Oh What a Night!

May 5, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments


Before I get to AI, was anyone as shocked as I was when Lil’ Kim was voted off DWTS?  And Ty, the wooden cowboy is still there?!?  WTF?  So, it will come down to Shawn and Gilles.  Either one works for me. 


Now on to AI!


It was rock ‘n roll bad boy, Guns ‘N Roses’, guitarist Slash who was the mentor, and well, how could you not like that bad boy?  He is cool.


So, Adam was up first and sang a Zeppelin tune, Whole Lot of Love.  And I loved it.  LOVED. IT!  He is a rocker at heart!  Who knew?  I loved Allison’s hair, her confidence and I totally dug her performance.  I don’t get the judge’s and their comments.  Whatev, it’s all subjective.


The duet with Danny and Kris wasn’t so bad.  I agree with Simon that Danny was the better of the two, but did he really need to say it?  It crushed Kris.  I don’t remember what Kris’ solo was and so that says a lot about his performance.


Danny sang Dream On.  One of my all time fave Aerosmith songs.  To me, he was okay.  Those last notes though scared me.


I don’t know what more I can say about Adam and Allison’s duet than what the judges said.  I think they need to take their show on the road. I loved watching them perform.


I have to say last night’s AI was probably the best episode ever for me.  It was high octane, full of energy, oozed soul and was pure entertainment.  Even the worst performances were good.


Whatcha think? 





  1. Edie

    Adam was great! Allison and Danny were both excellent. Kris was okay. This was Adam’s best fit. As for the best night, I thought last week’s was the best. Last week all 5 of the contestants were great. But you are probably more of a rocker than I am, Karin. 😆

  2. Mary

    I L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!!!! I could not believe Zeppelin gave permission for Adam to sing one of their songs, that right there says everything.

    I loved Allison, I’m with you WTF were the judges talkin about?

    Kris, I like him but I too can not remember what he sang.

    Danny, bad, bad song choice did not fit his voice at all and to me the ending was pure torture, I was begging for him to please STOP.

    Adam and Allison fit together so well in their duet neither tried to out sing the other, they complimented each other well to quote Paula “Perfection”.

  3. Margaret

    Loved it! This was the first time I really enjoyed the entire show–even Danny’s caterwallin’–okay, not that part. Dude has no biz trying to pull off that scream at the end.
    Heard Allison was at the bottom which would be a shame. I liked Kris, but he’s still growing and I don’t think he’s quite ready (vocally/performanc wise) to win. And I’ve been losing my Danny-love a little each week. I’m done with him.
    Time for Kris or Danny to go.
    Love, love, loved Adam and Allison. They really pushed each other in the duet. You could almost see Allison grow as a singer when she’s alongside Adam.
    Adam’s at the top of his game. He should win this thing.

  4. Jaci Burton

    Shocking to see Lil Kim go on DWTS. Ty should have definitely gone. But I don’t know about a Gilles/Shawn finale. I really like Melissa.

    Adam rocked it hard last night! The guy gives me chills when he sings. Allison was awesome! Their duet was smokin’.

    Danny & Kris were ok. I’d be sad if Allison got the boot because I think it should be either Danny or Kris. We’ll see huh?

  5. Karin Tabke

    Jaci I forgot about Melissa! doh! I retract my prediction. Well, except to say I think Gilles will win.

  6. Amanda

    Adam + Allison = awesome. They were amazing singing together. They should already have a tour together.

  7. Ames

    I think Danny scarred me for life last night and I really hope he goes home. Not feeling much love for him 🙁

  8. Erika

    I don’t watch AI, but I do watch DWTS. I was shocked, stunned, (checking thesaurus) amazed, astonished, astounded, awestruck, bowled over, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, and stupefied. In other words, I just couldn’t believe it. I like Ty, but I figured he was out, I mean how could he possibly beat out the other contestants?

    I think it’ll be a Melissa/Gilles showdown for the disco ball trophy.

  9. Liz Kreger

    Same here as Erika. I don’t watch AI … probably one of the few people who doesn’t. Have heard many of the names, though.

  10. Jane

    I agree with Simon that Danny’s scream sounded like it came from a horror movie. I think Danny should go home tonight.

  11. Cele

    Adam is very good, but I can’t stand his screaming, I’m good up until then. That said Led Zepplin was a great fit.

    Allison was great, but her duet with Adam was greater.

    I love Kris, I would buy his album, but he’s not a rocker.

    And Danny, argh the scream.

    DWTS – I wasn’t surprised to see Lil Kim go home, something about her rubs me wrong. I don’t think she was the dancer that others gave her credit for. An atomic bootie can only buy you so much.

    On the other hand I still vote for Ty. Why? Because he is real, he tries so darn hard, and he’s humble.

    I think it’s between Melissa and Gilles, but I like Shawn.

  12. Karin Tabke

    I think Danny’s scream was heard aroudn the world!

    Sad to see Allison go. She’s a trooper though. I hope good things happen for her.

  13. Mary

    No way should Allison have gone home last night. She is in my opinion has a better sound than Danny or Kris, she is unique! AI will be boring next week, of course until Adam sings.

  14. LaDonna

    Love my boy, Adam! 😎 He’s one heck of a star. And Allison is a doll, loved her hair, the whole look. And Danny scared the crap outta me on that note. It’s almost like he was trying to be Adam for a sec. Kris is a sweet guy, and I’m telling ya It’s gonna be sad from here on out whenever someone leaves. This was the best AI year ever!

    And for all the reincarnation buffs out there, I think Adam could be the King aka Elvis P. come back to rock some more. Seriously, look at the bone-structure, the eyes, etc. Wild when you compare, right down to the built.

  15. Carol Luce

    I totally agree with LaDonna, I believe Adam is Elvis reincarnated. Maybe not the same type of music, but the man as a performer. It’s time for another KING!

    I was crushed when Allison was sent packing. She is awesome, a Joplin incarnate. Kris may be consistant, but he is not strong. He’ll fade like a smoke ring in the wind. And Danny has no charisma or real stage presence.

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