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March 31, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments


Okay, so an interesting night.  But first, just in case you missed it (snerk) Steve Woz and Holly were eliminated from DWTS tonight.  Yeah, I know, surprise surprise.


Now on to AI!


Anoop Dawg.  Hmm What did he sing?  Whatever it was, it was meh.  Oh, according to Randy it was an Usher song.  Um, I don’t listen to Usher.  So Kara didn’t like it, Paula did, go figure, Simon says! “A complete and utter mess…It gave me a headache.”  Yeah, it was pretty bad.


Megan looked great and sang, of all things a Bob Marley song!  Okay, so she has this wonderfully unique voice, and I wasn’t all that displeased by her performance.  Hubby liked it.  And the judges?  Kara, not happy.  Paula, “Dig deep.”  Simon, ah Simon, “Boring, indulgent and monotonous.”  How do you really feel?  And then Randy closed that bad sore with, “It was like watching paint dry.”  Yowch.


Danny sang What Hurts The Most.  I love Rascal Flats, and he did okay with this song, which I love. It was solid, and I wasn’t bowled over.   Paula loved it. Simon said it was the best performance so far (which ain’t sayin’ much). Randy said, “You brought it.  Crazy with the vocals.”  Kara said, “You moved everyone in this room with emotion.”  Hmm, I guess I missed something.


Alison.  Alison, Alison.  What were you thinking when you went to wardrobe this week?  Indescribable.  She sang, Don’t Speak.  I liked the guitar bit, and she sang the song ok, but I kind of got the impression she was trying too hard to manipulate her voice.  But she did good, especially that last riff.  Randy was nearly speechless with regard to the outfit.  I agree.  Kara, said, “Good but not your best.”  I nearly choked on my drink when Paula said, “I’m glad to see you brought your ax out.”  Pulleez.  Simon said, she looked like something out of the Adam’s family.  whimper.


Scott got a new do and a new look and I love it!  He sang Just The Way You Are.  I anticipated no range.  Bingo!  But not as bad as I thought and certainly better than last week.  He might squeak through another week.  Kara thought it was a smart song choice.  Paula said, she is most proud of him.  Randy said, “Best one tonight.”  And Simon said! “Your best performance by a country mile.”  Just how long is a country mile?


Matt sang You Found Me.  I knew it was going to tank like the Cold Play song tanked before he sang one word.  I guess he doesn’t get the ‘Play to your strengths’ thing.  Aaaaand the judges agreed.  Paula said, “You aborted the things we love about you.”  Randy shook his head.  “Wrong song.”  Kara said, “You need to commit to one side or the other.”  Simon said, “We don’t like you this week.”  Yowch.  “It felt very put on.  Not a good commercial song.” There you have it.  I think Matt might get eliminated tomorrow night.


Lil Rounds should not have been wearing that dress.  That’s all I’m sayin’.  She sang a Celine Dion song!  I really thought she was going to tank, and while it wasn’t great, she showed her range.  Randy said, “Not a good song choice.  But you sang it really well.”  Kara said, “I was surprised too, you can really hit those notes.”  Paula, blah.  Simon said, “I’m going to echo the others.  It was similar to a wedding performance.  All of your personality is being sucked out of you.”  True true true.  Her little girls were cute though.


Adam came out sans the black polish and I love the Elvis do!  He sang Play That Funky Music.  Not one of my fave songs and I was thinking, oh great we are regressing tonight.  But, he done good.  I quite enjoy watching him when he isn’t all girled out. He’s quite the entertainer and no matter what, that man has a huge future ahead of him.  I’m glad I like him now.  And the judges said:  Paula, oh for crying out loud, calm the hell down! Gush blah gush.  Simon said, “Very brave Adam.  It was original.” Randy said, “You are definitely in the star zone.”  And Kara said, “Every week I cannot wait to see what you’re going to do next.”  Now, I hope all of this does not go to Adam’s head.  Stay cool, Dawg.


So after Adam I figured that was it, until Ryan said something about Kris.  I kind of was like, whatever, but boy did I sit up and pay attention quick.  He sang Ain’t No Sunshine and nailed it.  I loved his rendition.  Randy said, “You have been slaying it, dude!”  Kara said, “That is artistry!” Paula gushed, “That could be the first cut for your album.”  Simon said, “Clever arrangement.  Your best so far.”


So, not a bad night.  My picks to go home are Anoop, Megan, Matt or Scotty.  Who do you think is going home?  And what your fave performance of the night??




  1. Cele

    meh, meh, meh, wow.

    Anoop – blah
    Meghan – sad, sad, sad
    Danny – Okay, but not sold on. But I did understand what Kara was saying about emotion (no I didn’t get emotional) how many people thought about his wife as he was wailing, “What Hurts The Most”?
    Allison – dump the stylist, now. I loke the song, but she did have some rough spots.
    Scott – dude, painful, I changed channels for a moment.
    Matt – whoa! cat screeching
    Lil – Honey, get someone to pick the songs for you.
    Adam – (I play this song a lot) didn’t like his version, but it will sell like hot cakes (hey, I know my business.)
    Kris – stellar, you sold the song, nailed the performance, I’m going to the I-Store now.

    My bottom three: Scott, Meghan, Matt.

  2. Margaret

    I agree with Cele’s eval. Nothing else to bring to the table, except that I have a deep fear that Meghan will be the next Sanjiya as she outlives other singers simply because she’s beautiful.

  3. Edie

    LOL at Cele’s take. My bottom picks are Anoop, Meg, Matt and Lil.

    I was most surprised at Chris’s version, too. Wow! And I think too much attention was on Allison’s clothes instead of her showing. I guess that shows why good covers are so important.

  4. Ames

    LOVED Allison’s outfit!!!!!!!

    >>Hmm, I guess I missed something.

    You and me both!

    I REALLY hope Scott goes home. Peeps..enuf with the pity votes okay!

  5. virna

    Ugh, I haven’t seen it yet and wasn’t looking forward to it but now I will just to see the last two performances! Thanks for the rundown, Karin!

  6. Amanda Murphy

    Megan can go. I read a book while she performed. Supposed to be current and she sings Bob Marley, then she sings it badly. Please go home!!!

  7. Karin Tabke

    I’m still scratching my head over Megan’s song choice.

  8. Jane

    I think Megan or Scott will be going home. I didn’t really care for Kris in the beginning, but he’s been doing great. I think he was the best last night. I like Matt and hope he’ll make it through to the next round.

  9. Sharon Cullen

    Karin – Thanks for posting this. I have to work most Wednesday nights so I miss the actual performances. Its great that I can come here and get the scoop. Keep it up!

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