Ty and Danny Bite the Dust

May 14, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments


Not surprised.  What does surprise is that Ty lasted as long as he did and that Kris has made a dark horse run for the coveted title 2009 American Idol.


I think Gilles will win on DWTS.  He is the best.  Melissa is too damn cute for words and has serious talent, and Shawn?  America’s sweetheart.  But Gilles has it all.  The looks, the moves, the ass, and the woman of America panting after his accent.  Women are the predominate voters, so by that alone, he’ll win.


I don’t think it’s going to be as clear cut with Idol.  Of 88 million votes this week, only one million separated Kris and Adam.  Who had more?  Dunno, but I predict Kris will get the majority of Danny’s fans.  And if that does happen, Adam will go home as runner up.  Talentwise, it’s a no-brainer.  Adam has depth and lives for the camera.  Kris isn’t so gifted.  Cute, yes.  Humble, yes, the next American Idol?  No.  At least he shouldn’t be, but I think, he just might pull it off.


They both need to give the performances of their lives next week.  I predict record-breaking votes and a narrow margin to the winner.


Chime in, peeps.  Who’s your pick and why??





  1. Amy S.

    I think Adam will win. I hope Tony wins on DWTS. He has a great partner this year and deserves to win.

  2. Edie

    I feel that Paula might’ve been partially at fault for Danny’s elimination. She picked a boring song that didn’t suit his personality.

    Kris isn’t the best singer, but he’s very talented and knows how to use what he’s got. I like some of the arrangements he’s done. Both he and Adam are brilliant that way.

    I’m not sure which I’ll vote for, or if I’ll bother, since I admire them both. Kris might win because of all the tweens voting for him. I bet they redial all night.

  3. Karin

    I forgot to mention, I was underwhelmed by Jordan Sparks and Katie Perry. Even the kid bored me. Am I getting too picky?

  4. Jill James

    I can’t believe Danny is gone and Kris is left. He missed half his notes and cracked on the ones he did reach.

    For talent, Adam should win. I guess we’ll see.

  5. LaDonna

    I’ll be voting for Adam next week. I think the final two were the right ones left standing. Danny is great, but he wasn’t as consistent as the other two. I think Kris found his flow and stayed there. And Adam challenges himself every week and it shows. Just love that boy, and when you’ve got it…it shows. A very magical thing to see, and I’ll miss seeing that every week. My daughter told me about a dance show, I think it’s So you Think You Can Dance, or something like that. I’m gonna give it whirl to fill the talent show void.

  6. Cele

    I had liked Danny from Hollywood Week, but my interest in him wanned. I have like Kris from the first week of the on stage competition. He sings music I love, I love his voice, his delivery, his style. I will vote for Kris all night long…and I’m middle aged.

    Adam is mighty talented but he’s screaming isn’t a genre I listen to…says they die hard Led Zepplin fan (a song he rocked on by the way.)

    I voted, voted, and voted for Ty. No he wasn’t a great dancer, but he gave it his all and improved weekly. My husband adores Shawn but things it will be Gilles. I like Melissa and Gilles both.

    hmmmm, I’m thinking Gilles.

    Next week starts SYTYCD…YEAHHHHH!

  7. Fedora

    I agree–I think Melissa’s terrific and Shawn’s still improving, but Gilles has it all! And I’m totally amazed and impressed that Ty hung in as long as he did, working his tail off every week. Great attitude!

  8. Mary

    Adam cause I just love him and have from the beginning. Don’t watch dancin.

  9. Colleen MacLeod

    I think Kris has been the dark horse sleeper all along. The three of them are/were so close it could honestly go any way!

  10. Carol Luce

    Adam’s my boy, but I’m afraid the teenie boppers will bring Kris through by a nose. Adam will do just fine without the win. I predict an Elvis-like phenomenon for Adam’s upcoming career.

  11. Jaci Burton

    It was definitely time for Ty to go. He’s totally adorable and worked so hard, but he’s not a dancer. Gilles is damn hawt! But I adore Melissa, probably because I’m a fan of The Bachelor. And yay, The Bachelorette starts next Monday!

    I do think Gilles is going to win it because I do think he’s probably the best dancer out of all of them.

    As far Idol, I think Kris and Adam are polar opposites as far as style. I love Adam the best. I think he’s got incredible stage presence and he’s the only one who’s consistently mesmerized me from week to week. Will he win? Who knows. Just depends on who decides to vote and why. Either way Adam will have a stellar career.

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