Farrah Died

June 25, 2009 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

🙁  Such sad news.  She was a fighter.  How tragic tho’ her son could not be beside her.  I’m angry at him that he took that from her.

Sigh.  Okay, back to prepping the house for bunko tonight.  I knew I shouldn’t have volunteered.  Too much other stuff to do!



  1. Edie

    Karin, that is sad. I remember her young and beautiful. In my mind, that’s how she’ll always be.

  2. Mary

    Watched the story they did with her and Ryan a couple weeks ago and you are so right she was a hell of a fighter. How very sad that she died before they had a chance to wed after all the ups and downs they went thru together. And her son will, unfortunately have to live with the guilt of not being by his mothers side in the end for the rest of his life. 🙁

  3. J. Carson Black

    It’s so sad. I remember her as he vibrant beauty who inspired me to get my hair cut just like hers. Didn’t look anywhere near as good.

    Damn, she was a fighter!

    I think her son is messed up. Not to be contentious, but sometimes people don’t know how to show their true feelings, and I believe in my heart Farrah would cut him some slack. The important thing to her now, I believe, is that he become the man she wants him to be. Guilt never helped anybody. (Well, not prolonged guilt, anyway.)

    I’ve also heard that some people wait until they’re alone to die. And some people wait until someone is there with them before they let go.

    RIP, Farrah! I know you’re in a better place.

  4. Jody

    I grew up watching Farrah on Charlie’s Angels and tried unsuccessfully to copy her hairstyle – like a bazillion other girls. I am in awe of what she went through to fight for her life. I am a cancer survivor but never went through anything so horrific. I doubt I would be as strong as she was.

  5. Cele

    I was never a big Farrah fan, I mean really she wasn’t a great actress, but damn she was hot. Who didn’t try to have Farrah hair at least once, and end up with Farrah envy instead?

    What she did do is share her final road with us, show us it happens to all types of people in all walks of life, regardless of wealth, fame, or stardom. And she showed us it could be done with dignity.

  6. LaDonna

    Hey Karin, I know so sad. I lived through the Farrah craze, and it was unbelieveable. She was a great talent, a great beauty, and from what I hear a fabulous soul. I hope that her son and his father can go from here, and that maybe the boy will find himself. Such a difficult time, losing a parent. My heart goes out to the family.

  7. Patricia Barraclough

    She will be remembered for her courage.

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