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March 21, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments


So I took four days off last week and it seems like it was a dream.  Where does the time go?  I managed to get a bunch of lose ends tied up.  Promo stuff, paid a few bills, caught up on computer work, did a little reading, and continued to battle this chest cold.  It’s really annoying.  The coughing. Argh. No pain, just that cough. 


My daughter is in the throes of some bad morning sickness that lasts most of the day.  Poor thing has been puking every morning. Gingerale helps, and so does the ginger tea, but she is pretty darn miserable.  I so remember those days.  When I was pregnant with her I was sick 24/7 and for the entire nine months. Certain smells made me run for the bathroom.  And she has the worst possible job a pregnant woman in her first trimester can have:  she works in a restaurant.  All of those smells.  Poor baby.  But I’m feeling good about her sickness.  It means there is a high level of hormones, and my doc always told me the sicker the mom-to-be the stronger the pregnancy.  So, my daughter is lookin’ good right now.  I didn’t realize until she started to get sick how much I was holding my breath.  I mean, I was thinking in the back of mind, what if she isn’t sick, will something be wrong?  I almost kept myself from getting too excited.


My son-in-law is too cute, he’s been feeling the same way.  We talked about it the other day and we both feel better.  He’s very excited.  He called yesterday and asked if he should bring my daughter home some flowers to make her feel better.  I said, “The way she’s feeling, she’ll smell them and puke on you.  Probably not.  Just rub her feet when she gets home.”  I’m glad they’re here, and glad I can take care of my kid.   I can not wait to get my hands on that baby!


Tomorrow I’m cooking up a huge pot of jambalya.  It’s hubby and son-in-law’s fave.  All the kids will be here, plus my in laws and my aunt and her hubby.  My fil is cooking corn pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.  Can not wait!  I gave up white carbs for Lent, but on Sundays you are free to resume normal biz.  So rice and pancakes for Karin tomorrow!!  Life is vera good.  J


Not much else going on. I miss the First Line Contest.  So much talent this year!  I hope hope hope Amy asks to see more of the entries then the first ten pages.  She is one of the toughest and best editors in New York, so to pique her interest is a coup.  I’m keeping everything crossed. 


I haven’t forgotten the Help Karin Think of a Good Grandma Name prize.  I just haven’t settled on what I want to be called yet.  I am leaning slightly toward Gram/Grammy.


So I think I’m going to go downstairs and stare at the cheese Danish I can’t eat, then go walk the dogs.


What’s everyone else been up to? 



  1. Edie

    Jambalaya sounds yummy. Your poor daughter. I feel for her, though I never had morning sickness.

    I hope your chest cold goes away soon!

  2. Karin

    thnx, edie. did you see duplicity? details please.

  3. Jaci Burton


    My daughter in law is pregnant with her second. My second grandchild…wheee!!! Anyway, she’s about 9 weeks right now and sick as a dog, poor thing. And she also works in a restaurant. How funny, huh? I feel bad for her, too, and oh do I ever remember morning sickness (do we ever forget it?).

    She’s due in October. We’ll be grandma’s together! 🙂

  4. J. Carson Black

    I feel for your daughter, Karin. Poor sweetheart. But I love the way you guys see it–that it just might work out best for her and the baby in the long run!

    Now, if she can only get through the meanwhile. Good thoughts sent her way–and yours. Oh, might as well throw Hubby into the mix. And your daughter’s husband…

    Okay, the whole family.*

    *not available in stores

  5. Amanda

    Karin, sorry about daughter’s morning sickness. Oh, do I remember those days. Would it be good or bad if I said everyone I know with really bad morning sickness has girls? Something with the baby stealing your hormones if its a girl. Hopefully she will find something that sits well and feel a little better.

  6. HollyD

    Wouldn’t it be nice if morning sickness were only in the morning. You just know a guy made up that lie. Here’s wonderful thoughts headed to the Tabke household.

    I’m still sick while the rest of my family is feeling better. I haven’t been able to write a thing for 6 days. On Sunday I plan on ignoring the family for a few hours and writing, writing, writing. I just don’t get how sometimes I can sit down and words start flowing and the rest of the time it is barely a trickle.

    Happy weekend everyone!

  7. Kath Calarco

    Karin, congrats on the upcoming birth!

    Sorry to hear about the morning ick. I must have been one of the lucky ones – not one puking morning ever. I guess the following eighteen years were my pay-back for that. 😉

    I probably missed the contest, but I think Gramma K sounds good.

    These days I’m immersed in college papers. My new goal is going for an M.F.A. That’ll be a couple of years down the road. That said, any thoughts of publication has left the stove entirely. But, taking the steps toward my goal involves plenty-o-writing, just not in my Epics-In-Progress. So, it’s all good.

    Stay well! And good luck with the grandmother name. When all is said and done, if the baby is anything like his/her grandmother, they’ll come up with a name on their own, I’ll bet.

  8. Charlotte Featherstone

    There’s a British study done a few years ago that was really quite accurate. It was to do with cravings. Women who craved high protein foods like milk, eggs, steak were carrying females, and women who craved high carbs and sweets were carrying males. I ate nothing but eggs and meat, and down litres of milk, and I had a girl…so, you can tuck that away for when the morning sickness leaves and the cravings begin! lol!

    Hope she’s feeling better soon. I remember those days, but I’d be throwing up and then half an hour later want a grilled chicken Caesar salad! lol!

  9. Margaret

    Bummer about the morning sickness for your DD. I must confess that I NEVER got sick, just quesy once when watching a Red Lobster commercial. But don’t hate me for it because I got a puker kid. I knew she would never choke to death because she’d puke it up first. There was many a time we’d be in a restaurant and I’d be shoving a bucket or bread bowl under the kid only seconds before she’d barf–Yeah, I’d tell the waiter/ess to just toss the container. 😛 And then there was Christmas dinner at Grandma’s house . . .

    We went skiing this week for spring break. Kid puked in the car on the way to Colorado, 12.5 hours. I learned long ago to have a small Williams-Sonoma bag lined with Wal-Mart bags. Damn, I’m good! And the kid was a real trooper and hit the bag every time! 🙂

    Kiddo skied with us every day. We skied Keystone, Breckenridge and Vail, and she tackled moguls and groomed black slopes. Yep, I’m a proud mama.

  10. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, give your baby girl a big hug for us! Poor thing. I was sick every other day for the first few weeks, then I was fine. Wierd how that works. And let’s see, we had a great weekend with the kiddies and daughter. SIL was out of town, and we had a big sleepover. And I love Jambalya! A fav of my family too. Enjoy the good stuff.

    On a note, I was originally going to be called Gram and my first grandchild christened me Mimi. I was at their house babysitting for a few hours, and he looked at me, smiled real big and called me, “Mimi!” I told my daughter, we can’t touch that. It was a really precious moment, and I can see it still.

  11. Christina T.

    Congrats on the baby. I was very sick for all nine months. What really helped me is my dad is an Acupunctrist and a Nutritionist. We did Acupuncture for morning sickness and it kept me going! Also I took Standard Process vitiams. They are Whole Food Vitamins and your body asborbs them better than the synthetic “pre natal Vitamins” If you are interested research Standard Processa and the differnce between whole food and synthetics. if you go to there website you can find a Dr. in your area.

  12. Karin

    Edie, the jambalaya was delish! And my daughter actually had a good day yesterday. We went to a nice little French restaurant and she wanted to order one of everything on the menu!

    Jaci, I’m so excited for you! I knew I would be excited, and well, I am. I bought the cutest little outfit for my granddaughter, ah, I love saying that! yesterday. of course the kids are sure they’re having a boy, but I think a girl is in order.

    Jake, thank you for the good thoughts! and congrats woman on finaling! Sending good thoughts back atacha!

  13. Karin

    Amanda, how is it we have vivid memories of some thing that happened nearly two decades ago? and then we rinsed and repeated!

    Holly, I’m sorry the creeping crud is still in your house. Today is the first morning I haven’t woken to racking coughs.

    Hey, Kath, where ya been? I’m glad you’re wrting.

  14. Karin

    Charlotte, what does it mean if she’s craving both!!! and btw i really enjoyed your Celtic themed blog the other day.

    Margaret, it looks like you’re getting all the puke now you missed out on then!

    LaD, I’d give her a hug but it might make her puke! I really like Mimi. I really really do.

    Thanks, for the congrats, Christina. Very interesting about the acupuncture. I hear it works for all kinds of ailments. does it hurt? and will def have pregnant daughter look for the good vitamins. I have to take a look at what she’s taking.

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