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May 19, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

MASTER OF CRAVING releases next Tuesday, May 26th!  It feels like I’ve been waiting for this release for forever!  As previously stated (yesterday’s 8 Days for 8 Knights blog) I’ll be kicking of release week with eight days of prizes culminating with two grand prizes on the eighth day!  Here is the link to the earrings to go with the Poppy Laurel necklace. 




Purdy, huh?


Also, my free read should be up any minute. When I get the official word and link I’ll post it here.


So, about DWTS last night?  Thoughts?  I thought Shawn and Jonathan were the best overall.  Loved the Paso and their freestyle kicked ass!  Melissa left me feeling disjointed after her freestyle and Gilles as well.  I truly think having Apolo Ono come in and give Shawn the Olympian pep talk had a lot to do with her perfect score.  He was right.  She does has the competitive edge none of the others have, in that she has been a competitor all her life.  She stepped up.  Is she the best dancer?  Before last night I would have said Gilles was, hands down.  He’s good, really good, excellent even, but so is Shawn, she’s just different.  I love watching them both.  That said, I voted five times on each of our four landlines last night.  All 20 for Shawn.  It’s the first time I voted this season.  I’m pulling for her, but won’t be upset if Gilles walks with the mirror ball.


Conversely, I won’t vote on AI tonight.  As much as I love Adam and think he is the best Idol ever, except Carrie Underwood, I don’t care one way or another if he wins.  How weird is that?  I guess I figure he’ll land on both feet no matter what happens.


So?  Whatcha all think?  Shawn or Gilles, Adam or Kris?





  1. Jill James

    I want Adam to win just because I don’t think Kris is good enough to be the American Idol.

  2. Ames

    You know Karin, other than phoning in more times than I”ll ever fess up to two weeks ago, I’ve been very blasé about this year’s AI. Not sure why but I think the love is gone. 🙁

  3. Mary

    My little fingers will be hitting that redial button for Adam. He is the one that should be the next American Idol and if he is not I will shut down the show on my end, especially if Simon jumps ship too.

  4. Karin Tabke

    Jill, I can’t imagine Adam not winning. But stranger things have happened.

    Ames, I have become blase. Not sure why. I mean I enjoy the show, but I guess in my life the end result has zero impact, so I don’t get all worked up about it.

    Mary, I know you’ll wear your fingers down to bone! I think Simon is good to go for another season or two. Every year we hear he might be leaving.

  5. Margaret A. Golla

    True confessions here. Last night was the first time I watched DWTS this year. I like Shawn first, Gilles second. On the hunk-o-meter, Gilles blows everyone away, including the last few seasons!

    I don’t really care who wins AI. Adam will have an incredible career no matter what happens. Kris has found his niche, but he’s still wet-behind-the-ears in the performance arena.

  6. Carol Luce

    I agree with Jill and Mary, it’s Adam or I’m outta there!

    There were only 1 million votes separating the two condenders last week. It’s possible Kris carried the majority. I’m not taking any chances. Adam does deserve to win, and he won’t win unless we vote.

  7. Kendra

    LOL. I’m in the minority here. I like Kris. Adam is simply too over-the-top for me. I can see him on Broadway. Kris has found his niche and does it well. I love to watch him and listen; I would buy his music. When I watch Adam I wonder what on earth he’ll do next. I think this season will be very close.

  8. Poppy

    I’m voting for Kris. I don’t find Adam’s voice at all pleasant and I don’t care how much technical talent he has when I don’t enjoy his performances. Kris has grown a lot during the show, while Adam is exactly the same as when he arrived. Showcasing already professional talent is not the point of the show, I think.

  9. Charlotte Featherstone

    M of C is now shipping from Chapters.ca, Karin, Just got my shipment notice! Can’t wait!

    And I was an Allison girl so I don’t really care who wins AI. Adam is not my cuppa.

  10. Karin Tabke

    Congrats Shawn and Mark!!!!!!!

  11. Edie

    I like Kris. I think they were both good, but Adam was screechy for me in his last two songs. The first was awesome.

    Kris could have a long career, a la James Taylor, who goes for the more intimate songs. I tried to vote for him about two hours after the show was over, and all the lines were busy.

    I think the last five Idols can all have great great careers. This AI was the best.

  12. Caffey

    I don’t watch since I can’t hear the music but I saw on chats many are speaking about Adam winning. So I usually watch the last show to see who wins, LOL

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