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This week has been so crazy busy I forgot: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  I was all ready to go to my SFA-RWA meeting tomorrow, we’re having Deb Werksman as our guest, but as it turns out, I have other business to attend to, so I won’t make it.  It will be my first missed meeting in 3 years!  It will definitely feel weird, but I have to take advantage of this opportunity to expand my non-writing business.  Times are a tough all around.  Improvise, adapt and overcome!


But after I do what I gotta do tomorrow, hubby and I will go to church with my in-laws like we do every Sat, then out to dinner.  Nothing fancy, then we’ll come home and settle in for the night.  The kids?  Oh, they all have plans, as they should. But I’m going to work on revising my author business plan as well as recast a completely new business plan for my non-writing business, a business which I have sorely neglected these past few years.


I’m actually excited to jump back in with both feet.  I think I was just chained to the deadline chair for so long I forgot what it felt like to get out and be involved in the other business word again.  Writing is very solitary.  The only time it seemed that I was going out was to my RWA meetings, conferences and church on Saturday’s.  Any other time I was holed up in my office hunched over the keyboard writing.  My oldest son complained constantly about how I looked like a homeless person because every time he came by, I was in sweats, a tee shirt (I have one particular shirt that is old and stained and pretty gross to look at but always clean, that I love to wear. My son hates that shirt!  So does hubyy…but it’s soo comfy!), no makeup and my hair pulled back.  I realized after a business meeting this past Wednesday morning, I’ve let myself go.  Yep.  I have. 


So, I have decided not to look like a homeless person anymore, not only for my son, but for myself.  I threw the old green shirt in the trash.  Some of you are shaking your heads thinking, “Karin, screw them. If you love that shirt you should wear it!” And you would be right, but now, when I think of the shirt, I think of my son and hubby and how much they do not like me in it.  It’s kind of lost it’s luster.   So, I bought some new tee’s.  Comfy non-stained, non-faded. And you know what?  I feel better in them then in the old raggedy ones.


So, it was time.  In fact, I’ve neglected a lot of things, and it’s time to get back into the swing of everything!


How about you?  Do you get into ruts?  What do you do to get out of them?


PS!  Am I the only one pissed Jamar didn’t make the cut to 36?  I swear I wanted to destroy something when they told him he was going home!  I felt sooooo bad for him!   🙁









  1. Jaci Burton

    I think there’s a lot to be said about feeling good about yourself. It improves your outlook. I tend to wear the same ole crap when writing, too. Occasionally I have to take a step back and realize that I don’t really need to look like a homeless person when writing, that it’s ok to comb my hair and wear a decent shirt. Oy!

    I ranted on my blog about Jamar’s dismissal. I was livid! And omg I wonder how long we’ll have to endure Tatiana and her histrionics. God help us all.

  2. Poppy

    I get dressed and put on makeup every day. If I don’t, then I never feel like the day has really gotten started. If I don’t, it’ll be 3pm and I’ll still be puttering around, reading news, and doing nothing. Although, “dressed” just means yoga pants and a cami most of the time.

    I am upgrading my wardrobe a bit, ever since I found all the discount designer sites. I’m totally in love with this one:
    which sells my fav Paige jeans for 70% off!

  3. Poppy

    Oh and it sucks that they cut Jamar and kept the whiny guy Nathanial. I really don’t like him

  4. Edie

    Is Jamar the guy from Milwaukee? The one with his friend Danny? If that’s him, then, yes, it sucks. I was shocked when he was cut.

    I wear a sweatshirt and flannel pants almost every day. When I go out, I wear jeans and a sweatshirt. 😆

  5. Amanda Murphy

    I’ve been in a rut. I put on some weight and it is weighing me down. LOL I need a haircut, a facial, something to rejuvenate myself. Hmmm, I’m going to give this some thought and do something for myself this week.

  6. Karin

    Jaci, I agree 100% about looking good making us feel good and I was livid as well when they told Jamar no! Ack!! and get this, they had to let some chick go because they said she was in violation of their contract so do you think they’d call Jamar back? Nope, they brought in another girl who had been cut.

    I am NOT! happy about this.

    Poppy, I’m gonna go check out the site. And hubby’s with you on the not liking Nathaniel train.

    Edie, I’ve been gone all day, and it felt good even in the cold and rain.

    Amanda, go do something nice for yourself, you deserve it. Hell, get the it all done. Hair, face, mani, pedi, and then get a massage.

  7. Amanda Murphy

    Karin, I like your ideas!! I may go for the whole spa treatment thing.

  8. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, Jamar leaving upset me too. About the wardrobe, I wear comfy pants and cami’s 24/7. I always have a warm top wrapped around my waist since I’m in the hot flash club and it’s cold and hot in my world; no in-between. I don’t wear makeup as a rule, but a devoted moisturizer gal. 😆

    When I’m out and about, it’s usually jeans and comfy top. My must-have, though, is keeping the hair cut and highlight appts. When those are behind, that’s when I feel ill-kept and scraggly. Clothes, not so much. But, I must say I love going to conference cause that’s when I get the big-girl clothes out! 😎

  9. Ames

    I”m a total slob on the weekends. In my defense, I work outside the home. I don’t REALLY have to dress up–jeans are the standard–but I do makeup and hair about 9 days out of 10.

    The weekends, esp when the children are gone, I just shut off. *Sigh*

    and yes, color me PISSED AS HELL they cut Jamar!!!!

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