Ok, So That Was Boring!

March 3, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 21 comments

What a waste of two hours! I suppose Scotty will make it, and maybe Ju’No or however you spell it.  Let’s see, of the girls, Felicia?  Maybe the blonde who came before Nathaniel, who I actually enjoyed. And the tall black girl, Lil Bump?  It was Lil something.  I liked her the best of the girls. And OMG!  Was Von not a train wreck?  Yikes.


  1. Munk

    It was a boring show. Her name is Lil Rounds and she was by far the best of the night. I missed Scott’s act….how did he do?

  2. Jaci Burton

    Lil Rounds was the only one who stood out. She was awesome. The rest were….eh…forgettable.

    Is it just me or is this season boring as hell? Maybe it’s the new structure. Or maybe it’s the contestants. I’m not as invested as usual.

    I hope they all get better because I feel like I’m wasting my time. Bleh.

  3. Edie

    I watched it for about ten minutes, and then we turned on NCIS.

  4. HollyD

    I missed it, I was at my critique group. Last night was a hell of a lot better than two weeks ago. There were only a few little things.

    Edie – I love NCIS.

  5. Cele

    I have no doubt that Lil Rounds will make it in as a finalist. Her line was busy.

    I liked Von (1), Kristen has talent (6),I liked Felicia (8) (hate the song but she sang it extremely well), Jorge (11), and Lil (12).

    Personally I didn’t think Scott did that well, Arianna, Alex, Nathaniel, and Kendall were trainwrecks. There is ability but no strength and personal insight.

    Who makes the wildcard slots tonight will be interesting. This year’s talent is you either got it or you don’t, very few inbetweens.

  6. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, Ran and I watched. Lil is way above the norm, and Felica, Kendall, and Jorge are on the sideline as possible go-throughs. Once the top 12 are announced, it’ll take on a whole ‘nother aspect. That’s what I love, cause it gets nitty gritty! 😆

  7. Amanda Murphy

    I’m voting for Scott, Felicia, and Lil Rounds

  8. Poppy

    I don’t think they did Jorge any favors by telling him to drop his accent. Simon was right, it made him unique. I’ve never been particularly impressed by Scott. I think he made it this far on backstory. I hope Kendall makes it through, but she didn’t sing this one all that well. Nathanial was, unfortunately, fabulous, but he’s still so annoying I hope he doesn’t make it. I enjoyed Kristin more than Lil, but Lil was the best of the night.

  9. Karin Tabke

    Oops, I knew it was Lil something! Let’s see, how did Scott do? Well, Munk, let’s just say he’s had better performances. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t kick ass. But I think, especially since Simon likes him, and he’s a crowd favorite, he’ll make it through.

    Jaci, it isn’t just you. This season *is* boring. I keep scratching my head and wondering how Jamar got cut from this 36. He clearly is more talented.

    Edie, I think I vaccumed…

  10. Karin Tabke

    Holly, trust me, you didn’t miss a thing. nuttin’ at all.

    Cele, I screwed up a name again, I thought Von was the kid who knocked over the mic stand. I felt so bad for him! So Von was the first one? The one Simon said dressed as bad as Clay Aiken? He was ok. I think he was really nervous. Like we wouldn’t be! I’m really curious to see who makes the wildcard cut. I hope hope hope Anoop Dawg gets a second chance.

    LaD, I hope you’re right, coz this part of the competition has been trying to say the least.

  11. Karin Tabke

    Amanda, if I had voted, I think I would have copied you. 🙂

    Poppy, I agree about Jorge. His Latin soul *is* part of his voice. Mess with voice and you destroy a performer. Like Norman Gentle, Nathaniel’s get-up will be his demise. Get rid of the hair bands and crap coming out of your nose, puleeze! Coz to me, the kid has talent. But his plummage gets in the way of it.

  12. Ames

    I posted my crit over on my blog but YES Von was a wreck…saw lots of wrecks all night long. And like you, was bored.

    The reason I’m here is cuz you told me to come here 🙂 THis is why I love Twitter. Courtesy of Victoria Dahl…photos of the lovely Adam making out with a boy (which is fine; I totally don’t care if he makes out with dogs. I’M Not the one whose going to have a fit heeh all the 13 yo girls are)

  13. Ames

    Karin I really wanted to pop Nathaniel with that headband LOL

    I voted for LIl ROunds who I just loved. I think Lil, Jorge and Scott or Kendall who both got “we hope/think you’ll be around a long time” plugs from the judges.

  14. Jane

    Lil was the best last night. I can’t wait for the Wild Card round on Thursday. Anoop better make it in.

  15. Charlotte Featherstone

    Totally boring. That Nathan just makes me cringe. Totally gives me the willies! ICK!

  16. Karin Tabke

    Ames, I wonder who’s in denial??? those pics say it all!

  17. Karin Tabke

    So I was ok with most of the wild card pics last night. even Tatiana who is so annoying she is sure to grind on everyone’s nerves and give us something to kibitz about. I was glad Anoop Dawg made it back. I hope he can hold on to make the final 12.

  18. Karin Tabke

    I agree with all 4 of the judge’s picks!

    I was really happy Anoop made it and crazy Tatiana did not.

    So we have Megan, Matt, Anoop and the 17 year old girl whose name escapes me.

  19. Cele

    I have to say tonight’s show sat really wrong with me. Why? Because before it aired here on the West Coast I read who made it. This is what I noted, and what I think.

    1) They knew who they were choosing before the show.

    2) Why do I think this? Because each of the singers who advanced were paired (in the singing break down) with a singer who did not.

    3) Singers who did not give a good performance advanced (while I am happy that Anoop advanced, his performance was not better than Tatiana’s.) Hallelujah! Tatianna did not advance… really my nerves are shot.

    4) Singers who don’t sing a new selection should be automatically disqualified. Just sayin’.

    Had I been a judge, Felicia would have gone on before any of the four tonight. Darmnit! I’m not a judge.

    AND! this should please you. Jewel is out of Dancing With The Stars…but hold on to your husbands…. Holly Madison is in.

    Oh, and Nancy O’Dell is out too because of injury, who is replacing her has not been named.

  20. Ames

    Is Felicia the first one that was picked? I would have rather seen the redhead make it through. Honestly, I’m just not that crazy about this season 🙁

  21. Cele

    Felicia was the girl brought back for the third group, but did not make it into the wild card. And I agree Ames, Jessie Langseth was worthy of moving into the competition – I thought her version of Tell Me Something Good, one of my favorite songs, was outstanding. Much better than some who made it in.

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