksonville has a beautiful raw talent.

    Those are the ones who stood out for me so far.

    Can’t wait to see who gets into the top 36!

    I had a huge crush on Davey Jones from the Monkees when I was a kid. He was mine I tell you…mine! 😉

  2. Edie

    I’m rooting for Danny Gokey and Jamar. They’re from Milwaukee! And I like their friendship.

    I felt sorry for Rose being stuck in Bikini Girl’s group. And I don’t think Bikini Girl sings good. Her voice is too thin. I’m guessing the only reason she’s still in is because the producers want to give the veiwers someone to hate. They want the controversy. People will be talking about her. Like us. 😉

  3. Colleen MacLeod

    “But for crying out loud, why does society insist on feeding the bears? ”
    “Society today lacks dignity.”

    Amen to that, sister. And your granny was so right on so many levels.

  4. Amanda Murphy

    I love Jasmine from Jacksonville!!! Only 16 and that girl has it all talent, looks, and personality. She’s my fave so far. It gets a little easier to pick favorites when the field is narrowed down some.

  5. Mary

    There is one guy, but I don’t remember his name yet. Too many to remember until they get to 36. But he has shockingly black hair kinda punkish but is a rocker. God can he sing! I really don’t like Hollywood week and all the drama, which I thought we were suppose to see less of this year, which consumed over half the show last night. Can’t wait till we get to just the 36 performing.

    Oh and I was suppose to marry John Travolta, but my mommy wouldn’t let me hitch hike to Ca. “sobs”

  6. Karin Tabke

    Jaci, I’m still rolling my eyes. Okay, so this year I haven’t paid much attention to the names of my fave contestants, bad Karin! But all the ones you named I like. A lot.

    And be still my heart. I remember writing a letter to Davy and walking it down the street to the mail box to make sure it got to him. I waited for months every day for him to write back. 🙁 He never did. Prolly coz he was writing to you! )~

    Edie, of course they threw Bikini Girl in to stir it up. Hell even Kara was not immune to her! She’s a pro, and I’m not talking about Kara, who I am still on the fence about! I betcha BG will get picked up for something. We haven’t seen the last of that beyotch. The Danny/Jamar duo is great. I hope they both make it to the final five. As far as Rose goes? Methinks she has too many issues. Despite being stuck with the divas, she just didn’t have the backbone or the thick skin to hang. She seems to be such a tragic little soul. My heart goes out to her, I know she’s had it rough. But when the going gets rough, the tough must get going. And bikini girl, for all her faults, is tough.

    Colleen, my grandmother was right about a lot of things. I can still after almost 22 years since she passed, hear her soft southern drawl. )

  7. Karin Tabke

    Amanda, Jasmine is ADORABLE! She’ll go far.

    Mary, do you remember JT as Vinny Barbarino? He was soooo cute!
    And I know which guy you’re talking about, I like him too. He’s cool. He’s also a pro. I think he’s the one who was the front man for a band that opened for some larger groups. he’s not currently under contact with anyone so he is eligible for AI.

  8. Edie

    I remember JT as Vinny. My favorite role of his, though, was Archangel Michael. I loved the feathers!

  9. Jane

    Anoop is one of my faves.

  10. Cele

    Oh mi gawd did Bikini girl make it through? I thought she got booted to the curb last night. Argh I need to pay better attention.

    I don’t know their names yet because I refuse to watch before Hollywood week. But, the rocker dude with the black hair and eyeliner is phenominal, Danny G and his BFF Jamar are amazing. And there is this one girl, but I can’t remember her name. So really good talent this year.

    Heart throbs from Junior high, darn I didn’t fit in all the way back then, I never had those crushes. But my first boyfriend Ronnie, ooohhh dogie!

  11. Mary

    Well of course I remember Vinnie! I had a huge poster of him over my bead (on the ceiling) oops I hope that is not TMI (hehe).

    Thanks for the heads up on eyeliner dude. That is gonna be my nickname for him – I like it.
    Thanks Cele.

  12. Naughty Nikki D

    You mean Bikini girl is still there? Uck. I’ve missed the last couple of episodes, but I was hoping she’d get the ax in Hollywood.

  13. LaDonna

    So true about the B-factor out there, Karin. Your granny was a wise woman too. Frankly, I was just embarrassed for bikini woman. I mean, why do that if the contest is so important? It’s all about the talent you brought, not the legs that got you there. Or in this case, Bod. 😆

  14. Cele

    No Bikini girl is out. Hallelujah, can I hear an Amen?!

  15. kh

    zack and slater on save by the bell. new kids

  16. Karin Tabke

    Edie, I haven’t seen Michael! I really need to.

    Jane, if Anoop is the one I think he is, I like him too.

    Cele, NO! Bikini girl got canned! Thank gawd, but she went out as top beyotch, I can tell you that. She really is her own worst enemy, but I can see her and Paris Hilton being BFF. Poor Paris will get ripped to shreds.

    Mary, I like eyeliner dude too.

    LaD, I do have to give Bikini girl props for the bikini. Had she not worn it, and been so bitchy with Kara, she would not have gotten to Hollywood, and she certainly put on a show there. I’m sure something good will come out of it for her. For us? Not so much.

    kh, at first I was like, huh? but then I remembered there are goils here much younger than myself. 😉 I remember Saved By the Bell. My kids watched it.

  17. Karen Duvall

    I haven’t started watching this season of AI yet. I don’t like the tryouts. Ugh. Makes me cringe. I like to watch when the competition actually begins. 🙂

  18. Buffie

    Hey girl!!! I’ve been thinking about you lately. Hope all is going well!!

    Sorry, but I just can’t do AI this year. At least not yet. I just can’t seem to get into the show like previous seasons. I think that VH1 has corrupted me with reality shows. I’ve gone to the skanky side — The Tool Academy, Rock of Love Bus (why I watch this I do not know!), and the Teen Idol show (can’t remember the exact name, but it has washed up actors on it who used to be teen idols, like Christopher Akins.).

  19. Karin Tabke

    Karen, a lot of people don’t like to watch the try outs. But don’t think the competition begins later, it begins the day they show up in line!

    Hey, Buffie, where have you been? And VH1?? Rock of Love??? Lol, did you see the spoof SNL did last year on that show? I laughed my ass off. Hey, my husband is addicted to the Wives of the OC! I don’t get it!! I have to leave the room when I hear any one of their voices. I’d rather watch Brett Michael’s! I haven’t seen the Teen Idol show. Washed up teen idols, huh?

  20. Buffie

    I know, I have been MIA. Life is just getting too busy. Sure wish it would slow down a bit. I got my March books for review and was all in an uproar because yours wasn’t there, then I realized it’s a May book. I can hold of on my tantrum for a little while.

    LOL at your hubby, but I’m right there with him. I watch the Housewives too . . . all of them, OC, NYC, Atlanta — they are all crazy!

    The teen idol show is called Confessions of a Teen Idol. It features: Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon), David Chokachi (Baywatch), Billy Hufsey (Fame), Jeremy Jackson (Baywatch), Eric Nies (MTV’s The Real World and The Grind), Jamie Walters (Beverly Hills 90210), and Adrian Zmed (TJ Hooker, Grease 2).

  21. Ames

    I REALLY hope Bikini Girl doesn’t make the top 36!!! I’ll be SO disappointed!!!

    I love Cele’s rocker dude too! And the dude BFF’s!! There’s lots of great talent this year–esp compared to last year.
    What ever happened to what’s his name’s brother??? He tried out, made it to HOllywood and then disappeared?
    I liked the rocker chick with the multi-colored hair but she got cut 🙁 So far, no clear faves but ask me again after teh 36 are picked.

  22. Karin Tabke

    God help me, but Buffie? I stayed up and watched Rock of Love Bus last night. OH. MY. GOD! If my daughters ever dressed or acted like those–those–whatever they are, I’d drop dead. And Brett Michaels wears makeup! Is he bald? That’s got to be fake hair under the bandana. And were his sideburns painted on? That ho-bag he had sex with was skank-o-rama material. Talk about a train wreck! and oddly, I’m looking forward to seeing who gets the boot next…

    Ames, bikini girl is His-tor-ee! And I have no idea what happened to Jason’s brother. Hmm, maybe we missed him up there? Or he chickened out?

  23. Buffie

    LMAO!!! See Karin, it’s a total disaster but it sure sucks you in. This is the 3rd season and I hate to admit I have watched every one! LOL

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