Query Your Day Contest day 2!

C’mon goils and boys, hone those query chops of yours!  Post a query in the comment section! As for moi?  I am completely buried with work.  I’ll pop up later to make sure y’all are behaving, but unless there is blood or broken bones and you can’t dial 911 or drive yourself to the hospital, please do not disturb. Mad writer is working furiously on her Opus!  (this does not mean I don’t love you all, you know I do, but, Must. Write.  For. Food.) xo Karin*… Read more »

Query Your Day Contest!

And heeeeeeeerrrrzzzzz, Jody!   Thanks, Karin, for letting me ‘guest-blog.’ Karin and I go way back. Well, no we don’t – but we will some day. We met in the blogosphere via our mutual friend, Margaret (Margaret and I DO go way back). Karin made the mistake of responding to one of my emails, and now she can’t get rid of me. I’m pretty sure she thinks that letting me guest-blog will get me to leave her alone for awhile. It won’t. I’m just sayin’.   I’m single and call the San Francisco Bay Area home. Actually, I don’t live too far… Read more »

Happy Monday!

I woke up tired from a fabulous birthday party yesterday. My fil turned 75!  And as big family celebrations are want to go, I thanked the Lord for giving me such wonderful gifts!   Like pregnant daughter, the best sil a mom could ask for, and a granddaughter who will make her debut this fall!  Aren’t they perfect?     And how about that handsome dude giving his mama a kiss?  My other son was camera shy and my eldest daughter was as well.  I do have a pic of me with both girls but I look hideouser than the one posted here. … Read more »

Hump Day!

Speaking of humping, can someone please tell me why I keep getting penis spammed on Twitter?  And specifically, ones of Brittney with her mouth open and well, use your imagination.  I have cock blocked them, but they keep coming back in one form or another.  I want to have lots of followers like the next girl but not penises. I had a nightmare last night of being followed by a herd of penises. It was creepy.  I’m probably going to get penis-spammed because I keep using the P word here.  Hah, we’ll see how good the spam filter is!    Anyhoo,… Read more »
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