What a Finale!

May 21, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

What a Finale!



I have to say first off congratulations to Kris Allen!  I was surprised to say the least.  Not sure why, I knew he’d pick up all of Gokey’s votes, and last week only 1 million votes separated Kris and Adam, so mathematically he was a lock, but still I was surprised (someone had posted on Facebook that AK alone voted 38,000,000 times!). We all know Adam will go far, but it’s not the same as being crowned American Idol.  Not even close.  I think his family was shocked, I think Adam as shocked, but there was no one more shocked on that stage than Kris.


So let’s see what the boy can do this next year.  I think we might just be surprised. 


So on to last night’s entertainment.  OMG, did Kara put bikini girl in her place?  Was that not a riot? Hell, who knew Kara had those abs?  And Bikini girl is still smug, smuggier even since her er, ah, enhancement.  Hmm let’s see, bikini girl has boobs and a suntan and Kara has a voice, talent, and a career.  Who wins that war?


Norman was kind of funny, Tatiana was annoying as hell.  Set up or not, it was classic Tatiana, and she could have done nothing less to uningratiate herself with the judges and the American public. Poor thing.


I thought Rod Stewart was going to fall down. I thought Steve Martin was going to sing, not just play the banjo.  Gah and the singing with Michael and Megan.  Yikes.


Kiss, Queen, Fergie, great.


So what was your favorite part of last night??


And PS Congrats again to Shawn and Mark for winning the mirrored ball!


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  1. Jill James

    I was shocked Kris won and then I thought about it. To win American Idol you have to get the votes, so the winner has to appeal to a wide range of tastes. Adam is a great singer and hey! he could join Queen. But, Kris singing with Keith Urban was just so comfortable and enjoyable. I could totally picture them in concert together.

  2. Karin

    Yes yes yes! Jill! How could I forget keith urban! LOVE him. And Kris hung in there. How exciting to be on stage *singing with Keith Urban*!

  3. Ames

    Your finale post double posted babe.

    Kris and Keith were a perfect fit!! As far as the entire night goes–Best. Finale. Yet! Everytime I thought, no way it can’t get better, that was fabulous, they topped themselves. Truly. An awesome show–despite Tatiana and I LOVE LOVE LOVED how Kara showed up Bikini Bitch.

    All I could think of was A) how old Beth (by Kiss) was and b) Rod Stuart’s age is showing. Oh and C) Santana can play guitar for me all night long, anytime 😀

  4. Colleen MacLeod

    Yep, Go, Kara! I think Kara looked way better in that bikini anyway. And Bikini Girl couldn’t even pretend to have any class about the whole thing. Hopefully that was the last nanosecond of her fifteen minutes of fame.

    I keep reminding myself that AI isn’t really a talent competition so much as a competition to see who can sell the most albums to ‘tweens with sparkly cell phones and more disposable income than I have. But, it is definitely Adam’s album I will break into the piggy bank to buy!


  5. Margaret

    Whoever planned some of those duets did a magnificent job! Loved KISS, Queen, did Adam really fit in with both of them or what? Kris and Keith,awesome. Allison and Belinda, awesome. Megan, meh. Still hate her.
    LOVED David Cook! Again!
    It was a really good show.
    Adam will always land on his feet.
    Kris will continue to grow as a singer throughout this next year.

  6. Carol Luce

    I wasn’t as much shocked as I was disappointed. I know, I know, I’ve heard all the hype that Adam will be just fine, but he was robbed. I guess you could say he was over-qualified for AI. Kris is sweet and humble, and Adam was a gracious loser, but I couldn’t help but be bummed.

    The finale was fabulous! That I can agree on. Truly spectacular.

  7. Edie

    I think Kris will do very well as American Idol. He has a lot of musicality and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a songwriter. Look what he did with “There’s no sunshine when she’s gone.” I can see him having a long career like James Taylor. Or Keith Urban. 😉

    Besides the Kara and Bikini Girl song — which was awesome — my favorite was Alison and Cindy Lauper. That was lovely.

  8. Barbara

    Hi Karin! Your stories are new to me but they come highly recommended by Sophie Renwick. I have already downloaded the short and I’m looking forward to checking out your other releases.

  9. Cele

    Adam started singing Beth and I was, oh wow. Then he sang with Queen. BTW Queen just broke up with Paul Rogers…ie they need a lead singer. Adam will have a great career, he’s just to nitch.

    We did a phone in yesterday morning over the air – Adam or Kris? Kris won hands down. Umm, I live in the number one retirement community in the US… enough said.

  10. Margaret

    Oops, I meant Cindy Lauper. Thanks for setting me straight! Why was I thinking Belinda Carlisle???

  11. Poppy

    various news places are reporting that the vote wasn’t even close.

  12. Caffey

    I happened to watch it, I don’t hear the music but I was curious so I’m learning about why some were upset. But they voted for him and they both looked good singing, but i’m not one to judge since I can’t hear their music but I heard they’ll both probably have contracts, they were that good people told me

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