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March 10, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 17 comments


So, tonight was interesting, mostly boring…but thankfully sprinkled with a few rays of sunshine.


It was sing a Michael Jackson song tonight. I love the old MJ. But tonight?  Yikes, there were some bad renditions.  



Lil Rounds sang The Way You Make Me Feel. You could tell she was nervous.  I didn’t care for the way she dressed, it, um really accentuated her round. Okay, so the performance didn’t make me feel too good, but, she was nervous and I know she can do better.  I hope she makes it through.  I’m sure she will.  I totally disagreed with Randy.  It wasn’t that good.  Kara too.  And then there is Paula.  Did she rip that shirt off from Bjork? And Simon of course hated what she was wearing too!


Scott MacIntyre sang Keep the Faith: Started out strong.  He’s much better sitting at the piano.  But, his voice just seems to have weakened since Hollywood week.  My sil said, “I think someone should help him out with his hair.”  I think someone needs to help him with his vocals. It was ho-hum to me. Is it me, or does Kara have on a lot of makeup tonight? Kara and Paula are on crack.  Simon is right, “Don’t be artistic on this show.” And Dawg was in the right corner. Frankly, Scotty hasn’t really impressed me with this performance or the one that got him there.


Danny Gokey sang PYT.  Finally, something good.  He really does have a good voice.  Like Daughtry, even a bad night is a good one.  And this was not a bad night.  Great vocals.  God, Paula is annoying and wearing too much makeup.   lol what Simon said about Danny’s hideous dancing. I thought his jacket was hideous. So, it’s unanimous.  All the judges loved him.  Gotta go with the flow.


Michael Sarver sang You Are Not Alone.  I love this song!  I think he picked a good song for his voice.  But he seemed to over sing it.  Doesn’t matter, he’ll go through to next week.  I figure he’ll be gone in a few weeks though.  He doesn’t have the chops to hang in.  And he kind of sorta fell apart.  That music sounded like racket in the background.  Sigh.  Okay he’s wrapping up, it was pretty bad imho.  I knew Simon wouldn’t like it, but he was right on about Mike giving it 110%.  My question is, since when does Simon score points for that?   I’m glad Randy liked it even though I disagree.  And the girls?  Gah, Kara. and I am officially sick of Paula.  


Jasmine Murray sang I’ll Be There, another fave of mine.  She is so pretty.  So is her family.  I’d have liked to see her sing something more contemporary, she always picks mature songs.  She was pitchy but it wasn’t bad.  Enough to get her though, I think.  Kara was too generous, and so was Randy.  Paula’s babbling actually made some sense. Simon wasn’t excited, and I totally agree with little girl wanting to be grown up. Sigh.  Didn’t we all when we were 17?


Chris Allen sang Remember the Time.  Ouch.  But he’s cute.  I don’t like this at all. What’s up with the sound tonight?  It sounded like it was fading in and out.  I’m bored, and so too will be Simon.  Coz, I really don’t care what the other judges think.  Ok, Kara is becoming Paula’s mini me.  And Paula is on drugs.  Her voice was shaky all night, and then of course her rambling, blah blah blah.  Hmm, Simon was pretty mild in his criticism.  And I agree, Chris should have left the wife in the closet. He could have garnered a few more votes.


Allison Iraheta sang, I forgot the title, but she did a fabulous job!  She is most def in the hunt!  Love her sound and vibe. She’s very defined in herself. My fave so far.  Good job. Oh, and I love her humility.  All the judges agreed, the girl has natural talent.


Anoop Dawg Desai! sang Beat It.  LOL, I would not have picked it for him.  As Simon would say, and prolly will say, “A rather karaoke performance.” Ok, so not the best, but I like this guy. Wow, Paula said she didn’t like something.  Simon was correct about Anoop not being aggressive.  


Jorge Nunez sang Never Can Say Goodbye.  Not bad.  He wasn’t pitchy. I agree with Kara, She’s Out of My Life would have been a good choice.  Yowch, what Simon said.


Megan Corkrey sang Rockin’ Robin.  She looks too damn cute in her little red dress. Ok, so there were some problems but her personality dominated.  Bad song choice, and not the best performance, but I really like her voice and what she did with it.  Paula is annoying as usual.  And Simon, double yowch.  I mean I know where he’s coming from, but I think Chef Ramsey was great


Adam Lambert sang Black or White (is that correct?). Ok, so ever since I saw the twitter pic of Adam sticking his tongue down another guy’s throat, I can’t take him seriously. Not thrilled with the performance but I guess it was a hit with the audience and dumb dumb Paula.  Is she trying to take over the judging table?   Egads!  She stuttered and stammered all over him.  Simon, do something please.  Please.  Triple Egads, he liked him too!  Banging head on laptop.


Matt Giraud sang Human Nature.  I liked it.  A lot.  See?  He stuck with what he does best.  Sigh.  🙂 We all loved it!  The judges better too.  Ok, whew, Dawg, Kara, and of course Paula, who doesn’t she like?  Simon liked it too.


Alexis Grace sang Dirty Diana.  She is too damn cute!  And wow.  What a performer.  Looks great, struts the stage great and has a voice all wrapped into a to-die-for package. Ok that very last note was bad but she did great!  I did not agree with Simon.  My daughter thought she, ‘killed it’ in a good way, so did I.  That’s why they pay me the big bucks!


New rules tomorrow night?  Maybe no more Vote For the Worst having a say?  I want the judges to have a say!



Okay, so thoughts?





  1. Cele

    Oh kewl you posted before I headed to bed.
    For the most part I agreed….er for the most part.

    I loved Danny, Kris (disagreement number one), and Alisson – those were the three I spent my voting time on.

    I think Scott is out of his class group. Anoop dawg don’t pick an iconic song unless others more talented have done it successfully before you. Example… Daughtry choosing and nailing Billie Jean.

    Jorge totally missed the mark, hated Megan’s number – but she really is growing on me. Alexis choose the right song for her but needs to learn to use the stage. Jasmine sad song choice for her because it’s one of my favs and I had a hard time listening. I agree with your assessment of Lil. Matt not bad. Michael I wasn’t sold on it.

    And Adam, his pics didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t sold on his song. Could I get away with airing it? Nope. I don’t think my listening audience will go for it. But the guy does fit into a specific musical market, just not my musical market.

  2. Margaret

    Five gals and eight guys. Two are getting the boot. My best guess is two guys. . . Anoop and Michael, though I waver between a couple other guys, Kris and Scotty. Scotty was weak, but he fills a certain demographic. I think the judges dissed Jorge a little too much and they wanted to influence the voters. What can I say? He’s got the cuteness factor, PLUS he is always improving!
    For my money, I liked Danny, Adam and Alison the best.

  3. Edie

    I missed Lil Round. They always have the group singing thing in the beginning, which is never great, so I finished reading a contest entry before watching the show.

    Danny was great! So was Allison and Alexis. I disagreed with the judges about Alexis. She was better than they said. I hope Megan makes it through because I do like her personality and her quirky voice, though she picked the wrong song last night.

    I liked Adam, but my husband didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t see the internet pictures of him. I’m not going to look for them either.

    And I forgot to vote last night!

  4. Jaci Burton

    David Cook smoked Billie Jean…they should have closed the Michael Jackson songbook after that one. 😉

    I loved Adam. I think he’s got an awesome voice and brought the house down. He wowed me and I thought he gave the best performance of the night.

    I liked Danny, Matt and Allison, too. I still love Anoop but he’s gotta pick better song choices. I think Lil is awesome though last night wasn’t her best. I also thought Alexis was really good and she’ll be serious competition.

    The rest of them didn’t rock my world.

  5. Charlotte Featherstone

    Okay, well,first, I’m not a MJ fan at all, so the night was total snooze fest for me because I couldn’t get in the mood, or the music. For me he’s dated.
    However, Danny was a highlight, Adam…well, Adam bugs the hell out of me. Yeah he can sing, and yeah he’s a showman, but there’s something there that really gets under my skin. Alexis, killed it! I love her. And I’m trying to figure out how her performance was over the top and Adam’s was ‘brilliant’. I mean, he was totally over the top! And Allison is raw and edgy and like you, Karin, I love her vibe. However, if she wins, she’s going to need someone to coach her off stage. Get on the stage she’s a lioness, off, stunned puppy. It might be her age, but man,listening to her do interviews is paaaainful!

    So,that’s my two cents. And poor Anoop Dawg…Beat It? Really??????? I hope he hangs in there!
    Being Canadian, I can’t vote, so sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me when I can’t vote to keep my favs alive.

  6. Mary

    Gay or not, Adam is one hot cookie and god can he sing. He has been my fav to win since the very beginning!!

    Wasn’t to keen on the talent till last night, there are quite a few that I think will go on to have decent recording careers.

  7. Amanda Murphy

    I’m going with Chris and Jorge going home tonight. Most of the performances were decent and these two murdered their songs.

  8. Karin Tabke

    Amanda I’m with you, but I won’t be surpised if Michael goes.

    Mar, I don’t care about Adam’s sexual preference, as an individual he just gives me the heeby jeebies. kind of like wacko jacko. great performer, musical genius! And even with pedophile tendencies aside, yikes!

  9. Poppy

    My problem with Adam is that he’s totally a professional. He’s been working in Hollywood and theater since he was a teen, he’s been in Wicked, the Ten Commandments, Hair, and performing in big clubs and such. So what if he’s the most comfortable on stage, or knows what kind of artist he is, or watching him is like a real concert or any of the other things the judges say. He better be after all that. Idol is fun bc you get to see the roughneck, the church music director, the waitress, the stay at home mom or whichever normal person, become a star. So, yeah, he had the best performance, but I just don’t care.

  10. Poppy

    And I’m so voting for Megan and Anoop. They’re adorable. Oh and the pink-haired girl.

  11. Jane

    I still love Anoop.

  12. Poppy

    America chose well tonight.

  13. Karin Tabke

    Poppy, I agree. and I was glad the judges stuck to the voting public’s choice. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to see Michael stay until he stood. and wasn’t Alexis Grace just too sweet to help Scotty out during the dance number and in their seats? she never let him waver. what a heroine! I really love that girl. I’m trying to figure out a way to hook her and my oldest son up. She isn’t married is she?

  14. Poppy

    I think here fiance is in Iraq, so not available. 🙂

  15. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, hubby and I watched. I think there’s some serious talent this year. My favs for guys are Danny and Adam, and the gals Meagan (blond gal with arm tatoo) and the youngest gal, the redhead who rocks. I think the winner will be one of these. Oooh, I love the blond-haired, pink-tinged single-mom too, she’s good. Can you tell I’m crappy on names? lol.

  16. Karin's man servant



    i KNOW, WHAT WILL WE DO? W-H-A-T W-I-L-L W-E D-O??? Hey! Who’s cooking dinner?!

  17. Ames

    I’m sorta with Poppy. He kinda left me unmoved but overall i was bored with last week’s performances. not sure I’ll watch thsi week’s either

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