Jon and Kate Plus 8

June 10, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 34 comments


Ok, so I will admit, I have never seen one of their shows.  I have no interest.  I don’t follow the Octomom stuff either.  But! But, with every channel and every website and every gossip rag raging on an on about Jon’s affair, Kate’s affair, their impending divorce and how much every one HATES Kate!  I find myself knowing far too much than I want to know.


So, I have an opinion.  I came to this conclusion after chatting with a bunch of the WisRWA gals Saturday night over a few glasses of wine.  Here’s what I remember hearing.


One:  Kate does pick on Jon.  She’s hard on him in fact. Ugly hard.

Two:  Kate is the driving force of the show.

Three:  Jon quit his job to help out at home.

Four:  Jon was also going to go back to school.

Five:  Jon isn’t that much of a help and hasn’t enrolled in school.

Six:  Jon is a putz. 


My thoughts:  From what I have seen and heard: Jon is weak in character. So not hero material. He’s been quite content to allow Kate to use/exploit/whatever you want to lash out and accuse her of doing, the fact that they have 8 kids, to further their means.  Big deal!  If I had 8 kids and someone came to me with big bucks and the offer of a reality show, damn straight I’d take them up on it.  It costs almost 100K to send a kid to a second rate public California college, and that doesn’t include expenses!  Do the math!  Kids are expensive!  With 8 she needs help, and not the lazy ass kind Jon is offering.  Domestic assistants, cost big bucks.  The more you pay the better the employee (in theory anyway).  Housekeepers cost.  Give me a break!  The woman needs domestic help so she can be a mom!  Kate is a businesswoman.  She needs a business assistant!  Hell two or three of them! Give me a break people!!  Why is everyone so hard on her?


And then there is her weak-ass husband.  Would someone slap him?  Wah wah wah.  I’d be riding his ass too.  She’s doing it because she’s frustrated that he hasn’t stepped up, and since she has, she’s catching all the flack.  No, she isn’t perfect, but damn if that woman isn’t made of steel and seeing to the current and future welfare of her children.  And yes, damn it, herself!


Is she perfect? Nope, not even close. But I bet you a hundred bucks if her limp noodle of a husband turned into a man she’d back off the bitch wagon real quick.


I say, leave her alone.


So?  Am I totally off my rocker?  And for what it’s worth, most of the WisRWA ladies I was chatting with think Jon’s a worthless wuss too.


Thoughts?  Opinions? 




  1. Erika

    I find it really funny that you blogged about this because I was going to use this in my next blog. I have never watched Jon & Kate plus 8. EVER. I watch dancing reality tv and that’s it since they cancelled Beauty and the Geek. I agree with you 800%. Give me a break, this guy is a loser with a capital L who needs to get his stuff together and grow a pair. I hear everyone talk about what a bitch Kate is and I say maybe if he manned up she wouldn’t have to be such a bitch and she could go back to being the adoring wife. Just sayin’.

  2. Erika

    BTW, congrats on the new edition to your family.

  3. Munk

    EEEK! Don’t know. I’ve never watched it and read very little about it but I will be interested to see others opinions on the subject.

  4. Donna Caubarreaux

    Who does watch this show?
    Not me.
    I had six kids, so am somewhat qualified on the number of kids issue. No one ever offered me money to see how I raised them. It would have been handy, that’s for sure.
    You need big girl panties to handle kids. Being strict helps. Fair and strict.
    My dh always stepped up to the plate, except when he was sent to Viet Nam and I was pregnant with number five and the first four were under the age of seven! Like I said. Big girl panties.
    How did they come out? All licensed professionals, except one who is in the Coast Guard Reserve and attending college this fall.
    The big girl panties were worth it.
    I haven’t and respect for whiners or wusses.
    Karin, send your kid to Louisiana for their higher education, we’re still at the bottom of the tuition pool.

  5. Melissa

    You know, I just watched a couple of these shows because of all the goings on and have thought the same thing about Jon. He got on my nerves more than her bitching did. He wants to whine but seems perfectly happy to go on vacations. I thought he was a weener.

  6. Karin

    Ah, Erika! Great minds, baby! Go ahead and blog about it, and post your link here. I’ll come by and stir up some trouble. 😉

    And thank you for the congrats. 🙂 I am so happy! And grateful they are only having one at a time!

    Munk, lol. I think now that i have opened this can of worms, i’m gonna have to watch an episode. just one.

  7. Fedora

    I haven’t watched the show so I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on their actual relationship and dynamics, but hats off to Donna for obviously being an awesome mom and for effectively wearing those big-girl panties. Sounds like maybe Jon could use some big-boy panties…

  8. Karin

    Donna, as usual you inspire me. And the big girl panty thing? More guys need to put them on!

  9. Karin

    Melissa, I am soo glad it wasn’t just me and the wine thinking this. thank you for validation!

    Fedora, I’m not qualified, coz, um I haven’t watch the show at all, but talking to smart gals who have, over wine counts. Right???

    And Donna is amazing.

  10. Teri

    If I had 8 kids and someone came to me with big bucks and the offer of a reality show, damn straight I’d take them up on it.

    I was thinking the same thing earlier today.

    I also think it’s interesting how many people are quick to jump all over Kate about her behavior and give John–the cheater boy–a free pass.

    As for her motivation, I think you totally nailed it when you said, “She’s doing it because she’s frustrated that he hasn’t stepped up…” Someone had to have the testosterone in the family. John is wasting all of his on teenagers.

    And, I’ll second that Donna is amazing.

  11. Laurie K

    Here! Here!
    I thought I was the only one that thought that. I couldn’t imagine having 8 kids let alone run a house, a business and everything else involved. Show me the money baby – and yes Jon is not hero material at all. She’s a tough woman IMO, and if she has to be a little hard a$$ about it well….

  12. Edie

    I haven’t watched the show, so don’t have an opinion, but he does sound like a whiner. I’d rather watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight! That’s not reality, but it’s the kind of show I like. No whiners allowed there. Those dancers are amazing and tough. A lot like writers. 🙂

  13. ArkansasCyndi

    Don’t watch J&K + 8 either BUT I’ve had read that Kate slaps Jon..ON AIR. I realize she is frustrated, but that’s abuse. That is a yell for help. I think the “affairs” are also cries for help.

    HOWEVER, Jon is a putz.

  14. B.E. Sanderson

    :shakes head: I haven’t watched the show, but I’ve caught some of the ‘news’ about it. I just feel bad for the kids. J&K are the adults. They made the choice to have 8 kids and now it’s up to them to raise those children in a safe, loving, respectful environment. I don’t care how they manage it financially and I don’t care if they do it divorced. I just think, with all the melodrama surrounding this, they’re failing at their job. Just my opinion.

    :end rant:

  15. HollyD

    I have watched it because my oldest daughter loves the show. She also likes seeing families with more kids than us. We have 5.

    Jon has been fine w/ the cameras & attention until now. He didn’t mind when they were receiving free vacations and trips to places that I can only dream of taking my kids to.

    Part of his quitting was to help out at home. Kate’s publisher sent her on a book tour and poor Jon couldn’t handle the job of stay-at-home parent even w/ help.

    I’m w/ you Karin, he needs to man up.

    Also, I’m ticked that all of a sudden people are finding it offensive that they have the cameras in their house. Where the hell were the complaints before? They have been doing this for years. They have 8 children to provide for and fortunately this show has provided them the money to do so.

    I’m reminded of the “walking a mile in my shoes” thing before criticizing others.

  16. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, haven’t watched the show but pretty sick of seeing both their faces splashed across the networks and mags. 😆 Still not sure how I feel about the child-rearing reality shows. But, your points are valid and totally make sense. Life is hard sometimes, and wusses are a great example of what not to do!

    One of my grandsons and I love the expedition reality shows like the Africa one that recently came on. No wusses aloud there, baby! 😎

  17. LaDonna

    Ah, haven’t had my coffee yet. Can we spell allowed this morning girls????

  18. Mary

    I have to agree if a women steps up she a Bitch, but it’s Ok for a man. Double standard. Jon is definitely not helping and seems to be a big player that need to grow up. No wonder she complains she is exhausted and needs a husband to step up to the plate. Men are such babies.

  19. Karin Tabke

    Teri, why *is* everyone so quick to pounce on Kate? And I bet most of them are women! Shame shame!

    Laurie, great minds. 🙂 And you are 100% correct. Someone has to be the hard a$$. and since Jon is such a manly man, *not*, Kate stepped up.

    Edie, I keep saying every year that I’m going to watch SYTYCD, and every year I don’t. What night is it on?

  20. Erika

    Karin, it’s definitely on my blog tomorrow., today however, I have the youtube video of the 72 yr old grandmother who got tasered by a Texas Constable. Can you ask your hubby, is not signing a speeding ticket illegal? Inquiring minds and all that . . .

  21. Karin Tabke

    Cyndi, I haven’t heard about Kate slapping Jon. Shame shame on Kate. If it’s true, she needs to find another way to vent her frustrations. Oh, wait, she does. She verbally pecks at Jon. They both need counseling to help deal with not only life in a fishbowl, but a marriage in jeopardy. And frankly, I think they would still have the same issue regardless of the cameras. This is deep character stuff that needs to be resolved.

    Beth, I feel bad for the kids too. Personally? I think Jon and Kate need to take a hiatus to resolve some of their issues. Then come back either united or separated, but the public sparring needs to end.

    Holly, the rats aren’t jumping off this sinking ship, they are piling on! It wasn’t any fun when all was right in the Jon and Kate world. Show weakness and the vultures show up for the feeding frenzy. And god forbid a strong woman sticks to her guns!

    LaD, I bet if Kate were on one of those expedition reality shows she’s show them all up! Hell, she’d bring down a grizzly bear and roast him for dinner.

    Mary, Here here!

  22. Karin Tabke

    Erika, in California if you don’t sign the ticket the cops take you in. It’s on you, how you go. Resisting is resisting, and never a good thing, no matter how old you are.

    as hubby would say, “This ticket isn’t an acknowledgment of guilt. You’ll have your day in court. Press hard, three copies.”

    snerk. then when they would rip the ticket up in front of him and toss it out the window, he’d give them a ticket for littering, which in California is huge.

  23. Erika

    See, this is why I ask. I didn’t know that. The only speeding tickets I’ve gotten have been through the mail from those damn cameras. Hate those things! Okay, so when she refused to sign, assuming the law is the same in TX, he was going to take her to jail. That’s how the resisting arrest charge happened. It all makes sense to me now. Thank you! 😀

  24. Karin Tabke

    Erika, hubby explained that there is a wee bit more to it than that. I asked him to stop by and esplain. So, standby for further clarification.

  25. J. Carson Black

    If only they’d both practiced Abstinence Only, none of this would have happened.

    Oh, but then they wouldn’t be famous.

    I got one of those go****d speeding tickets in the mail, too. Another reason to stop mail altogether. All I get are circulars and a speeding ticket!

    Maybe I should abstain from driving my car. 🙁

  26. Erika

    Missy, I watched the clip you posted. Do you have kids? I find it hard to believe that a mother would let her child go “ALL DAY” without something to drink. Kids exaggerate, it’s part of being a little kid. They all do it. Unless you saw their entire morning together and can PROVE that little girl hadn’t had anything to drink all day, I think you’re taking this clip completely out of context.

  27. Karin Tabke

    I watched the clip too and didn’t read into it what you did, Missy.

    For, me, like Erika said, kids exaggerate, big time. That little girl is not helpless. If she wanted something to drink, she looks more than capable of getting it herself. I highly doubt she didn’t have anything to drink all day, and if at that age she expects her mother to get her water, well, like her father, she needs to step up.

    and don’t let those producers fool, ya. They edit for ratings.

    Kind of like what the media does.

  28. Karin Tabke

    Jake, when these gals go in for invitro, the docs implant a bunch of embryos with the hope that at least one ‘takes.’ sometimes more than one takes. Couples are given the choice of culling some of the embryos. we all know what that means. some folks can’t cull an embryo. of course the argument could be made, then don’t have all those embryos implanted at once. well, it’s damn hard for those suckers to take, and it’s expensive as hell and the women have to go through hormone therapy that apparently is no fun. to say the very least, it’s a huge emotional and physical ordeal. so, many chose to keep all of the embryos, and well then you have multiple births. I doubt with the exception of octomom, women have litters to be famous. but, with things the way they are these days, who knows? Maybe you’re right.

  29. virna

    Well said! Haven’t seen much, but I just watched a sliver of an episode (between changing the channels) where he told her to keep her dirty fingers off of an autographed bat. So not hero material.

  30. Hubby

    Officer Friendly here… In response to the 72 year old woman being tased by the big bad police officer:

    “Set back or you’re gonna be tasered.” said the cop in a calm voice.

    “Really? I dare you.” said the woman, equally calm.

    He is standing right on the edge of a busy highway with his back to the traffic and she is encroaching on him. He gives her a lawful order to, “Get back over there.” and points to the shoulder. She doesn’t move and remains at the left rear bumper of the vehicle still forcing him to the edge of the highway.

    He gives her another lawful order, “Put your hands behind your back.” He didn’t yell it and then said it again. She resisted and did not comply. She then jerked her arm away from him, stated she’s getting back in her car and proceeds to head that way. Again, this is a clear case of resisting.

    He tells her, “You’re going to be tased,stop, don’t move.” What does she do? “I’m gonna get back in my car.” and she moves. Tased and on the ground he orders her to put her hands behind her back five times and yes, now he is yelling and rightfully so.

    I don’t need to know what happened prior to what I saw. What I saw was a clam officer giving a citizen a lawful order and her ignoring his orders and later resisting his lawful power. He could have physically throw her to the ground and maybe broken her aged bones. He could have peppered spray her and maybe have her frantically stumble into traffic. He choose to tase her and drop her where she stood. I think he did a fine job.

    In CA. you must sign the ticket which is your promise to appear in court, not an admisson of guilt. If you refuse, you MUST be taken immediately before a magistrate. If court is closed, say on a Friday night, you will be held in jail, lawfully, until court opens at 9AM Monday morning.

    Just sign the ticket folks.

  31. Erika

    Hi Officer Friendly. Thank you for a different view point. I had stated earlier if it was my grandma I’d be ticked off and I meant it, but I guess the other side of that coin is if some crazy woman put my husband, brother, father, neighbor that I liked, in danger that would tick me off too. Thank you for making me see both sides.

  32. Cele

    I have seen the end of several Jon and Kate plus Eights, because it is on before What Not To Where every evening. Intrigued I’ve also watched several episodes over the past few years. It is a show full of personalities.

    My first comment, do not believe everything you read in the media or see edited on TV. From a media prospective I know better.

    I give them kudos for finding a way to not only afford to raise their eight children (six all at one time is very different than one – once a year or every other year) but also to be able to give them experiences that most children never get, from a mom who is extremely hands on. Once in a while Jon has been on the short end of the stick, but not that often and he’s usually not able to see things from a kid’s perspective. I hope they both get a good handle on themselves, reign in their problems with each other and the world and be the role models for their children that they need to be.

    As for not giving them anything to drink, I’m going to call it a bunch of bunk and side with those who remember how much kids exagerate. Of course an hour in my day (age 53) seems like a life time to most little kids (under the age of six) so it’s all perspective.

    I’m thankful for their show letting me know it was smart to only have one. I’d be bonkers with eight.

    If he is having an affair it’s not my business, if she is having an affair it is not my businees, if they are trying to find a way to make it work, good on them. But having every tabloid and news magazine out there giving the world a skewed image of their lives isn’t fair or right but they have to deal.

  33. Patricia Barraclough

    Gee, Karin, why don’t you let us know how you feel : ). I have never seen the show either and have only heard of it lately with all the press coverage of the marital problems. I haven’t been impressed with either one of them, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be doing much for/with the family. His driving around in a two seater car speaks volumes. It really is a shame these children are caught in the middle. A rocky marriage is hard on the children whether there are 2 or 10.
    I’m not a fan of “reality TV”. The minute you stick a camera and extra people into a situation, it changes. It is usually far from real and not very nice.

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