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April 8, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 17 comments


Tonight was, sing a song released the year you were born night.  Some Idols picked good ones, others? Yep, crashed and burned.


Let us begin with the eldest Idol Danny.  He sang Stand By Me. For me it began slow and I was immediately bored.  His voice was on the mark but the arrangement was a sleep inducer.  It picked up at the end but for me it didn’t make me sit up and listen.  Randy didn’t care for the arrangement, but said, “This is a vocal talent completion and you got the talent.”  I could not agree more.  Kara dittoed Randy.  Paula said, “Wow you opened the show with the bar set high.” Simon thought the beginning was good, middle lazy, and the end fantastic.  Overall, “Great.”


Next up was Kris.  He sang All She Wants To Do Is Dance.  Ok, so Kris is cute, but his vocal performance for me was meh. Kara wasn’t bowled over.  Paula, blah blah, Simon said, “Indulgent, boring forgettable.”  I agree with boring and forgettable.  Randy said, “I lost you.”  Despite his meh performance, I think Kris will make it through.


Lil’ Rounds was next and sang What’s Love Got To Do With It?  First of all, I have to say she is a lovely person and she looked hot tonight.  LOVED her shoes.  But, I wasn’t thrilled with her vocals, especially in the beginning, but she did pick it up.  Paula said, “You need to create your own niche.”  Simon was more blunt. “We’re not looking for a third or fourth rate Tina Turner.  You have got to start becoming more original.” Randy said, “You have mad talent, but what the two said is true.”  Kara said, “It’s about making that leap from singer to artist.”  Right on!


Anoop sang True Colors.  I was hoping I’d really dig this performance, but it started slow for me but did pick up.  I really thought the judges were going to skewer him but surprise surprise.  Randy liked it, Kara liked it, of course Paula liked it, and leave it to Simon to put it all into perspective.  He called Anoop a human yo-yo.



Scotty.  Sigh. I think this is his last week.  He really needs to go.  That said, he sang The Search Is Over, and I thought it wasn’t bad.  But those high notes.  Ack!  So Kara wasn’t sure she would have picked that song.  Paula gave him an overall bravo. Randy said it was ok, and Simon said, “I suggest next week you go back to the piano.  The song was horrible.”  Then Scott argued with him.  DO. NOT! Argue with Simon.  It will get you voted off faster than Paula can get up and gush.


Allison sang I Can’t Make You Love Me.  I thought it was too mature for her.  But, she proved me wrong.  Great job, and she looked cute tonight.  Paula liked, Kara liked, Randy compared her to Kelly Clarkson, and Simon farted on the performance by telling her she now needed to work on her likeability.  He’s right yanno.


Matt sang Part Time Lover, and I thought he sounded great.  He was my fave so far.  Matt stuck with what got him there, and did it really well.  Randy said he was vocally one of the best.  Kara loved it, Paula gave him a standing ovation, which from her doesn’t mean much.  Simons said, “Well done.”


Have you noticed they save the best for last? 


Adam, Adam, Adam, oh how you have grown on me.  I am a fan.  Truly.  He sang Mad World, and well, it was bliss to listen to him.  To watch him too.  None of that flamboyant crap.  He just sang his heart out.  Simon gave him the first standing ovation I can remember.  What else is there to say?  A star has been born on AI.  He will win.


Thoughts? My pick to go home is Scott, but I won’t be surprised if it’s Anoop. Oh, and I can’t believe Steve-O didn’t get the boot tonight. 




  1. B.E. Sanderson

    I only caught three of the singers while I was flipping channels (during Biggest Loser commercials). I agreed with the judges on Lil Rounds. It was a watered down imitation of Tina. When Anoop’s song was introduced, I almost changed channels because I’m not a fan of the original version of True Colors, but I was impressed. The way he sang that actually made me like the song. And Matt? Well, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, he sang the only Stevie Wonder song I can’t stand, which probably colored my impression of him.

  2. Jaci Burton

    Adam blows them all out of the water. They might as well end the competition now, because he’s better than all of them by a mile. I think tonight it’s Scott, or Lil or Anoop going home.

  3. Edie

    I watched NCIS last night. Abby had a bigger role than normal, and I didn’t want to miss it. I read your reviews and went over to YouTube. I didn’t bother watching Lil, Chris, Anoop or Scotty. My time is too precious. I watched Danny’s and was disappointed. He’s got the talent, but he needs to use it better. I LOVED Allison’s performance. She’s amazing for a 16 year old. I thought Matt was great. I wasn’t as blown away by Adam as you were, but he is good.

  4. Colleen MacLeod

    I’m with you totally on Adam. At first I just thought he was wierd, talented, but wierd. Now I can honestly say I will go out and buy his album, because if he doesn’t get to put one out after that, there isn’t any justice in the world. I was pretty much riveted by his performance.

  5. Cele

    Edie pretty much is on the same page as I am.

    Danny – I liked it, but he was flat once or twice
    Kris – His mic was too hot, Kara’s Funk comment hit home with me.
    Lil – She looked hot, she sounded like a bland comparison of Tina
    Anoop – It was okay, but boring
    Scott – Stay the piano man, not the guitar man – ugh and screechy
    Allison – at first I thought the song was too old for her, then she made me not care because she sold it. Excellent
    Matt – He reminded me of Michael Buble – he made the song his own and sold it. Great
    Adam – Interesting song choice, interesting presentation, awesome performance.

    My bottom three Scott, Anoop, Lil. Going home – Scott.

  6. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, we missed AI last night and watched a movie with the little cherubs instead. But, my daughter and I caught Adam, Kris, Danny, and Allison this a.m. on You Tube. Adam is my guy, and has been from the get-go. I’m cheering him on to victory. I believe record labels are lining up for that boy as we speak. Experiencing him on stage is so effortless. A winner in my book!

  7. Karin Tabke

    I have a weird sneaking suspicion one of the girls is going to get the boot tonight.

  8. Amanda

    I like Scotty but I think he’s out of his range with who is left. I would love to see Kris go home first. Adam is amazing. I thought Lil had it all wrapped up weeks ago but she has fallen apart.

  9. Margaret

    Lil or Scotty needs to go. Lil doesn’t get the artist vs. singer thing. Scotty is out of his league.

  10. Kendra

    Lil rounds=shoes=awesome.

  11. Sharon Cullen

    Thanks for the update. Once again I couldn’t watch it but I will be watching who gets kicked off tonight. All I hear about is Adam and how great he is. I’m so bummed I haven’t been able to see him perform in weeks.

  12. Ames

    Im not even an Adam fan and I was just gaping at the tv when he sang WTF

  13. Jane

    I think it’s time Scott went home. I missed Adam’s performance because the show ran over time and the DVR cut off.

  14. Karin Tabke

    for those of you who missed adam go to you tube, they have his perfomance. 🙂

  15. Karin Tabke

    I cried when Scotty was told it was the end of the road for him. What’s wrong with me?

  16. Ames

    Karin…I felt bad too but I’m glad he’s gone. Yes I have guilt for even saying I”m glad he’s gone *sigh*

  17. Karin

    Ames, I know he had to go, but it was sad to watch the judges vacillate and Scott stand there so hopeful. Simon had to be the executioner. you could tell he didn’t want to do it. But it had to be done.

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