Happy Holy Week Everyone

April 10, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 16 comments


Today is Good Friday, tomorrow holy Saturday and Sunday as you all know is Easter.

Passover began last Tuesday.  I really love this time of year.  I true time for reflection, and rebirth.


Of course, the family and a few friends will be over here on Sunday to eat drink and make merry.  My youngest son who is 19 wants to make rice crispy treat Easter eggs.  Some with M&Ms, some chocolate dipped, some with confetti.  Not quite sure how we’re going to pull it off, but I will give it my best effort.


So, I’m off to mass in a few, then my SFA-RWA chapter meeting

Saturday morning, Easter Vigil Saturday night, my eldest daughter is getting confirmed and her bf is getting the triple dip:  Baptized, communion and confirmed, then celebrating Easter on Sunday.


What are y’all doing?





  1. Elisabeth Naughton

    “The Triple Dip”…I love it!!!

    Your son obviously saw that Rice Crispy commercial on TV where the mom and (young) kids are making Rice Crispy Easter eggs. Too cute.

    My 2nd’s bday is today. He’s 7. We’re teasing him mercilessly because his bday falls on Good Friday this year and he is generally anything but “good”. (Esp. where church is concerned.) This morning when he left for school, I didn’t have the heart to tell him we were heading to mass tonight.

    We did the Easter vigil mass last year (had a friend being baptized) but with young kids it’s just too long. We’ll go Sun. morning, then to my mom’s to celebrate in the afternoon. Somewhere in there we still have to get eggs decorated. Hm…

    Happy Easter to you, Karin.

  2. Edie

    Rice Crispy eggs sound such a good idea. I’d eat those. In fact, I’d eat too much of those. Hmm, maybe not a good idea.

    The gang is coming over on Sunday, so I’m cleaning. The grocery shopping is done, and tomorrow I’m doing some more cleaning, writing and tomorrow night I’m cooking. Sunday will be fun.

  3. Charlotte Featherstone

    Mmmm, sounds good! I’m working this weekend, delivering lots of babies, I’m sure!

  4. Cele

    Triple dipped too funny, oh mi gosh.

    When you get your son to help you with the Easter Egg Crispy treats with liberal doses of chocolate… I want pictures.

    Oh, Happy Day! Happy Easter… Peeps!

  5. Karin

    My knees are about to crack! I forgot how long mass is on Good Friday. But it was good. All good. I always come away feeling like I need to to more more more.

    So, Eli that’s where he got the idea! Hah, the little bugger. Well we’re going to make a bunch of those suckers.

    Edie, I’m afraid I may overindulge a wee bit myself.

    Charlotte, Easter babies instead of Easter bunnies. Sounds wonderful.

    Cele, you’re on. I will take pics of our masterpieces and post here!

  6. Brandy W

    Rice Krispie Eggs sound fun. We have a friend coming over tomorrow, I think. Then we are going to a friend’s on Sunday. Need to get Easter baskets put together for the kids.

  7. Cristina Machado

    Ms. Tabke, Happy Easter for you and your family, with much chocolat, love, peace and, of course, sweet and marvelous stories!

  8. Fedora

    Happy Easter, Karin and family! Sounds like a wonderfully busy weekend 🙂

  9. Karin

    Brandy, I just got home from the store with all the fixin’s for those bad boys! Can’t wait to make them with my son.

    Hey, Cristina! Thank you for the lovely wishes. And call me Karin!

    Fedora, Happy Easter back atacha!

  10. Buffie

    Happy Easter to you Karin! I also love this time of year. All things are possible. A tradition that my hubby and I enjoy during this time is looking at our pictures from our trip to Israel several years ago. It always brings back the feelings of awe, joy, and contentment.

    The rice krispies sound yummy to me! Have fun making them.

  11. B.E. Sanderson

    Heh, I saw that commercial, too. Those things look too tasty.

    On the horizon for this weekend: writing, editing, eating, cooking, more eating… Other than the Easter candy and the ham, just a typical weekend here. Oh, and I have to make a basket up for the darling daughter. This year I’m going less candy and more non-edible goodies. I’ve been hiding books and jewelry in my bedroom for the past week.

  12. HollyD

    Karin – Happy Easter to you and the whole Tabke family. I hope your daughter’s morning sickness is better. Since one of our little ones has a cough and cold we’ll be staying home so we don’t infect the relatives. I have eggs to boil, shopping to do, and writing to do. It’s nice to look out my front windows, the tulips are soo close to blooming. Earlier in the week we had snow flurries two days in a row.

    Everyone – have a happy and safe Easter weekend.

  13. Lynn R.

    Happy Easter, yourself! Last evening (Good Friday), I went to a Tenebrae service at one of the Presby churches here in town. All 6 of them had ganged up and presented it, with readings from the relevant portions and the Mozart Requiem to support it. Some of my friends were playing, and when I looked through the listing of the choirs, whose name do I see but that of my HS orchestra conductor!! I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I was in HS, but I have seen him over the years, but never as a bass/baritone in a choir. Personally, I would have pegged him as a tenor!

    Otherwise, not doing anything today (Sat.), but tomorrow it’s playing 2 services at 9 & 11, with a quick brunch in between, then brunch with a group of us from the orchestra. Then home to sort out my freezer.

    Enjoy the RK easter eggs, and don’t forget to make enough to share with the rest of us!



  14. Margaret

    Good Friday. . . yeah, this catholic went to the Nickelback concert instead. 🙂
    Saturday started off with kiddo’s 8:30 soccer game to a 10:00 Chuckie Cheese party. . .who on earth schedules a pizza party at 10 AM?! Then making bunny butts for Easter dessert. I’ll have a pick on my Monday morning blog.
    Tomorrow is early Easter mass and lunch/afternoon at grandma’s.

  15. Karin Tabke

    Buffie, sounds like you and hubby had a memorable trip. I had a blast making the krispie treats!

    Beth, he did see the commercial, and treats are done! They turned out great! Would you please make me a basket of books and jewelry??????

    Holly, I bet you were some kind of busy!

    Lynn, did you talk to your HS conductor? What instrument do you play? I never had an ear for music. I can’t sing worth a darn either…

    Margaret, Jaci went to that concert too! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I’m glad mine is over. I’m tired, and I’m stuffed.

  16. LaDonna

    Happy belated Easter, Karin! We spent the day at our daughter’s, and hid Easter eggs for the kiddies. My SIL is great at the grill, and we had steak and fried mushrooms. Hubby and I topped the evening off watching a movie at home. My heart is just full of the good stuff, I agree. 🙂

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