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June 15, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 19 comments

Yep, time for me to stop procrastinating, and put my gargantuan To Do list together, and just freaking do it!


Here’s just a peek of what I need to accomplish today and this week:


Today’s list:


Write blog.  Check! J

Visit my daily blogs

Reduce inbox to less than 10, currently it’s at over 190 but some of those are new.

Buy all the gift certificates for 8 Days for 8 Knights winners.

Find out why, when the bookstores have ordered MASTER OF CRAVING, they can’t get it.

Walk, and take both dogs.

Put together Cabi order.

Write 3000 words (easy peasy, this new idea is flying from ma fingertips.)

Read at least three chapters of the book I’m currently reading, (my new goal is to read at least one book a week!)

Continue to promote MASTER OF CRAVING

Keep Twitter fresh and update Facebook and Myspace






Read at least three chapters of the book I’m currently reading.

Write 3000 words

Package and mail all books to 8 Days and 8 Knights winners

Package and mail all of the other goodies to the 8 Days for 8 Knights winners

Package and mail all other promo blog winners their books

Go to post office (hate that place L )

Clean desk, again.  Maybe find another gift certificate? 

Continue to promote MASTER OF CRAVING

Keep Twitter fresh and update Facebook and Myspace



By Friday:


Put together finical package for refi (I HATE doing this kind of stuff!)

Pay bills (even worse)

Read daily

Write 3000 words daily

Walk at least one hour daily

Continue to promote MASTER OF CRAVING

Keep Twitter fresh and update Facebook and Myspace

Have ALL of the winners’ packages on their way to them!

Purchase the proper software to add windows to my new Mac Book.




So, what does your To Do list for today or this week look like?





  1. J. Carson Black

    I’m resting today, Karin. Just reading your to-do list has tuckered me out! 😉

    Now. Where’s that box of Bon Bons?

  2. Edie

    I’m with Jake! I’m tired reading your lists, too. I figured out I have a hard time reading for enjoyment while I’m revising. I can’t shut off the editor in my head.

  3. Karin

    Jake, I have the bon bons here! Butcha’ gotta come get em’. 🙂

    Edie, I usually don’t read during the revision process either. It slows me down.

    So, my in-box is down to 36. i’m getting ready to take the hubster and the dogs for a walk, and I’ve completed half of my blog hopping.

    Oh, I’m also going to brainstorm via skype with two writer pals tonight. I need help with a plot arch that will carry over 3 books. I want to share but can’t! not yet.

  4. Fedora

    Oy. I started a list this morning, but it’s nowhere near the length of yours–go, you! I went and got a physical this morning, so I figure I can check that off! The one big item on my list is ongoing–declutter the guest room and the rest of the house. I’m tired just thinking about it!

  5. Karin

    ugh. Fedora, you just reminded me I need to call for my annual with my gyno. ugh ugh ugh!
    maybe next week i’ll call and make the appointment…

    as far as decluttering? may i suggest chosing one corner of a room to declutter each day?

  6. J. Carson Black

    Karin – I hear you about the gyno- I just came back from my annual this morning. Over for ANOTHER YEAR! YAY!

    Seriously, I have two jobs: finish the damn book (which is in the end game, but it’s like those settlers crossing the prairie, and every day they wake up and see the mountains haven’t gotten any closer), and work on my query, in case I need one—and that’s tougher than writing a whole book!

  7. Mary Marvella

    Karin, I need your vitamins and whatever else gives you such energy and drive! Damn, girl!

  8. booklover1335

    Hey Karin,
    I hate the post office too, so I buy all my postage online ( or paypal) then choose one of them for Priority mail that way I can have the post man pick EVERYTHING up at my front door the next day. It’s the next best thing since sliced bread!

    Good news for you, but bad for me I have not been able to find MOC yet at my local store 🙁

  9. Karin

    Walk: check!
    and as a bonus, plotted with most devious hubby.

    Jake, writing a query is like sticking needle in your eye.

    Mary, I have been taking vitamins!

    Booklover, apparently this seems to be a theme with CRAVING. My agent addressed this with my editor this morning and she was quick to see what the heck was going on. We’re all scratching our heads, because Ingram has plenty of stock and so does BN and Borders. I hope you ordered a copy!!!! and get it soon!!!

  10. Charlotte Featherstone

    Okay, well, suddenly I’m not feeling so damn sorry for myself after reading your to do list.

    Mostly, I’m struggling to finish my draft of Sinful due in….today…..yeah, not making that deadline.

    And I’m promoting Hot In Here, and trying to think of something nifty to do for RWA for my new paranormal series.

    oh and I know a nap is going to make it on my list–daily!

  11. Jill James

    My list for this week is simple: write.

    I’m writing a story I really love right now and I’m doing 1000+ words a day right now.

  12. Margaret

    I’ve been pouting ever since I gave Thorin back to you. 🙁 But I got an unexpected prezzie in the mail from my friend Jody . . . can you guess what it is? 🙂
    I’ll be blogging about it when I get a decent picture.

  13. Patricia Barraclough

    Not as organized as yours. I just want to get caught up on my summer reading program and get ahead if I can. Need to get through my emails. Am trying to finish Half Blood Prince before the movie comes out – I’m on page 30.

  14. B.E. Sanderson

    Those are some lists. Wow. I’m not a list maker, but if I had to jot down my plans for the week, the list would look like this:

    – Morning: Blog, read blogs, exercise, run errands, do writerly business, lunch.
    – Afternoon: Summer school, watch a little TV, surf the web, take care of various little chores
    – Night: Cook dinner, eat dinner, watch TV with hubby, write, sleep.

    Lather rinse repeat. It changes minimally from day to day, but that’s it.

    Maybe the reason no one can find MoC is because they’re flying off the shelves. I got one, but only because I nabbed it off the ‘to shelve’ cart at Borders.

  15. Karin Tabke

    Charlotte, wrap up your story. I’m sure it will be worth the wait!
    Can’t wait to meet you at National!!

    Jill, I Iove simple lists! Write on.

    Margaret!! I just discovered I too received a prezzie in the mail yesterday! Whoo hoo! Take a pic!

    Patricia what on earth gave you the idea I was organized??? I’m so not.

    Beth, I live for lists. My family does well by them as well. “Make a list!” they say when I start rattling off chores and such. I do, and they comply.

    and thank you for snatching CRAVING off the cart! Enjoy!!

  16. Fedora

    Karin, that’s a good suggestion–now just to choose a corner to start first 😉 And I did treat myself to a mani-pedi this morning, so now I’d better get to work!

  17. LaDonna

    Karin, you are the energizer bunny gal! 😎 My focus now is revising my latest, and enjoying summer fun with family. I’m so bad at multi-tasking… I need lessons.

  18. Jody

    I think you should post a picture of yourself wearing your new ‘prezzie’ too…… 🙂

  19. Karin

    Jody, I’d love to do that! But, um, it’s a wee bit snug.

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