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Karin Tabke | Author of Contemporary, Historical, and Paranormal Romance: Author of Sensual Romance

Finally Friday!
May 8th, 2009




And I have a hugely busy weekend ahead of me.  Mother’s Day aside, and to all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  I have work to do for the new Simon & Schuster web site. But forst, I’m taking my two boys shopping this afternoon.  Should be interesting.  I haven’t taken just the two of them in quite a few years. Lunch first though! Mmm, Vietnamese sounds really good. Tomorrow I have my SFA RWA chapter meeting.  Church later in the afternoon, and writing.  Lot’s of writing.


Sunday all my kids will be here along with my mil and my aunt.  We’re doing brunch and dinner!  Or I should say, the kids are doing brunch and dinner.  J I bought pregnant daughter a mom-to-be card and a card from her baby.  J  Yesterday we all went out to celebrate my in-laws 54th wedding anniversary and my daughter looked so cute with her little belly.  She’s getting that glow, even though she’s still puking almost every day. 


This morning as she was heaving in the bathroom hubby yells to me, “Get her some saltines!” 


I very calmly told him, “The last thing she’ll want right after she pukes her guts up is to eat!”


“Oh,” he said. 


Shaking head.  God love him. 


So that’s what I’m doing this weekend. 


How about you?  Any special plans for Sunday??











2 comments to “Finally Friday!”

  1. Edie
    May 8th, 2009 at 11:48 am · Link

    No special plans for Mother’s Day. I emailed my son and told him if he hadn’t planned any present for me, he can take me to see the new Star Trek movie. 🙂

    Vietnamese sounds lovely. Have a great Mom’s Day!

  2. HollyD
    May 8th, 2009 at 8:43 pm · Link

    No specific plans yet. Hubby just got home from Germany and is sound asleep. We have a busy few days. Monday is kid #3’s B-day, Tuesday is our 19th anniversary and I have a meeting at kid #4’s school. Also on Tuesday, 3 of the kids are going on field trips, to different places.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

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