Was Adam Really In Danger?

Or was it AI trying to crank up tension?  Remember a couple of years ago when Chris Daughtry was voted off?  Could happen folks.  Maybe everyone assumed everyone else would be voting for Adam.  The good thing is, no matter how good you are or how much the judges drool all over you, you need to remain humble in this biz.  I’m not sayin’ Adam hasn’t been humble, he has, but you just know inside he’s screaming, “I’m da man!”  And he is.  If he doesn’t win, something is terribly wrong with the voting system.  And if that turns out… Read more »

JADED Won!!!

Romantic Times 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Erotic Suspense!  I was so thrilled when I heard.  I loved that book!  I’m so very happy to see it recognized. The awards ceremony was nice and I was able to meet several of RT’s reviewers, and put faces to names.   The convention was, as usual, full of readers, writers and booksellers. The commonality of loving romance brought us all together and it was good to see so many smiles.  I made new friends, hung out with old friends, and just had a flat out good time. I came home exhausted.  But… Read more »

Bella, Bella, Bella!

Let’s give a rousing applause for my good friend and guest blogger today, the uber talented, Bella Andre! Swooning in the grocery store   A funny thing has been happening to me lately at the grocery story. I’ll see a fireman or policeman and immediately start blushing (while thinking naughty thoughts, of course!). I never used to behave like this, but ever since I started writing about elite firefighters, I immediately find myself visualizing all of the amazing, death-defying things these men do as part of a normal day’s work. How seriously hot is that? And how utterly inappropriate is it… Read more »

I’m Baaaaaack!

Did ya miss me????  I missed you!   I had a great time.  Flights to and from Orlando were poifect.  I decided to pull my big girl panties up high and tight.  No drugs and no alcohol to ease my flying anxiety.  And I survived!   The convention was great.  I hooked up with old friends, made new friends and just hung out and had fun.  The award ceremony was good. I don’t think I sounded too stupid to live when I got up there to accept it.   The hotel had no internet in the rooms!  And looking back, I’m glad.  I… Read more »

Heading To FLA Tomorrow!

I can’t wait!  Although it’s RT and it’s gonna be crazy busy, I need to get out of this house.  Away from the daily grind.  And around my peeps!  No sooner do I come home from Orlando then it’s off to Reno to hook up with friends, then at the and of the week I’m heading down to the SVRWA conference.  Then home again for a few weeks, then off to the WisRWA conference in June.  I really can’t wait for National.  I love National, I love love love it!    So, I’m gonna say ciao for now.  I have sooooooo… Read more »
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