My Friend Jami Alden

February 22, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

is popping in to chat this Tuesday.  Jami writes some hot stuff for Aphrodisia and Brava. 
Coming February 24, 2009 from Brava

Got an investigation situation? Call the Gemini Men: Ethan and Derek Taggart. Yeah, they’re twins. Double the trouble and twice as sexy—women can’t get enough of them or their older brother Danny, who keeps ’em in line when things get wild…

Ethan and Derek Taggart: they’re the men of Gemini, and when it comes to sheet-scorching undercover work, nobody does it better. The only one they answer to is big brother Danny—that is, until the right women come along to grab the reins and crack the whip as hard as the Taggart men like it…

Security is Derek Taggart’s game, and he plays it straight—no margin for error, no time to fool around…except with one hot little number who changes everything. He takes her home when she needs a ride—one she’ll never forget. The problem is Derek can’t forget her, a total about-face for a guy who keeps his enemies closer than his lovers. Then he finds out the sexy dynamo is Alyssa Miles, notorious party girl and darling of the gossip rags. It’s time to walk away and never look back, which would be a hell of a lot easier if his agency didn’t desperately need the high-profile gig her family’s offering: a minor detail that consists mainly of Derek watching Alyssa 24/7. Keeping an eagle eye on every inch of Alyssa’s nubile body isn’t exactly a hardship—the problem is keeping his hands off and his brain on when things go dangerously wrong…


“unbelievably fabulous”

Michelle Buonfiglio, Romance B(u)y the Book

A little birdie told me there will be free books for commenters! So don’t forget to stop by and say hello. 





  1. Amanda Murphy

    Wow! Sounds like a hot book. Twins! Yum!!

  2. Edie

    Terrirfic blurb! And I love the “Gemini Men” tag.

  3. Liz Kreger

    Gotta love twins. Sounds like a terrific book, Jami.

  4. rita

    So many good books so little time. checked out you web page. Very nice!
    Ah…. If I win a book, like the little birdi said we might, can I have one of the guys on your covers deliver it???

  5. Colleen MacLeod

    Looks awesome! As a Gemini myself, I can’t wait to read it!

  6. Joy

    I bought Kept this w/e, great dedication!!!

  7. HollyD

    I can’t wait to read this one.

  8. kh

    looks hot loved caught

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