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March 24, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments


So, DWTS is not floating my boat this year.  Not sure why.  Oh, maybe it has to do with the lack of celebrities with actual personalities?  Well, except for Steve Woz.  The other Steve. Meh.  Yeah, I felt bad for him when he slid and fell last night, but once a Jack Ass always a Jack Ass in my book.  I can’t root for Maks coz I can’t root for his partner.  Julianne?  I know her partner is her BF but they are boring. Lil Kim LT, Ty and the other blur into the wallpaper so-called celebs have left me feeling like I should be doing something else on Monday nights. 


The one shining spot to my Monday night television is Castle.  I almost stopped watching it the first night, coz, well it’s campy and over the top, but the Rick Castle character is addictive and so is his daughter and mother!  The chick cop?  Yawn.  But we’re not watching it because of her are we?  I am hooked.


I’m going to stop watching DWTS.  When I ask myself if I care who wins, the answer is a bored shrug.  Okay, I take that back.  I hope Shawn John wins. But I’m not going to invest the time to see if she does.  I need to write, so write I will in that Monday time slot.


I do have one guilty pleasure though:  Twitter.  It’s addictive.  If you want to follow me (and be forewarned, I can be as boring as the DWTS cast this year) just type in Karin Tabke and voila!


So, is anyone as bored with DWTS as I am?  And does anyone watch Castle?






  1. Jaci Burton

    I don’t think DWTS is all that fascinating either. Comical, yes. Great…not so much.

    And I already follow you on TWitter. Now you need to follow me back. 😉 Twitter is so addictive. And can be a massive time suck if one isn’t careful.

    And yes, I am so on deadline. Must use my writing time wisely.

  2. Karin

    I do Jaci!!!! will go tweet ya somthin’

  3. Poppy

    Oh, I love Castle! I only watched for Nathan Fillion. I’ve loved him since Buffy. But the show itself turned out to be fab. Although they need to work on the murders’ acting. They basically shout “It’s me! It’s me!” Like the Eddie Haskel boy last night.

  4. Cele

    I am still watching, because I am blogging it for Jenny T, hmmm, and hubby likes it. I am adoring Steve W, rooting for Shawn and Melissa, but Ty Murray is growing on me.

  5. Edie

    I haven’t watched DWTS. I never got into it. The Do You Think You Can Dance show has always been so much better.

    I didn’t watch Castle, but maybe I’ll give it a shot.

  6. Jane

    I hope either Shawn or Gilles wins.

  7. virna

    Don’t watch DWS and don’t know what Castle is, but I like seeing your Twitter entries!

  8. Karin Tabke

    Poppy, what character did nathan play in buffy? now i might have to go back and suffer through the killer praying mantis to look at him.

    cele, can you let us know what jenny’s site is?

    jane, i’m with you. shawn is adorable and gilles? the man has some serious swivel hips.

    virna, you must watch castle. even poppy likes it!

  9. Poppy

    He played the most perfectly evil priest, but not until season seven. And other than him, I really can’t recommend season seven. The baby slayers are dreadful.

    Instead, I’ll loan you Firefly. Hilarious. And, it’s a western (ok, in space, but still) so Hubby may like it too.

  10. Cele

    It’s Jenny T Partridge –
    Dancing off the Edge I don’t do the same type of break down you did, but I give it an over view still the same.

    And oh, so you didn’t miss the expulsion you were waiting, praying, hoping for?

  11. Karin Tabke

    the wicked witch is dead! but i admit, i’ll miss maks.

  12. ArkansasCyndi

    Not a DWTS watcher, but I had a friend call it Dancing with the Cons! LOL This is the worse group of “stars” ever.

    But Castle – Guilty obsession. Daughter seems a little old for her years (she is the parent figure to Castle and his mother). But you have to love the mother! Castle? Give me a break…if he’s not cute and sexy, then you’re not watching the same program I am.

  13. Carol Luce

    Don’t watch DWTS. I try not to get involved in more than one show that airs twice a week. So
    AI has my attention.

    Love Castle. The chemistry between Castle and the lady cop was excellent in the debut show. Not so much lately. I wish they’d put the poker game in more often. Seeing real mystery writers chatting about their series characters was such a treat.

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