Idols Sing Top 40 Tunes

Okay, so an interesting night.  But first, just in case you missed it (snerk) Steve Woz and Holly were eliminated from DWTS tonight.  Yeah, I know, surprise surprise.   Now on to AI!   Anoop Dawg.  Hmm What did he sing?  Whatever it was, it was meh.  Oh, according to Randy it was an Usher song.  Um, I don’t listen to Usher.  So Kara didn’t like it, Paula did, go figure, Simon says! “A complete and utter mess…It gave me a headache.”  Yeah, it was pretty bad.   Megan looked great and sang, of all things a Bob Marley song!  Okay, so she… Read more »

Another Beginning

That’s how I look at Mondays.  The first day of the new week to take care of the crap I ignored last week.  And I ignored a lot.  I worked hard on my proposal, which I sent to my agent Saturday night.  I have promo material I have got to get done for CRAVING, which means a long boring visit with my printer.  But that will get done today.  I’m doing the requisite bookmarks.  I just can’t help myself. My guy does bee-u-tee-ful work.  I’m also going to do a chapter booklet.  I did one for SKIN and I really… Read more »

A Fitting End For Four Fallen Heroes

I just spent the last four hours watching the live memorial service for the four slain Oakland police officers.  Over 25K mourners attended the services.  They filled the Oracle Arena and spilled over into the Coliseum. There were officers from as far away as NY, a contingent of Royal Canadian Mounties, as well as officers from every state in the union.  The Arena was of sea of blue and shining brass.   The mournful sound of the bagpipes filled the Arena as each flag draped casket was brought into the flower festooned Arena followed by their grieving families. A 21 gun… Read more »

I Have Succumbed To The Triple Threat!

Myspace, Twitter and now, Facebook!  I LOVE twitter.  And Facebook is growing on me.  You can friend me at  To follow me on twitter go to and search for KarinTabke  no space between the first and last name.   Of course, I needed another time suck! It would be different if I didn’t enjoy it all, but I do!  What I’m really enjoying is figuring stuff out. My cyber retardedness is dissipating.  And with my cyber IQ on the rise, I have a few new things planned for my blog, but I have to hone a few skills first.   … Read more »

Wow! Some Shining Stars Last Night!

Real quick, I wanted to let y’all know I’m chattin’ over at Hooked on Romance today.  C’mon over and say hello.   Now onto last night! I love the Motown sound!  And who doesn’t love Smokey?  I met him once, yanno.  In Reno at the MGM Grand, he was eating apple pie with his wife.  He’s tall, and gracious.   Ok, so, my notes are sketchy, I was being lazy, but here goes!   Matt:  This music genre was perfect for him.  He sang Let’s Get It On, and he got it on!  I really enjoyed his sound and his vibe.  The judges… Read more »
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