Megan Was Really Stupid Tonight

April 1, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments


Arrogance and indifference to the Lord and Master of AI is not the thing to do when you’re looking straight down the throat of elimination.  Megan telling Simon she didn’t care was her death blow.  With that comment, she gave away whatever chance, slight as it was, of redemption and another week to prove herself.  When will those nitwits get it?  Do not defy Lord Simon.  He is a loving lord but a very vindictive one as well.


And when she finally did sing?  It was the god-awfulest sound I’ve ever heard.  Megan you didn’t have the brains to stay in the competition.  I hope your little act of defiance was worth it.  Good riddance. 


Still shaking head.




PS.  David Cook almost made me cry with his humble sincere thanks to his fans and American Idol. I hope he doesn’t turn into a Jennifer Houston or Chris Daughtry or the countless others who when they hit it big time, disrespect the show that got them there.  How easy it is, once you are at the top looking down at the entire world, to remember who got you there.


  1. Cele

    I was really surprised to hear the sad comments Jennifer Hudson had made about AI, I didn’t know Chris Daughtry had too. Sad, very sad.

    As for Megan, her comments say volumes.
    1) She thought she was bigger than the opportunity before her.
    2) She didn’t understand the gift that the critiques truly are
    3) She didn’t understand the critiques themselves
    4) She was shrewish and self indulgent
    5) To say she doesn’t care, says all the above and is subconscienously defensive of her ineptitude.

    I don’t think Simon is a very PC person. He is usually spot on in his critiques, but has not clue about working on his delivery. Plus after you’ve listened to three other judges pussyfoot around blunt is the only direction you can take.

  2. Karin

    Cele, I agree, there is nothing PC about Simon. But someone has to be the fall guy, and he does it so well. Wimps the rest of them.

  3. Edie

    I don’t always agree with Simon, but for the most part he’s right. Coming off a high stress contest, I empathized with Meg, though it wasn’t a smart thing to say. But her speech at the end was great.

    I’m glad Allison didn’t go. She didn’t deserve to be in the bottom three. She should be in the top three. I don’t get it.

  4. Margaret

    Right on, Cele! For some reason, I’ve NEVER liked Meghan. But for such a beautiful girl there is definitely something unattractive about her. YAY, she’s gone!

    I love David C. Come on, he’s my homeboy–even if the darn show kept saying he was from the Kansas City area–he came to Tulsa (my town) for the opportunities!

    It’s sad that those people are dissing AI, because without the exposure they will still be nothing. Being in the limelight provided them opportunities they normally would have had.

  5. Amanda Murphy

    I love watching the CMA’s and hearing Carrie Underwood thanking American Idol. She remembers who got her to where she is today. Simon was her biggest fan back when she was just a wannabee.

  6. virna

    I also find Simon refreshing, not to mention entertaining. Who could be surprised when he gave it right back to Meghan? Definitely no smarts, cause she was lucky to have hung on as long as she did.

  7. Sharon Cullen

    I kind of felt sorry for Megan. I think the stress of the competition and being away from her son had finally broken her. I think she really didn’t care and I think she really just wanted to go home to her son.

  8. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, loved the show! And I agree about Megan’s comment, but do feel like Sharon on the missing her son aspect. Gotta be tough, but too it’s a preview of what’s ahead and what it takes to stay in the game. She really acted wierd that last show, though, and it blew my image of her.

    I love David Cook! 🙂

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