JADED Won!!!

April 29, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 18 comments

Romantic Times 2008 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Erotic Suspense! 

I was so thrilled when I heard.  I loved that book!  I’m so very happy to see it recognized. The awards ceremony was nice and I was able to meet several of RT’s reviewers, and put faces to names.


The convention was, as usual, full of readers, writers and booksellers. The commonality of loving romance brought us all together and it was good to see so many smiles.  I made new friends, hung out with old friends, and just had a flat out good time. I came home exhausted.  But good exhausted. 


I’m heading to the Silicon Valley RWA Chapter conference this weekend.  I’m going to do a workshop titled: It’s Just Business, Don’t Take It Personally.  This conference is the first time I’ll be giving this one, I hope I’m not the only one to show up!


Which brings me to a question:  If you were there, at my workshop, what provocative questions would you ask me?  I’ll take them and incorporate them!  I’ll answer too, but prolly not until next week.  I’m jammin’ on this short story for Pocket.  They’re really excited to get it up onto their web site as a free read.  I’ll be sure to let y’all know when it goes up and have the link handy.  J


So, ask me questions!!!!




  1. Mary

    A big congrats for the award and the well deserved recognition. We are so very happy for you.

  2. Cristina Machado

    Congrats to you, Karin. Your success is more than just. I am happy for you.

  3. Elisabeth Naughton

    Congrats on the win, Karin!!!! Very well-deserved.

  4. Edie

    Congrats again on your win, Karin! You should put up the picture of you holding the award.

    I’ll email you a situation that might make be interesting.

  5. J. Carson Black

    Fantastic, Karin! I bet you had hot competition, too. Congratulations!

  6. Jane

    Congrats on the award.

  7. Amanda

    Karin, congratulations on a great award for a great book.

  8. virna

    You totally deserve it, Karin. Congrats! Hmmmm, I guess I’d ask whether you feel there’s such a thing as loyalty based on history or effort. In other words, is it always just business (the bottom line for a specific project) that goes into the decision making, or will editors look at how reliable you’ve been, how hard you’ve worked, how much potential you have, how much they enjoy working with you?

  9. Karin

    thnx everyone for the congrats!
    and yes, Jake I was up against some really awesome books. I feel humbled to have won.

    Virna, a most excellent question. Stand by for the answer. 😉

  10. HollyD

    CONGRATS! You soo deserve it. Have a safe trip.

  11. kh

    way cool karin congrats

  12. B.E. Sanderson

    Congratulations! You earned it.

    No provocative questions this morning, but it’s early yet. If I think of anything, I’ll be back.

  13. Buffie

    Karin, that is just fabulous news. Guess I really need to order this book and read it myself! LOL!

    No questions here either. I’m busy in cleaning mode while blaring my 80s cd. There’s no one else here to listen to my singing, so I can sing as loud as I want 🙂

  14. Carol Luce

    Karin, a big CONGRATS. Can’t say I’m surprised. Impressed, but not surprised. Keep up the good work!

  15. Karin Tabke

    Thx everyone!!!!

  16. LaDonna

    Karin, congrats baby! You so deserve it, and I’m thrilled at where you are now. The sky’s the limit for you. 😎

  17. ericka scott

    Hi Karin! Thrilled to meet you at SVRWA. You’re workshop was so enlightening! I often hear authors grousing about not getting rejection letters, but you’re right “they just aren’t that into you”. And it is just business. Congratulations on the win for Jaded!

    Have a great time doing the upcoming conferences and I wish you tons of success with your writing.

    (Pam Skochinski)

  18. Karin

    Hey, Pam! I had a great time at the conference! It was great to meet you and so many others.

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