T Minus Three Weeks!

May 5, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments


The countdown begins!  What countdown you ask?  The countdown to the release of book three in the Blood Sword Legacy series! MASTER OF CRAVING will hit the shelves May 26th!  I’m very excited.  I’m very scared.  And I’m so damn nervous about sales I can barely sleep!


Last fall, my favorite book to date, MASTER OF TORMENT, released right after BN had their worst moth ever and the entire world of publishing seemed to be crashing and burning.  My wonderful book was caught up in the deluge of panic.  Mine was not the only one. The unrest continues, but booksellers seem to have adjusted.  Adjusted with smaller orders, which equate to smaller print runs, and also by not taking chances on unknown authors.  Many of my good friends who write kick-ass books have had their print runs eviscerated.  Some even have had their titles passed on.  Ouch that hurts.  It really really hurts.  But I understand the book stores’ will to survive.


Really, at the end of the day all we authors can do is write the best damn book we can. Well, then we promote like hell and hope readers dig our work and generate buzz.   



My publisher Simon & Schuster has pounced on the idea of viral marketing.  They have recently completely redone their web site.  Check it out my author page http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Karin-Tabke  S&S is also feverishly working on getting my free read, A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER, up on their site as a free download the week before MASTER OF CRAVING releases at the end of the month.  The story is 13K words.  My editor said, ‘it’s fun, sexy and the characters are great.’  I agree!  I had a blast writing the story.  It’s set along the Wessex coast just after MASTER OF CRAVING ends.  You might recognize a character.  😉  So, I’m excited, my publisher is excited and I hope readers are excited!


I will of course have details available for the free download as I get them.  In the meantime, what May releases are you looking forward to?


Oh, almost forgot, I have some bee-u-tee-ful bookmarks and chapter excerpt booklets that are gorgeous.  If anyone would like one or both please email me at Karin@KarinTabke.com with your name and snail mail addy and I’ll be happy to send!  And don’t be afraid to ask for extras to, yanno, hand out to your reader friends.  J





  1. Amanda

    Can’t wait for MOC and your free read. Sounds like you just keep swimming along. LOL

  2. Karin Tabke

    sometimes, jill i feel like i’m drowning!

  3. Edie

    I saw your author’s page! It’s great!

    I’m expecting two books from Amazon any day now. Three, actually, but one will go in the literacy basket for the WisRWA conference. One is an Elizabeth Hoyt book, and the other is Nancy Haddock’s Last Vampire Standing. I’m looking forward to reading both. And then I’m looking forward to reading MOC. Squeee!

  4. Karin Tabke

    lol, edie! squee back atcha!

  5. Karin Tabke

    Oh, I forgot to mention, I think Ty has seen his final ride at DWTS! And was Shawn not just too damn cute doing that Paso? sigh. i still think gilles will win, but i’d sure like to see shawn come in second.

  6. Karin Tabke

    OMG! Ty is still in it! A travesty!

  7. HollyD

    The new page looks great.

  8. Colleen MacLeod

    Not to appear to be a brownnoser, but Master of Craving is the only one I’m actually headed to the bookstore on a specific date to buy!

  9. Jen

    I am soooooo excited to see that MOC is coming in May and not June! This may has seen the release of my most favorite authors: Lover Avenged by JR Ward, Under Fire by Jo Davis.

    Sorry the bookstores are suffering – I order so many of my books as ebooks but still use the major names (Fictionwise/Books a Million, Kindle for iphone/Amazon). but I do buy a lot of actual books, mostly from Borders since they give good coupon deals.

    I have loved all the books you have written and look forward to the upcoming releases!

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