I Crashed and Burned Last Night

April 15, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments


I fell asleep during Idol, woke up to see Steve-O get the boot on DWTS, then watched Rescue Me, which cracked me the hell up!  I LOVE DENNIS LEARY!  The assemble cast is perfect!  I caught a glimpse of Deadliest Catch.  I need to watch it in its entirety today. I also need to write.  But I don’t wanna.  But I will.  Maybe… 


So, deets, ladies.  Who hit it out of the park on Idol last night? 





  1. Mary

    Well my friend you have to go to youtube and watch Adam performing “Born to be Wild”!!! No other contestant even came close to his stage show and presence. It was we were taken to the Adam Lambert concert and then brought back to watch the amatures and no I’m not being bias LOL even tho I had him pegged from the git go.

  2. Edie

    I didn’t watch it, but I was at the dentist this morning, and the technician agreed with Mary that Adam will win. But she called his singing “80s,” so I don’t know how impressed she was. She also liked Allison, Danny and Anoop. She thought Lil will be sent home.

  3. J. Carson Black

    I don’t watch AI anymore. But if you put Ellen Boyle on a continuous loop, I could watch her all day. 🙂

  4. J. Carson Black

    Oops – Susan Boyle. (See? Just watched it again!)

  5. Cele

    My run down…Music from the Movies

    Allsion – sang – Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – I liked how she finessed the song, but I didn’t care for the chorus.

    Anoop – Everything I Do, I Do For You – extremely forgetful

    Adam Lambert – Born To Be Wild – The man is talent personafied – but he’s in a nitch genre. I thought there was an awful sceeching but the rest he nailed solid.

    Matt Giaurd – Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman – pitchy, very pitchy. He fought the song and the melody through the whole thing.

    Danny Gokey – Endless Love – pitchy, but I loved the ending.

    Kris Allen – ????? – I didn’t know the song it was simple, soulful, and haunting.

    Lil Rounds – The Rose – too much vibrato in th opening, too pitchy. To borrow a word from Simon – Abysmal.

    My bottom three Matt, Lil, and Anoop – going home – Anoop (but it’s a toss up between Anoop and Lil)

    Is that the woman from Britian has Talent? Wow, what a voice.

  6. Amanda

    Adam and Allison owned the show. I could see them being the top two.

  7. virna

    I’m in the minority because I really liked Anoop. Allison wasn’t that good to me, and Adam was just okay. I think Lil or Matt are going to be kicked off, and that judges would save only Matt. Write, write, write!

  8. HollyD

    I missed Idol. I did watch Phil have to stay behind and while his two sons left for a season of crab fishing. It was soo sad. I just hope everyone makes it home safe this season. Last season a boat that didn’t have cameras on it went down. They only recovered one person.

    Get some rest. You need and deserve it.

  9. Poppy

    Close your eyes and listen to Adam. That’s not a voice you want to here on your radio. Anoop was fabulous, and I hope Allison wins.

  10. Mary

    Call me old school but I love that kind of voice (hairbands rule) I would listen to him anywhere

  11. Karin Tabke

    I think Matt was a wasted save! He’ll go next week.

  12. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, I’m a huge Adam fan! 😎 I think the last three will be Adam, Allison, and Danny or Chris. It could go either way on the last two. Ran made the comment that he thought the judges basically wanted to get rid of their save now. At this point, the cream will rise to the top, and it’s anyone’s guess how the bottom few will go. I think Lil Round and Matt are the next outta the park, though.

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