The Boys Are Back!

June 21, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments


Almost!  It’s camp time. Hubby and the boys including my fil and sil have been gone since early Friday morning.  Sigh.  I must be getting old.  Usually I can’t wait for a quiet house, but this year, even though my daughter has been home but working, and my mil and I have been keeping busy, I have felt like vital organs are missing.  As I type this I’m getting all emotional.   What the hell is up with that?  I mean don’t get me wrong, but I always look forward to camp time. Always!  I mean c’mon.  I don’t have to worry about anyone but myself!  No one asks me what’s for dinner.  I can watch the movies I want to watch (and boy have I!  He’s Just Not That Into You, Australia, Bride Wars, Sex and the City, and Nights in Rodanthe).  I can go to bed when I want and get up when I want.  I can not get dressed if I don’t feel like it.  It’s wonderful!  Sort of.


I miss my boys.  All of them.  I miss their voices, their scents, their messes, their humor, and their vitality.  I want them back.  Now.  But I’ll have to wait.  They’ll be home soon, happy but exhausted.  We’ll sit at the dinner table tonight and say a prayer, thanking god for all he has given us and as we celebrate Father’s Day, the boys will laugh and regale us, the women they love, with anecdotes and stories of the weekend.  I’ll smile, and laugh, and gaze at each one of their happy tired faces and say a silent prayer of thanks to God. For he has truly blessed me.  It’s at times like this when I realize how rich I am. 


LOL, of course tomorrow, I’ll be yelling at them to pick up their shoes, and take out the trash, while they’ll be asking what’s for dinner and if I can help with a project.  And you know what? It will be my pleasure.  Because most of what I do for the men in my life is a happy chore.  I wouldn’t change a thing.


Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!






  1. Edie

    Great post, Karin! My husband’s family was over for Father’s Day and we had a terrific time.

  2. Margaret

    Wonderful post, Karin!

  3. LisaK

    Oh Karin, that’s so beautiful. Makes me all teary-eyed and shows me that one day I want to have a family like that, too.

  4. Karin Tabke

    Well, the boys *are* back. My house is trashed! But it looks beautiful!

  5. Mary

    I am usually the same way, I like a quite house. But not this year (must be part of the change). We spent the entire w/e with our children and grandchildren, my bro from Ma. his girl and her two little girls and finally finished it off at mom and dad’s by the pool on Sunday evening. There was no time to rest and no time to sit and relax, but man I never had so much fun in my entire life. As I looked upon my children, grandchildren and my youngest sons friends that came over to his going away party, the one thought that ran thru my head was that we had done a pretty good job with our children and my heart was bursting with the pride of my family.

    Dads (most of them) have the bad guy job of being the tough one – mine has too – I want to give my kids everything – and I know I can’t because they learn nothing that way.

    And as the children get older they go to their wise (of course when they were younger he knew nothing!) father for words of encouragement and advice. So to all the dads out there that haven’t reached this point of dad satisfaction yet and all the dad’s who have I give you all a standing ovation – you deserve it!!!

  6. Jane

    Great post. Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day.

  7. Patricia Barraclough

    Know what you mean. Time to yourself is so hard to come by. It is so nice to have. We were in the military, and I would look forward to my husband’s short assignments away from home. A week alone was a break even when we had kids. It was just one more person’s schedule I didn’t have to factor in.
    As I tell my kids (the one’s I work with as well as the ones who live here) “You can’t come back if you don’t leave.” And coming back can be the best part. You appreciate each other when you are apart. Your relationship is new again, even if it only lasts for a few hours. We all need that once in a while – to rediscover ourselves and each other.

  8. Fedora

    Awww…. Karin, I hope you did enjoy some alone-time, and then I hope you enjoyed a joyful reunion 🙂 Family’s special!

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