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March 7, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 38 comments

It didn’t take those newlyweds long.  I’m going to be a grandma!!!!   whoo hoo!!! I’m so happy and excited, I can’t stand it!!!! 
So help!  I need a good granny name!!  The best name gets their choice of one of my books and a copy of MASTER OF CRAVING when it releases in May!
Grandma Karin*


  1. Edie

    LaDonna’s grandkids call her Mimi. I like that.

    Or they can combine your name and “ma” and come out with Karma. I can see you as Karma.

  2. Karin

    Karma! Only from you, Edie. I love it! My friend Lee sugeested Gigi.

  3. Edie

    Isn’t Gigi a southern name for grandma? I feel like I’ve heard it before. I do like it, but for you I like Karma. 😎

  4. J. Carson Black

    Whoa! That is so cool! How about Nana? That’s what my relatives in New Zealand call my auntie.

    Or, Gorgeous?

    Just picture that little one toddling over to you and saying, “Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I wuff you, Gorgeous!”

    Why the hell not?

  5. Edie

    Goddess! Karin, she can call you Goddess.

  6. Edie

    Or he!

  7. aj chase

    My kids call my husbands parents the regular old grandma and grandpa, my mother grammy and my step-mom and dad nonny and grandpa nonny.

  8. Laurie

    Congrats, Karin! I’m so excited for you all! I have friends/family whose “grandma” names are Mimi, Yaya, Gram and Nan. I like Mimi, Gram and Nan best. My sil is Yaya – her granddaughter who’s now 3, couldn’t say Grandma – funnier yet is that the same granddaughter calls my brother “Bobo” – the names just stuck and now her brother calls them the same.

  9. kh

    wowo that is fantascitc news

    tabby k

    g to the k
    kt granny
    ma K
    Mama T
    Mama KT

  10. Margaret

    Wow, you gals are quick with the names.
    The ones that I had have been used–Mimi, Nana (wasn’t that the name of the OES-Old English Sheepdog-in Peter Pan?) and Gram. But from the way I understand it, sometimes the kiddos comes up with their own name for their loving/lovely grandma.

  11. ArkansasCyndi

    (I so want to win those books! LOL)

    My mom is Memaw and my dad is Papaw.

    My grandparents were always Grandma or granny and grandpa

    I always called my dad’s mother “grandma” but the grandkids who came after me called her Mamie (her name)

    My husband’s grandparents was “Ninny” and “Pa”

    I like Nana and Pawpaw.

  12. Cristina Machado

    Congrats, Karin, certainly, you will be a modern and charming grandma, but always with a maternal touch for to honour the family traditions. I like “Nonna”, is the name that the Italians give for his gradmas. Also is the name of ancient Roman goddess of destiny ( equivalent for the Greek Moira). A mix between lovely, hot Italian heart and magic, blessing destiny can be perfect for a master grandma !

  13. Jaci Burton

    Congrats Karin! That’s awesome * grin *

    My granddaughter calls me Mimi. I love it. And my husband is Papa.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with something fun that fits you.

    Grandkids are so exciting and so much fun. I’m so happy for you and for your kids!

  14. Kristina Cook

    Congrats, Karin!! How exciting! My kids call my mom “Grammy.” That’s my favorite of the grandma nicknames. :o)

  15. Amanda Murphy

    I am nana, all the greats and great-greats get to be Grandma. My mom was Grandma Kathy to Alex, he picked that one himself.

  16. RachG

    I call one of my grandmother’s “Gram” and another “Grandmum”

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby! 🙂 Always exciting! A lady I work with is having a grandaughter on Wednesday (planned c-section) and our entire office has had two different e-mails announcing the birth, but it’s so fun. We’ve all been fowarding names and stuff. So even though I don’t have kids (I’m 22!) I’m still kind of in on the fun!!

  17. Raine

    No suggestions, just a big smile and congratulations! 🙂

  18. Brandy W

    My kids decided what to call their grandparents regardless what they were called by the other grandkids. Hubby’s parents are Gramma and Popsi (cause he loves Pepsi). My parents are Nana and Papa by my kids and Nonni and Poppi by my brother’s daughter. I like Opi and Gi.

    Congratulations 🙂

  19. Greta

    Congrats – Karin

    I called my Grandmother “Gamma”. My sister whose a grandma goes by “Nana”.

    Hope those help.

  20. HollyD

    Congrats! This baby is very lucky. Here’s nothing but the best of wishes for your daughter and her husband. They are about to receive the greatest gift in the world.

  21. Theresa


    Congratulations that’s wonderful news. By brother couldn’t pronounce Grandma as a kid, so he called my mom’s mom Gabber–which stuck. She’s known far and wide as Gabber and wears the nickname with pride. Do you talk alot? 😆 the nickname sure fits her…out of the mouth of babes!

    My Aussie nieces called my mom Nanna, while the ones from Nevada called her Grandma Washington (since she lived in Washington state–they called their other grandmother Grandma California)

  22. J. Carson Black

    Theresa – Aussie and NZ – they call their grandmothers “Nana” or “Nanna,” or in my aunt’s case, “Nanna-noo” because she’s the great grand nana.

  23. Amy S.

    My nieces and nephew call my mom mamaw.

  24. B.E. Sanderson

    Congratulations, Karin! That’s wonderful news.

    My great nephew calls my sister ‘Ma’ and my mother ‘Meema’. Other than that, we just all went with Grandma. Whatever he/she calls you, it’ll be said with love. =o)

  25. Karin Tabke

    Keep them coming!

  26. Randy

    LOL. Wow…your joy fair LEAPT from the screen! Huge congratulations; I’m sure you must be thrilled. I’m in the camp that believes the best names are the ones the kiddies come up with themselves. Especially when they totally bastardize the one you try to get them to say. My SIL, who wanted to be “Grandma,” ended up with something sounding like “Guh-guh.”

  27. Laurie K

    Congrats Karin!!!!
    We use Mimi or Nanny in our house
    Seems a lot of people do 😉

  28. LaDonna

    Hot damn, Karin! I’m Mimi, but ya know that. My daughters are going to use it too, whenever their time rolls around. I’m so happy for you, I could bust! YAY! Tell the kiddies they did good! Whatever name you choose will fit just fine. Whoo Hoo! 🙂

  29. Colleen MacLeod

    Congratulations! The only thing that lept to my mind is “She Who Must Be Obeyed” because we all know granny rules! But that will be a bit difficult for a toddler to spit out, I guess…;o)
    Awesome news!

  30. Ames

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! I like Nana too!!

  31. Cele

    Congrats my friend. I happen to like grandma myself, my grandson refers to my mom as Big Ma (and no she’s not over weight.)

    I will tell you a cute story. My mother’s mother refused to be call grandma, she was ticked my mom made her a grandma (besides the fact she was pg before saying her vows – oh wait, that’s a family trait.) Anyway, she refused to allow anyone to call her or refer to her as grandma. She wanted to be known by her name. Which really was a bad move… for both my grandparents, because my grand mother’s name was Effie, or Fe. And my grandfather was Chappy. I swear this is the truth. Besides being in leg braces I wasn’t very good at talking and you’ve got it, yes my grandparents were called Crappy and PeePee by their not so eloquent grand daugher… me.

    Aren’t you glad your name is Karin and hubby’s is Gary?

  32. Nathalie

    Aww, Congrats!!!
    Maybe the munchkin can call you Mami Karin? Nana is pretty cute too. In our family we also call our aunt, who is like a second mother to us, Mommy Mima; could be used for a grandma too.

  33. Carol Luce

    Karin, I’m so happy for you. Grandkids are the best! We have our kids just so we can have grandkids. The kids were no fun at all. But grandkids love you unconditionally, and you can spoil them rotten. Mine always got ice cream for breakfast. And when they reached the age of seven, they got a pocket knife and a bic lighter from their papa. Just kidding, but sorta true.

    A name? Good ol’ Grams for you and Papa for hubby. I always wondered why grandparents wanted to be called something other than what they are. Proud grandparents.

  34. kh

    nanna nana


  35. kh

    grandma k

  36. Sarah

    My parents are: Grandmommy and Granddaddy

    But there was a couple at my kids’ “Grandparents’ Day” at school called:
    No-no and Sure.

    The grandma was “No-no,” and the grandpa was “Sure.”

    Probably fitting, but not very fair — guys get to have all the fun. 😉

  37. Elisabeth Naughton

    This will teach me to take a blogging hiatus…

    CONGRATULATIONS, Karin!!!!!!! I am so so SO happy for you. No wonder you’re in Sonoma celebrating!!

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