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March 10, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments



…Lil Kim wasn’t bad.  Belinda Carlisle is a hypochondriac, and LT thinks he has more dancability than Jason Taylor?  Not.  but Etyda is awesome. Steve-O and Lacy.  Interesting pairing… Steve-O was too uptight, but I liked the suit. I could not take him seriously though.


I guess I’m out of the loop, coz I didn’t know who the Sex in the City guy was. Gilles Marani?  He is nice to look at.  And that accent isn’t too hard on the ears. But can he dance?…apparently he can.  Cheryl is awesome as usual. 


Chucks Wicks and Julianne. Nice couple.  Julianne is just so damn cute!  Loved her dress.  They didn’t do too bad.  


OMG!  The Holly bunny!  My son-in-law was in heaven!  Ohh, I like her dance partner.  Dmitry. Where has he been?  Uh, oh, I thought her boobs were going to pop off!  Son-in-law said she did horrible.  I didn’t think it was that bad.


Jewel’s hubby Ty Murray.  Hmm, should be interesting… oh the new dancer girl Chelsea looks like a firecracker! Um, Ty needs to stick to the rodeo gig.  That was painful to watch. Yowch, the judges agree. Guess who’s going home first round? 


Shawn John is too cute.  Mark is a good match for her.  Loved the song they danced to.  They did good.  


Steve Woz and Karina. Poor Karina, another dud partner.  Nice guy but, um, those black practice shorts have got to go. I hope this nerd can dance coz I really like him.  OMG!  He was too cute and serious and terrible!  I’m voting for him! Bruno said it was like a teletubby going mad.  Poor Steve, I don’t agree with the judges.


David Allen Grier and super hot Kym Johnson.  She wants the title? Let’s see what DAG can do. Hmmm, they need some work. But it wasn’t too god awful bad. 


Btw, hubby and sil are most unhappy they have to suffer through this. They DVR’d all of their comedies, their fave being Rules of Engagement.  Which I admit, I love too.  


Denise Richards.  Hold on while I puke.  Ok, I’m back.  And I loved that Maks doesn’t put up with her woe-is-me attitude.  What a crybaby she is.  I love Maks, but I so do not want DR to make it past this week. And I thought she looked like a pink Barbie doll.  Stiff and fake.  I bet Charlie is having a good laugh right now. Sorry, but glammy granny, nona Karin does not like her type. Oh, and if Karina wants to rip some eyelashes out, I’ll hold Barbie down.  Hubby and sil were not impressed.


Melissa and Tony.  Nice.  Nothing memorable.  


Okay, so those are my rambling ramblings regarding the season opener of DWTS!







  1. Margaret

    For some reason, I’m not into it this year, though I did see DAG and Kym dance. Not bad, but I did wonder if he used a sharpie to draw on the facial hair.
    Maybe when they cut the dead weight it might get more interesting.

  2. Karin

    margaret, it was pretty boring.

  3. Edie

    I’m not watching it. I like “So You Think You Can Dance” so much better. That’s where I see some great dancing.

  4. Charlotte Featherstone

    Sorry, I don’t watch it either. we’re defintitely So you think you can dance fans!

  5. bria

    See, now I feel like I don’t HAVE to watch it – that had to have been better than the show


  6. Jane

    I agree, Shawn is so cute. She danced well. I was happy that Melissa was pretty good considering she only had two days to prepare. I’m like LT and hope he’s for a while.

  7. Cele

    Oh drats! I blogged DWTS for Jenny T Partridge and then checked to see if you posted but wasn’t able to get to check this morning.

    I missed Kym and Derek but the recap clip made her look very stiff and awkward.

    I loved Woz’ attitude, I hope he makes it through for a few weeks.

    I warned you to hold on to your hubby, Holly Madison was in the house. But she dances like a model and models don’t fair well on DWTS.

    Denise can fall on her face and I will laugh.

    Shawn was adorable, LT a danceless idiot, David Alan Grier annoying, and Jeee-illes is hot.

    Oh and I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan and blog it as well for Jenny T Partridge. SYTYCD fans would enjoy both Lacey and Chelsea.

    Now back to AI

  8. Karin

    Great commentary, Cele!!!

    Ok, you all comvinced me. One of these seasons I will succumb to SYTYCD!

  9. Cele

    Oh you have to watch it. The difference and purpose between the two show are black and white.

    Dancing with the Stars is pure entertainment by people who need to renew their careers and make a buck doing it.

    So You Think You Can Dance is a total showcase of young dancers who are vying for a break in their careers. The literally are dancing for their professional lives. And as I said above, Lacey Schwimmer and Chelsea Hightower are both SYTYCD alum, as is Lacey’s brother Bengie Schwimmer who won season two and choreographed two numbers on last seasons Dancing With The Stars.

    Also on the season finale of 2008 American Idol the 2007 finalist of SYTYCD performed through out.
    My biggest complaint about SYTYCD it’s too short a competition – the competition is totally addictive, highly artistic, and leaves your heart singing in it’s beauty.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Cele, you sold me!

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