Dancing with the Stars Update!

February 10, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments


So here’s the line up for this season’s Dancing with the Stars! Talk about train wrecks!! 


Belinda Carlisle, 50, singer (former Go-Go frontwoman)
Stephen “Steve-O” Glover, 34, reality-TV star|
David Alan Grier, 53, comedian
Shawn Johnson, 17, Olympic gymnast
Jewel Kilcher, 34, singer, TV personality
Lil’ Kim, 33, rapper
Gilles Marini, 33, actor
Ty Murray, 39, former rodeo cowboy
Nancy O’Dell, 42, Access Hollywood anchor
Denise Richards, 37, actress (formerly of Wild Things )
Lawrence Taylor, 50, retired NFL player
Chuck Wicks, 29, singer
Steve Wozniak, 58, technology billionaire and co-founder of Apple Computers



Thoughts off the top of my head: Denise Richards could stomp all over Bikini girl for the ultimate Beyotch award.  Steve-O?  I wonder if he can stay sober long enough to practice (I know, not nice, but c’mon, he is a forgone conclusion).  Shawn Johnson?  Is she the cute little gymnast that won the gold on the beam?  I like her.  Jewel?  Um, she was rude to a guest a couple of years ago on Jay Leno (granted the guest was a course woman comedian, to say it nicely, but c’mon). Anyhoo, I’m-too-good-for-the-world, Jewel (that’s my perception, I could be wrong…), refused to shake the guest’s hand and made an ugly face at her. She lost me forever, then and there.  Lil’ Kim?  Didn’t she do time for something? I think her and LT may have shared a cell.  Nancy O’Dell? Yawn.  Same for Steve Wozniak. 


If I had to hazard a guess right now, I’d say Belinda Carlisle who looks amazing for 50 will do well, especially if she gets, say, Maks.  Hah!  Wouldn’t we all?  There will be no Juliana Hough this year and not sure if her bro’ is going to hang out or not, cuz he has his own band now too.  I bet LT will do well.  Apparently, his addiction issues are under control, and he was the best of the best in his day.  I do hope he does well.  I also think Shawn John will do well too, if she can reach her partner.  J


I wish all of them well, except one, and I’m trying really hard not to wish her ill-will but it would be like me wanting Heather what’s-her-name, Paul’s ex, well.  I. Just. Can’t. Seem. To. Force. Myself….


What do you think?







  1. Brandy W

    I may watch this only for Ty Murray. Well and Belinda Carlisle. I’ve always liked her.

  2. Karin

    Brandy, I just looked up Ty Murray. 7 world championships? I’m impressed.

  3. Karin

    Wah wha wha!!! Super Beyotch is paired with uber hunk Maks! Wah! To get him I have to get her too! It’s not fair!

  4. Jane

    I like Shawn, too. She’s so cute. Never heard of Gilles Marini.

  5. Edie

    I watched the country version of AI a few times last year. Jewel was one of the judges, and I thought she did really well. Much better than Paula.

    This is one reality show I don’t watch.

  6. Liz

    If Gilles dances half as good as he looked in the Sex & the City movie, I’ll be voting for him. I will confess to watching his movie scenes over and over. Still can’t believe how fantastic his body is.

  7. Buffie

    This is the first time I have seen the new line-up and I have say that I am not impressed. Not at all! I’ll have to check out the guys to see what they look like, but the gals . . . The only one I really like is Belinda. Not sure if I’ll be watching this season.

  8. Ames

    Karin my hairdresser said the same thing you did about Denise! LOL

  9. Karin Tabke

    Jane I don’t know who the Gilles person is either.

    Edie, I think I did catch her on the country idol show.

    Liz, oh Sex & the City movie? Hmm, maybe I need to watch it.

    Buffie, I have to say I’m in agreement. It’s kind of like the island of misfits this season.

    Ames, it just isn’t right she gets Maks!!!

  10. Cele

    Hmm, first JulieAnn will be back this season after all. Why? Because she will be paired up with her real-life boy friend country singer, Chuck Wicks. Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray will be the first non-professionals couple to compete against each other on the show (remember there have been past couples, on different seasons, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin to name one.)

    I like Jewel, but then I didn’t see her be blatantly rude (had I, I might have felt the same way) pre-opening weeks, I am rooting for Belinda Carlisle. Ask me again when we are two or three weeks in and their personalities and abilities are for all to see.

  11. Cele

    Oh and congrats to Karina and Maks on their engagement.

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