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May 3, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments


I have been traveling constantly for the last two weeks, and while I don’t care to travel, especially by plane, I love my end destinations.  Finally, today I can unpack until next month when I’ll be heading north to Wisconsin and the WisRWA con.  Can’t wait!


This weekend I spent a couple of days with the ladies at the Silicon Valley RWA con.  Great bunch.  I gave my, It’s Just Business, Don’t Take It Personally, workshop.  It was the virgin flight and while I still have some kinks to work out, I think it went over well.  I had several ladies come up to me afterward and thank me for my candor.  I was most happy to shed some light on a very confusing business.  I could have talked for hours, but there was that time thing.  Later that night I was part of an author panel with Kathryn Dennis, Candice Hern, Barbara Freethy, and the indomitable Catherine Coulter (who each time I meet her impresses me more.  And it takes a lot to impress me!)  Our discussion was centered around what mistakes we wish we hadn’t made had we known then what we know now.


I said, I wish I had not had such pie-in-the-sky expectations.  I also said I was glad I never settled.  I had two goals when I decided on writing as a career: Sell to New York and land a killer agent.  It took longer to achieve both goals then I had intended, and I have the piles of rejection letters to prove it, but I kept my focus on the prize.  Too many times because we are so hell bent to sell or whatever, we settle.  DON’T!  Just. Don’t.  You don’t have to. 


On the drive home last night I found myself, though physically wiped out, singing at the top of my lungs to the radio and smiling like a goofball.  I love what I do.  My bliss is not only writing, but right up there along side writing, is the satisfaction I get from meeting like-minded people.  Of lending a helping hand.  I like to be able to guide, direct or just give someone a hug who is in the pit of despair and who feels as if they will never sell.  If I can, you can.  It just requires perseverance.  Don’t give up.  Work harder, get better, and keep writing.  Many of you have heard me say, “Writers write.”  It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


My bliss is writing, and helping others but my greatest bliss is my family.  This morning my father-in-law called to say he was making banana waffles.  I hung up before he finished his sentence and was sitting at the table with a fork in my hand when he hung up the phone.  J  It’s times like that when I sit back and am thankful for everything in my life.


Don’t get me wrong, god didn’t just drop it all in my lap.  Life is all about choices.  I chose to be who I am and do exactly what I do.  I am responsible for my bliss.  It’s my life, and I chose to live it as I do.  I chose to surround myself with the wonderful people I do.  I am grateful though that god has showered me with so many wonderful opportunities.  And now?  I chose to take a nap!


What’s your bliss?




  1. Edie

    I’m going to choose to take a nap soon, too. I knew your workshop would be a success! I can’t wait to hear you speak next month.

    My bliss is writing — and a few other things. Frinds, family and my cat and dog. And reading. When I read a book I love, that’s bliss.

  2. Karin

    Ah, a keeper book. Bliss.

    Can’t wait to see you again, Edie! Liz too and everyone else. I might stay.

  3. J. Carson Black

    What Edie said. Except for the nap. I’m wide awake!

    Writing – check
    Cat and dog – check (have cats, appreciate dogs)
    Writing – check
    Friends, family, husband – check
    Reading – check

    And nature. Can’t forget being out in nature, especially in the spring.

  4. LaDonna

    Bravo, Karin! You said it all, and I felt it. I had a sit-down talk with myself this week, and worked some kinks out. You have to do that regularly, or at least I do. I’m more focused, and feel lighter when I do that. I’ve always felt it’s all about choices too. And so right about bliss being our responsiblity.

    My bliss is family, writing, reading great books, the beach, and special creative friends that make my world a brighter place. Those are the ingredients I choose in this soup we call life!

  5. Karin Tabke

    Jake, how could I forget nature! Currently sitting on eggs at the Tabke house: three dove nests, one hummingbird nest (two teeny tiny white eggs, right outside my office window. I’m gonna take a pic and post) one robin’s nest, one crow’s nest, bluebirds in the cypress, and something, not sure what it is, but it’s big, in the big bush by the koi pond. Oh and partridges in the heather bush out front. Oh and I had my first water lily bloom today! A big white one. Ok, sending hubby on a photo mission! Will report back with National Geographic quality photos!

  6. Karin Tabke

    LaD! Finish that story!!!!

  7. J. Carson Black

    We have mockingbird babies, Gila woodpecker babies, mourning and white-wing dove babies (and I’m sure we have hummingbird babies cardinal babies and phanopeopla babies and curved bill thrasher babies and black-throated sparrow babies and roadrunner babies and hawk babies and… well, you get the picture). The cacophony of bird calls on spring mornings: one of the most beautiful of many beautiful things in the desert.

  8. Karin Tabke

    Dayum, Jake! And I thought I had a menagerie! Please send pics! I’ll put them up. 🙂

    Ok, so pregnant daughter took a pic of the white lily, and one of a nesting dove. They suck. With good sunlight tomorrow I’ll have her retake.

  9. HollyD

    My bliss: my kids, my hubby of 19 years, his family, our pets, books, writing, friends, and wonderful ladies like you who encourage us not to give up on our dreams.

    We have a cardinal nest and a hummingbird nest.

  10. J. Carson Black

    Karin, I’m a godawful photographer. I can hear the babies, but I haven’t looked for their nests.

    I love Buster and Blanca, our mockingbirds who have been here for six years. I think the U.S. should dump the bald eagle and make the mocker the national symbol instead. They’re like fighter jets. And they make their own luck.

  11. Amanda

    My bliss is quiet. The house is full of people and I just want to be alone. Of course, too much quiet and I’ll want people, just not too soon.

  12. Lynn R.

    Hmmm. Bliss. My friends, my Herz-Familie (my family by choice), my music, my photography, BOOKS, nature, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, and even MORE CHOCOLATE!!!!! Naps are good, too!

    Hopefully, I can make it up to Green Bay for your talk. I’m still not sure, but I’ll try!!




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