I Have Succumbed To The Triple Threat!

March 26, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments


Myspace, Twitter and now, Facebook!  I LOVE twitter.  And Facebook is growing on me.  You can friend me at www.facebook.com/karintabke.  To follow me on twitter go to www.twitter.com and search for KarinTabke  no space between the first and last name.


Of course, I needed another time suck! It would be different if I didn’t enjoy it all, but I do!  What I’m really enjoying is figuring stuff out. My cyber retardedness is dissipating.  And with my cyber IQ on the rise, I have a few new things planned for my blog, but I have to hone a few skills first. 


So, yesterday daughter number one came by to help me with some ‘puter stuff and as we were working at the kitchen table, daughter number two, the pregnant one, is standing at the island eating bacon and berry swirl sherbet.  Is that gross or what? 


Charlotte? What does that mean?  Protein and sweets in the same meal?????  Twins run on hubby’s side of the family.  I’ll know for sure next month when pregnant daughter has a sonogram if there is more than one in there.  Please pray there is only ONE!  I can’t handle twins!!! 


So, I really should be writing, and I really love what I’m producing, but well, I felt like chatting with you goils.  Anything good planned for the weekend?  Read anything exceptional lately?  I’m reading Shannon McKenna’s ULTIMATE WEAPON.  She is such a damn good writer!  You know who I haven’t read in awhile and I do so love her, is Linda Howard.  The last LH book I read was CRY NO MORE. I cried my freakin’ eyes out!  But I love that scene when the h/h pull the trigger together!  I was so afraid Linda was going to take the vanilla route in that scene.  I loved her even more when she didn’t.


So, give me some kick ass LH suggestions.  It’s not like I need more books to throw on my tbr pile, but Linda never disappoints.


There’s a MASTER OF CRAVING excerpt up on my books page if you’re remotely interested in reading it.


Okay, okay, I’m rambling. I’ll shut up and get back to my writing!


Ciao for now!




  1. Edie

    Karin, I was ready to talk about AI here, so I’ll do it anyway. I was shocked to see Matt in the bottom two. I voted for him (and Allison, who was fabulous). I think his personality is quieter and maybe people forgot him. But he’s a great singer.

    I’m on Twitter and Facebook, but I forget to tweet. Can’t think of any kickass LH books. I’m sure someone will.

  2. Charlotte Featherstone

    I’m supposed to be writing, but I’ll ditch that endeavor for now and go read that Craving excerpt! You know how much I’m wanting Stefan…er…I mean this book! Can’t wait.

    Sweets and protein for the mom to be. Well, I could be devil’s advocate and say that the ice cream, while sweet, could be construed as dairy, and also protein. But, then you could look at it as a sweet. Aren’t I a pain the ass!!! lol! Is she going to find out the sex of the baby next month? You’re going to have so much with the baby!!!! Best perk of working in the delivery room is getting to hold those sweet things on night shift. Unless of course, they’re fussing at 4am!

    Books….I cannot even begin to describe the obscene TBR pile in my study. It’s just overwhelmingly huge! The worse part is, I’m dying to dig into a few of them, but with deadlines and doing research, I can’t. I’m going to toally OD in reading when deadlines are done!

    My weekend is going to be spent writing! But that’s okay, it’s supposed to rain all w/e here. booooo

  3. J. Carson Black

    I’m trying to stay away from distractions as I finish this book—but I do have a GREAT idea for the next one. So now half my mind’s on the next one, which means that I have to force myself to keep from even loading Outlook. If I did Facebook and Twitter, I’d waste the whole day. I’m not as disciplined as you, Karin.

    I’ve just read three really great thrillers in a row: THE RENEGADES, by T. Jefferson Parker, THE WRONG MAN, by John Katzenbach, and THIRD DEGREE, by Greg Iles. I swear to God, if you start reading THIRD DEGREE, you won’t be able to put it down!

    But I need something a little different, something to clean the palette, so I’m off to read MASTER OF CRAVING. A completely different kind of high. 😉

  4. J. Carson Black

    Great job, Karin – you really surprised me when the Viking made his appearance. Great inner conflict for the hero, too. All in such a short space.

  5. Cele

    Ihave been avoiding Twitter and Facebook, but I have a feeling Facebook will win out over me.

    Edie, me too, what was with that? I will totally vote for him in the future. And Allison? Wow that girl rocks.

    Okay now for the stupid question. What is LH?

  6. Karin

    LH=Linda Howard!

  7. Dee

    Hey Karin. Just to let you know, when I clicked on your Facebook addy it said that page was not available. I’ll try to get there the old fashioned way.

  8. kh

    love shanna books jsut read that too it was good

  9. Andrea Jackson

    I’ve succumbed to the Dark Three also! But I loathe Myspace and haven’t gotten into Facebook yet. I seldom go to either. But I’m addicted to Twitter! I go on several times a day, and I’ve followed your profile.

  10. Kendra

    I love Linda Howard. Drop Dead Gorgeous and To Die For are hot. Same characters. Written in first person, some people found heroine to be annoying and grating, but I loved her. I got her!

    “I can’t handle twins!!!” LOL! Which one of you is having the baby (babies)?

    Holy crap. How did I miss that Shannon had a new book out last fall? Love all her books.

  11. Buffie

    Yaahoo!! Glad to know you are now over at Facebook. I’ll be sure to add you to my friends.

    I have to admit I have never read a LH book. I know, I know. Everyone says I should get one of her books and read it. It is just hard to find the time.

    Looking forward to Craving. We still haven’t gotten the ARC yet, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed we get it soon.

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