Happy Monday!

I actually caught up with everything (ok, most of it!) over the weekend!  And, did a wee bit of writing.  I love the proposal I’m working on.  LOVE. IT!   Best stuff yet!  Why couldn’t I write this good with the first books?  Ah, live and learn I suppose.   We all evolve.  The older I get the mellower I get, and yes, like a nice bottle of cab, I’m getting better.  Better in the sense that I don’t let stuff get to me like I used to, I’m very comfortable in my skin, and well, just happier in general.  I’ve always… Read more »

Hangin’ With The Banditas!

C’mon over and say howdy.  Were talkin’ fairytales and self-help books!   I just read Lisa Rinna’s RINNAVATION.  Loved it!  I got my glow on!   🙂 🙂 http://romancebandits.blogspot.com/ Karin*… Read more »

Farrah Died

🙁  Such sad news.  She was a fighter.  How tragic tho’ her son could not be beside her.  I’m angry at him that he took that from her. Sigh.  Okay, back to prepping the house for bunko tonight.  I knew I shouldn’t have volunteered.  Too much other stuff to do! Karin*… Read more »

Enough is Enough!

Hah!   I bet you thought I was gonna weigh in the current RWA drama!   NOT!!   Nope, it’s all about me, I’m afraid. J   I’m at that place again where all of my procrastination has caught up with me, and it’s slammed me against a wall!    So, I am still processing all of the prizes.  No surprise there!  It is on the top of my To Do List for this week.  I am also way behind on a proposal I have been mulling for several weeks now. While I began writing last week, I hit a wall, and finally have enough… Read more »

The Boys Are Back!

Almost!  It’s camp time. Hubby and the boys including my fil and sil have been gone since early Friday morning.  Sigh.  I must be getting old.  Usually I can’t wait for a quiet house, but this year, even though my daughter has been home but working, and my mil and I have been keeping busy, I have felt like vital organs are missing.  As I type this I’m getting all emotional.   What the hell is up with that?  I mean don’t get me wrong, but I always look forward to camp time. Always!  I mean c’mon.  I don’t have to… Read more »
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