Day Three Celebrating 8 Days for 8 Knights!

May 27, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 35 comments


Today to celebrate the release of MASTER OF CRAVING I’ll be giving away another $10 BN gift certificate and a signed copy of MASTER OF TORMENT! 


But to be eligible you have to answer this question:  Where did the Blood Swords meet?  And remember all answers can be found on my website!


Here’s yesterday’s winners!


Holly you win the Master Your Craving Tee shirt!  Go to and pick your style color and size and email me at!


CrystalB, you win the signed copies of GOOD GIRL GONE BAD and JADED!  Send me an email with your addy so I can get them to you!



Don’t forget about my FREE read, A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER! Here’s the link! and don’t forget you can forward it to your loops and groups or put it up on your sites and blogs!  Opps, alomost forgot!  I’m guest blooging at free book to lucky commenter!
and here free book to lucky commenter!



Happy Hump Day, goils!





  1. Cathy M

    Just got the heads up from the Writeminded ladies today.

    Big congrats to all the winners.

    They met in a Saracen prison.

  2. Edie

    A Saracen prison. 🙂

  3. Jill James

    those poor men met in a Saracen prison. So sad. Can I take one home and make it all better?!! LOL

  4. Lori Ann

    They met in a Saracen prison.

  5. Jane

    Congrats to the winners.

    They met in a Saracen prison.

  6. Kira Daniels

    A saracen prison.


  7. Margaret A. Golla

    Saracen Prison.
    Now take good care of my Viking, okay? *sniff, sniff* I miss him already!! Waaahhh!

  8. Liz Kreger

    Congrats on your release, Karin. Excitin’ stuff.

    And, yes … I knew they met in a Saracen prison.

  9. virna

    They met in a Saracen prison. Can’t wait to read your book!

  10. Colleen MacLeod

    A Saracen prison. Curling up with MOC and a glass of wine as we speak!


  11. kh

    the saracen prison

    what is yoru fav cop movie/t v show

  12. cheryl c.

    Congrats on your latest release, Karin!

    They met in a horrible Saracen prison, so they deserve HEA endings!

  13. Booklover1335

    Hey Karin,
    They met in a Saracen prison. Wish I could make my post a little bit original, but can’t think of anything else I have not already said. Maybe this bears repeating, I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!

  14. Amy S.

    In a Saracen prison. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Judy Cox

    A Saracen prison!!

    Congrats everyone.

  16. HollyD

    OMG thanks, Karin! I’ve been offline all day. I can’t wait until Craving gets here in the mail.

  17. RobynL

    in a Saracen prison,

    congrats to day 1 and 2’s winners; I just found out about this.

  18. Kim S

    I just found your site and books….woweeee do your books look great!! I’ve added all to my TBB list!

    Congrats to all the winners!

    The Blood Swords met in a Saracen prison.

  19. RachieG

    Answer: Saracen prison

    Karen Tabke ROCKS!!

  20. Cybercliper

    Congrats winners!!! They met in a Saracen prison.

  21. Patricia Barraclough

    The met at a Saracen prison.

  22. BDB61

    Hi Karen!

    They met at a Saracen prison…

    Crossin’ my fingers today 🙂

  23. Fedora

    The eight met when prisoners in a Saracen prison, and are each branded with the mark of the sword.

    Hooray for Holly and CrystalB! And thanks again, Karin!

  24. Karin Tabke

    Great answers! Keep them coming. And thank you, thank you to everyone who has purchased MASTER OF CRAVING already!

    KH, my fave cop show? Dexter. 🙂

    Amanda did you ask the BN lady if the books were on order?? I can’t believe my local book store doesn’t have my books. The noive!

  25. Pam P

    Met in a Saracen prison.

    Congrats to the winners.

  26. Maureen

    They met in a Saracen prison.

  27. Cheryl McInnis

    They all met while in a Saracen prison~

    Karin, MOC finally arrived here in Nova Scotia-picked up my copy last night!!!

  28. Crystal B.

    Thank you so much. Congratulations to Holly.

  29. Crystal B.

    They met in a Sarcen prison.

  30. Emma

    Congratulations on the release of MASTER OF CRAVING .Met in a Saracen prison.Congrats to winners!!! Have a good week.

  31. delitealex

    They met at a saracen prison. congrats to the winners.

  32. Karin Tabke

    I’m lade with today’s post! Stand by, I’m on it!

  33. sara hurt

    If im not to late I wouldl ove to play too.

    They met in a saracen prison.

  34. Sandy M

    May I still play? I know I’m late!

    They met in a Saracen prison


  35. Brandy W

    Congrats to the winner. They met in a Saracen Prison.

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