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And counting!  MASTER OF CRAVING releases, Tuesday May 26th!  That’s two weeks away! And I’m going to be running a contest that week!  But I have a problem!  What to offer as a grand prize?  Of course there will be a daily book drawing, but I want to offer something other than books as the grand prize! For example, perfume, an iPod shuffle, a custom made T-shirt, a cute Coach key chain, or perhaps a Visa gift card.  Give me some ideas!!!!


Inquiring minds want to know!!!


And don’t forget, I’ll be happy to mail anyone who would like them, some brand spankin’ new Blood Sword Legacy bookmarks!  Just email me at Karin@karintabke.com with your snail mail addy!  And here’s a neat little banner the very talented Fraucke whipped up for me.  Feel free to poach it and put it up on your site/blog or wherever!




I also wanted to share a review from www.singletitles.com that came in last night. It gave me goose bumps!


Master of Craving (Blood Sword Legacy: Book 3)


Reviewer:  Amelia Richard


Teaser:  MASTER OF CRAVING is a rousing adventure where innermost desires intensely conflict with clear-cut priorities.   

The third book in the Blood Sword Legacy series starts with a captivatingly gripping scene, and each new compelling scenario contains additional attention-grabbing circumstances.. Karin Tabke has created a rewarding masterpiece, one to be savored again and again.


During a violent battle in 1067 on English soil against the Welsh, most of the Blood Sword knights are taken prisoner by this enemy of King William. Although seriously injured, Stefan de Valrey manages to hide and begins planning retribution against those who have caused him so much pain, both physically and emotionally. He also knows he must find some way to free the men who are like brothers to him. While resting to regain some strength, he unexpectedly ends up in a confrontation where he rescues a Welsh princess from a brutal attack. Stefan now knows he has the means to liberate the captured Blood Swords, so he takes the woman as his hostage in order to swap her for the men.


When Arianrhod left Dinefwr Castle to travel across England to reach her betrothed, she could never have imagined how her life would quickly change. She goes from being a pampered princess to a woman held as a pawn by a mercenary knight, and Arian knows she must protect her virtue or her future husband may reject her. However, every moment spent with Stefan only confuses her more, as her feelings for the man become more desirous with each new understanding. When their awareness of each other wants to overrule their main objectives, Stefan and Arian find themselves facing decisions which will have a lasting impact on not only them.


Each scene of a story by Karin Tabke will leave readers spellbound. This gifted author will have you experiencing all the enthralling moments of her books, regardless of the setting or time period. The medieval novels by Ms. Tabke are some of the best I have read, as I am transported to a romanticized historical location where she lets my imagination visualize such realistic scenes. Add in plenty of strikingly attractive knights and the story is even more enchanting.

From the start of MASTER OF CRAVING, one gets a sense of just how determined the hero and heroine will be in this story and they certainly do not disappoint. Stefan is trustworthy and his loyalty to those in whom he believes is admirable. The feisty nature of Arian had me cheering her on more than once, as she stood her ground plus spoke her mind. Ms. Tabke creates some clever dialogue between Stefan and Arian, and their convincing reactions to any arising situations seemed completely believable. When it comes to romantic couples, these two are one of the best I have read about lately. The sexual tension is absolutely palpable whenever they are together, and I could feel their restraint wavering on numerous occasions as the combustible heat between them only needed one tiny spark to make their control go up in flames. And when it does finally ignite, the encounter is breathtaking.

As a medieval story, I was held entranced during every fascinating moment by the mastery of period details, whether the scene was only emotionally engaging about a belief or featured a fierce battle with swords drawn. There are many dangerous escapades throughout this story, and a number of them will leave your heart pounding with trepidation. A couple of unforeseen turns will definitely surprise the reader and cause you to wonder about the consequences. Many previous characters make an appearance to keep the story entertaining, and I look forward to seeing more tales about them. MASTER OF CRAVING is an irresistible story about a turbulent time where true love can change the destiny of many. 


Ciao for now!




  1. Edie

    Karin, what a fabulous review! I’d be blubbering if someone gave one of my books a review like that. I hope she gets a lot of readers and they all buy Master of Craving!

    The banner might be too big for my blog sidebar. If it is, I’ll put up the cover of MoC. 🙂

    Gift ideas: A T-shirt that says CRAVING. Black with white writing or red with black writing. Or a Visa or Amazon gift card. Can’t go wrong with either of those.

  2. Edie

    The banner just fit my blog! 🙂

  3. Margaret

    Wheee! I CAN’T wait!!

  4. B.E. Sanderson

    I was already waiting impatiently for MoC, but after that review, I’m drooling in anticipation. Congrats, Karin. That ought to get a few more readers for you. Yay.

    I’d love to have some bookmarks, but I don’t know how effective I’d be at generating sales with them. There aren’t all that many people around here, and I’ve already told the ones I know about your books. =o)

  5. Mary

    Can not wait to read this one, especially after that review. You truly are a “gifted” author.

    Okay, now for a grand prize – how about a pink coach purse? LOL

  6. Elisabeth Naughton

    Wonderful, Karin! That is a fantastic review!! Can’t wait to read the book!

  7. Kendra

    I like Mary’s idea! Or does Poppy have more jewelry?

    Fantastic review!!

  8. Colleen MacLeod

    That is awesome! I’m salivating and can’t wait to hit the bookstore on the 26th!


  9. Karin Tabke

    a pink Coach purse or Poppy Laurel jewwlry. Good ideas ladies.

  10. Booklover1335

    Hey Karin,
    Got my package in the mail over the weekend with all of the bookmarks, and can I say they are gorgeous. Loved both the front and the back. I also posted your banner on my blog at the top of the sidebar.
    Can you tell I am excited about this book? As far as the contest goes. I am a book addict. Personal tastes vary, so while a coach purse is a great gift, doesn’t really appeal to me. I know gift cards, and books are kind of blah, they both work to feed my addiction, and I would always choose those over any other kind of item, except for maybe a kindle or sony reader 🙂

  11. Julie Robinson

    I’ll just be getting back when your book comes out, so won’t be able to participate in a contest. BUT I have been looking forward to reading this one because I loved your other two so much.

    That review just gave me goose bumps.

    Taking Edie’s idea—and have a little kinky innuendo—you could have MASTER emblazoned on the front! Or MASTER of CRAVING, with the ‘of’ in little letters so the other two words stand out more.

    OR how about MASTER across the chest; ‘of’ in little letters beneath; and then Craving, Torment, and Surrender down the front underneath MASTER. I’ll try to show you, but imagine each of the three in a book outline or something.


    C T S
    r o u
    a r r
    v m r
    i e e
    n n n
    g t d

    OR, another idea might be to have MASTER emblazoned across the front with two swords intersecting beneath the word.
    Good luck. Sounds like fun.

  12. Karin Tabke

    Booklover! I’m excited too! and thank you sooo much for putting my banner up on your blog! It looks purdy. 🙂

    Julie great ideas! I’ve contacted Virna at
    http://hipwritergirls.typepad.com/hipwritergirls/ she’s going to whip up a few things!

    I also chatted with Poppy and I am going to offer a piece of her inspiration collection. But there will be more, much much more!

  13. Jane

    Congrats on the great review. The Coach key chain and gift card would make a great grand prize.

  14. Jill James

    Karin, love the banner, I’ll be posting at my blog tomorrow.

    I think a teeshirt with the hunk on it would be awesome.

  15. Amy S.

    Master of Craving sounds great! Gift cards are always a nice prize!

  16. Caffey

    Hi Karin!!!
    I do need to get this series (I haven’t missed your others) and I love historicals!! There’s something about Medieval and that ‘primitive’ time too. The castles and all that. I remember my first Medieval and wanted to find more (still do) so got yours to look forward to!

    I love winning books and GC too. It works out in case I have the book. But too I love to chat about them.

  17. Karin Tabke

    Ladies, I have to share. My good friend Virna DePaul custom designs tee shirts. check out what she did for me. I’m going to be offering one or two of these during the mad giveaway! http://www.writees.com

  18. Karin Tabke

    So, who is leaving AI this week??? I think Danny, but they were all good. And Adam rocked!

  19. Karin Tabke

    thnx, Amy and Caffey!

  20. B.E. Sanderson

    Awesome Ts. I can’t wait for the mad giveaway. =o)

  21. Mary

    Definately is Danny’s time to go. Chris is just too cute and Adam well what more can be said.

    While I do love tank t’s, with my bustline I always feel like a human billboard and as I know that would be great for your business LOL I am self conscious about it.

    But there were lots of great give away ideas.

  22. J. Carson Black

    Fantastic review, Karin! Revel in it!


  23. Erika

    I put your banner on my blog with the release date underneath. Good reviews are always a wonderful thing. Congratulations.

  24. Fedora

    Wow, only two weeks! Woohoo! Congrats on the great review, and how exciting, to have a contest to anticipate the countdown!

    The custom t’s are very eyecatching! Like Booklover1335, I’m a book addict, so GCs always work for me 🙂 An e-reader would be too much to hope for 😉 And jewelry would be inspired!

  25. Caffey

    T-Shirts look great! and LOL on “He Was A Loser Anyways” shirt! They have alot of great T’s over there on reading!

    I’m looking up some themes related to the book, knights, swords, etc and found some with jewelry and the like. Will email links

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