I’m Still Stuffed!

April 13, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments



O.M.God!  Too much food yesterday!  How’s this for desserts alone:  Rice krispies treats (see pic as promised) bread pudding, canoli, almond raspberry torte, cheesecake and chocolate cake!  No wonder I’m overweight!  To be honest though, I only ate one slice of the torte and some cheesecake.  But it was the tri tip, deviled eggs, cheesy potatoes and manicotti before dessert that did me in!  I didn’t touch the sweet rolls though!  Mmm, but I did have some garlic peppers.  Slurp.  Oh, and some good merlot.  Oh, then there was the roasted garlic brie before dinner, and the baked apricot and brie stuffed pastries, and the guacamole, and the-the-the, ugh!  Too much food!


So of course, I’m dieting today. I really want to toss everything left over away, but I can’t bring myself to do it.  Besides, the rest of the family will scream bloody murder.  I’m just going to have to exhibit some self restraint. 


Pregnant daughter has her first doctor appointment today, and her hubby took the day off to go with her.  They are very excited.  I had planned to go with my daughter, but I think I need to butt out on this one.  It’s her and her hubby’s baby.  They should enjoy this appointment together without mom butting in. L  I really wanted to go too, but told hubby last night I was going to let them know just before they were ready to leave that I was going to stay home.  They can show me the little sonogram blob when they get home.  Pout. I can go next time.


So my eldest son who will be 23 next month and who lives the bachelor life with two other bachelors took the plunge yesterday:  He became a father. Yep, it’s a girl, all one pound of her.  She is the sweetest little kitten you will ever see!  She’s white with caramel undertones, and has the biggest bluest eyes I have ever seen on a cat, dog or human!  Gorgeous.  So what is this six-foot-two, two-hundred-thirty pound bad ass alpha male gonna call his little bundle of joy?  Snerk, he suggested Snowflake and I about fell off my chair.  You gotta understand, my son is the ultimate guy.  All male, a charmer who the girls totally want to tame.  For him to look at me as he cuddled the fur ball and aks, “How about snowball, mom?”  I lost it.  We all did.  He was serious.  I figured he’d want to name her something stupid like Beevis, or Butthead, or Cocaine.  But no, he likes Snowball, or Snowflake.  I suggested Sapphire because of her eyes, and my youngest son informed me that was ‘gay.’  Whatev.  So, she remains nameless for the moment. We’ll see how this plays out.  Oh, and you should see what a worrywart my big bad boy has become.  I’ve talked to him three times this morning!  And, get this, since he had to work today, his oldest sister is babysitting because he couldn’t bare to leave his baby alone!  Hah  hah hah!  Ah, pay back is good.


So, what’s everyone up to this week?  I have lunch dates tomorrow, Wed and Thurs.  Fri hair and some last minute shopping before I leave for Orlando next week.  Anyone going to the RT convention?




  1. Margaret

    Aw, that’s so sweet! Talk about being a chick magnet! What woman can resist a big lug snuggling a precious kitty?!
    And I think you did the right thing concerning the soon-to-be grandbaby, Mom. They will totally appreciate you butting out for now.
    Have fun at RT!

  2. J. Carson Black

    I second the “awwwwww.”

    One of my favorite calendars of all time shows brawny, hunky firemen cuddling kittens.


    Sounds like Snowball/flake landed on her feet.

  3. Edie

    I third the awwwwww. Cute story. “Snow” would be a great name. Without the “flake” or “ball.” That’s what it would be shortened to, anyway.

    I wasn’t too bad yesterday. I stayed away from the Easter candy, and hubby took the leftovers to work. We have banana cream pie with sugar wafer crust and pumpkin pie leftover. I had a piece of banana cream pie last night, but I’m going to stick to the pumpkin pie. It’s less calories and fat — and I like pumpkin pie.

  4. virna

    Snowball!!! Love it! Have you seen “the blob” yet? Got a cool dress picked out for RT? Won’t be there but will in spirit, cheering you on for your award!!!!!!!!

  5. Karin Tabke

    YES! Virna!! I saw the blob! thank God there is only one!!! You can see the little eye buds and arm and leg buds!

    Offcial due date is Nov 11. (snerk I told my kid it was the 12th. hah! I still got it!)

  6. Karin Tabke

    oh, and negative on the RT wardrobe. I hate clothes shopping.

  7. B.E. Sanderson

    Awww, big man with small kitty. If she’s got caramal undertones, maybe he could call her Cara (short for Cara-mel), or Dulce or some other foodie dessert. *shrug*

    Congrats on the blob, and WTG for staying home this time.

    My this week is pretty much like last week. I need a haircut, but if I don’t get off my keister today and make an appointment, it’ll be another week of shaggy me.

  8. Kendra

    New blob baby and a sweet baby kitty!

    Reminds me of when those mean men tricked you into thinking something horrible had happened to your baby kitty.

  9. Charlotte Featherstone

    Hope baby blob is doing spendid, as well as Snowflake!!! You shouldn’t describe your son in such a way, I’m a cougar you know! lol!!!!!
    Seriously, though, that was sweet, and he sounds hot. Is he into late thirty something romance writers???? just kidding…kind of.
    Big negative on RT this year. I have two deadlines I’m struggling to get done before our new baby arrives mid may. An English Springer Spaniel who my daughter has named Bella. The breeder informed us yesterday that her eyes have now opened! YEAH!!!!

  10. Karin Tabke

    Beth I like Dulce. I will recommend. thx

    Kendra, I was going to do something when he had her here. I really was. I think I still might. Muwahahahahahaha

    Charlotte, both my boys are charmers. Congrats on your new addition! I love puppies. And I love the name Bella. The kids are thinking if they have a girl they’ll name her Isabella Rose. Hubby is opposed. He doesn’t want his granddaughter called Izzy. I told him we’d call her Bella. He is still opposed. Sigh.

  11. Charlotte Featherstone

    My daughter’s middle name is Isabella. Her nickmame is Belle, or when I feel like embarrassing her, Bella Boop lol!

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