Wow! Some Shining Stars Last Night!

March 26, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

Real quick, I wanted to let y’all know I’m chattin’ over at Hooked on Romance today.  C’mon over and say hello.


Now onto last night!

I love the Motown sound!  And who doesn’t love Smokey?  I met him once, yanno.  In Reno at the MGM Grand, he was eating apple pie with his wife.  He’s tall, and gracious.


Ok, so, my notes are sketchy, I was being lazy, but here goes!


Matt:  This music genre was perfect for him.  He sang Let’s Get It On, and he got it on!  I really enjoyed his sound and his vibe.  The judges agreed.  But dayum, Paula is long winded!


Then there was Kris or Chris: He sang How Sweet It Is.  It wasn’t.  Sorry was not impressed.  I took a pee break.  I was not nearly as impressed as the judges.


Scotty:  he is such a nice guy, but as he sang You Can’t Hurry Love, I realized what his predominate problem is. He has no range.  Must. Have. Range.  He should have gone last week and Alexis should have been singing last night.   Leave it to Simon to strike swift and deadly at the heart of the matter.


Megan: poor, dear. She sang, or attempted to sing, For Once In My Life. I saw that train wreck coming when she was practicing with Smokey.  I had to leave the room it sounded so horrible. If she could get votes for looking incredible she’s be the front runner, but alas she cannot. She will be eliminated tonight. 


Anoop Dawg!  I love this guy.  He sang one of my fave Smokey songs, Ooo, Baby, baby!  And oh baby baby did he nail it!  One of the best last night, but not the best.


Michael should not be on the stage.  But he was, and he sang…hell if I remember.


Lil Rounds sang Heat Wave, and I think she could have nailed it if she wasn’t so nervous.  You could hear it in her voice.  And she seemed to rush the song.  She has chops as Kara likes to say and she did okay.  PS, I thought she looked great!



Adam.  Hot freakin’ damn!  He looked incredible, and sounded, well, he is a star.  I know I haven’t; had his back much, not because he can’t sing, but his look, his vibe irritates me.  Last night we saw him as god created him, and wow.  I. LOVED. IT!  And his interpretation of Tracks Of My Tears.  Holy shit!  I sat there slack jawed.   He is my new fave, so long as he leaves the paint off his face and fingernails.


Danny sang Get Ready.  It seemed like it started too fast for me, and frankly, I was still giddy over Adam’s performance.  But I did enjoy Danny’s performance.


And last but certainly not least, Allison.  Boy can this girl sing.  She comes alive on that stage.  LOVED!  Papa Was A Rolling Stone. Perfect song choice.  Best female performance of the night by miles.


How’d you all like last night?






  1. Margaret

    Unless I misjudged the voting population, I think it will go down to Adam and Allison. Love both of them.
    I’ve been wanting Meghan to go bye-bye from day one. Never did get her vibe or the weird dancing.
    Meghan or Matt should be the one to leave this week–can we get rid of both?

  2. Edie

    Allison was my favorite. Loved her too. She’s going to have a great career ahead of her. Danny has a great voice, but he’s not picking the right songs to show off his voice. I thought Matt was great. I wasn’t as thrilled by Anoop as you were. Yes, he sang well, but not any better than Smokey, or any different.

  3. Jaci Burton

    Anoop was adorable, sang a great ballad. I’d like to see him step it up with something upbeat next week.

    Adam rocks my world. He is so freakin talented. Every week he comes up with something new to rock my socks.

    Allison is awesome! I still can’t believe she’s only 16.

    Lil was just ok. I think she’d have done better with a Motown power ballad. She’d have knocked that out of the ballpark.

    Danny was good last night. not great, but good.

    Megan…holy crapping trainwreck she was bad. Michael was meh. I think it’ll be down to the two of them or maybe toss in Scott into the bottom 3 cuz they all suck.

    Who am I forgetting? Oh yeah…Kris/Chris. Eh. He’s cute, but nothing memorable about him. He won’t last long.

  4. Amanda Murphy

    Megan so needs to go home, she is in over her head. And the husband hates her dancing. Yes, I know its not a dancing contest, but my grandson dances better than her.

  5. Jane

    I love Matt and Anoop. I think Sarver should go home.

  6. Charlotte Featherstone

    I never cared for Adam’s over the top stage prescence, and Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire just made me cringe, but the boy redeemed himself last night. My exact quote was, ‘damnit, now I gotta love him after that!’

    Allison, that girl is a rocker chick through and through. As Kara said, she’s got a ‘God given talent’. I’m really loving her. Matt, loving the sexy vibe and I’m pulling for him. Danny, he’s down a peg or two for me.
    Looking forward to tonight!

  7. LaDonna

    Karin, my favs are still Adam and Allison. Does anyone else see the resemblance to Kurt Russell? Last night he looked like his long lost son, I swear. Adam also has Elvis eyes, and Kurt played Elvis once years ago. I swear, Adam gives me chills, he’s that good. What a talent! 🙂

  8. Karin Tabke

    LaD, hubby said the same thing last night about the Kurt Russell resemblance.

  9. Cele

    Oh crat the results show has started so I need to hurry. I absolutely adore Alison, that girl is my kinda rocker.

    Adam is incredible, I sincerely thought at the time of the performance he reminded me of a cross between Chris Isaak and Lou Christie. It wasn’t until the end I saw the Elvis sneer to his lip. Damn the man is talented. Kurt Russel hmmm, I’ll have to find a clip and look again.

    I very much like Kris, he appeals to the folk side of me. But his mouth is weird.

    I voted for Alison, Kris, and Danny (he needed my help this week.)

    And oh mi gawd are they lip syncing tonight?

    I think it’s between Michael, Megan, and Scott this week.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Yes, Cele they were! And not doing a good job of it!!!

    I was very surprised to see Matt in the bottom three, but he’s safe, so ciao to Michael. Megan dodged a huge bullet tonight!

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