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May 16, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

Okay, so I woke up with a lousy sinus headache.  Popped a Zyrtec, took kid to work, came home, looked at crowed garage and shook my head.  Hubby wants to clean it today.  It’s already like 85 degrees and climbing.  I do not want to.  I am rescued by pregnant daughter who has her heart set on chilaquilles (ignore spelling).  I am so down! 
So, I am saved by brunch!  Just thought I’d share!   🙂


  1. LaDonna

    Karin, the ol’ sinus headache paid me a call too! What’s with that? And God bless the little mother to be! Brunch sounds good any day. We had cinnamon rolls with our granddaughter this a.m.

    Hope your headache goes away. I may take a nap later…

  2. Edie

    I am saved by brunch!

    LOL The garage is my husband’s job. I get the cloests and drawers. Don’t know which is worse.

    Hope the headache is gone! You too, LaD!

  3. Poppy

    If you clean the garage, it’s just going ot get messy again, and if it’s already full of stuff, then it can’t get any messier, so just call it a day and go out to dinner.

  4. Marcia

    We pregnant chicks seem to have a lot of pull…especially when it comes to getting out of things. 😉

  5. Karin Tabke

    LaD, sinus headache finally went away during dinner last night. Then we went to see Star Trek. I really enjoyed it!

    Edie, since most of the crap in the garage is mine…

    Poppy, I like your methodology. Unfortunately it won’t work. My garage is full of boxes of stuff we brought from out old house when we moved here 11 years! ago. It’s gotta go.

    Marcia, you pregnant ladies rule! How are you feeling?

  6. Charlotte Featherstone

    Just checking in and seeing what’s new with your. M of C is on pre-order….yeah!!!! Can’t wait.

    And, I hope you didn’t clean that garage…lol!

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